Saturday, February 2, 2013

Suns Day and the 7th Ray Day

Sunday the 7th Ray Day,Is essentially about communing with Mother Nature,and the infinite Worlds that exist through her Life bearing Womb,known as the World!Taking time to sit run swim walk In nature we allow the energies if Cosmos to Chanel through our 4 Body systems Consciousness & 3 Minds,we feel greater and greater level of attunement to Eternal Spirit and all that is!We Allow the sun to illuminate our minds and bodies as we receive the 5th Dimensional energies of the 5th Sun.We attune especially via request inwardly to ourselves that the presence of the 7th Ray and the 7th Ray Ashram of the Christ be known and shown to us,that we might have greater conscious mind understanding of the most important work of St Germain and his Ashram of Transformation Ceremonious Order and Magic!We sit in meditation now an allow the down pouring of spirit of the Mahatma to enlighten out mind soul and spirit now to the divine plan and our puzzle piece within and upon it!After sitting in this experience for 20 minutes we return to our service work and earthly mission!Namaste dear friends!

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