Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Blessings of Alternative Cultures

This afternoon,I am experiencing the deep Beuty and blessing that comes from experiencing alternative cultures to ones native land.It is certainly the territory of the 9th house,and enjoys the blessing of Jupiter the King of the Gods!In remaining open we experience that life is a universal expression of the Omniscience of humanity,We come to know that life is good,life is one ever present and eternal.This gives us a base experience of the 11th house which is In a higher sense,The new world groups and new world servers.Also represents area we are getting assistance and support from in the advancement of our own spiritual and psychological earthly advancement of our soul extension and Monad.We experience the routine the regularity of the life process,we move ourselves forward towards our own self actualization,(Aries)We enjoy the abundance and opulence of the earth(Taurus)We experience the other the lover the brother sister(Gemini)We learn the sanctity of the Home(Cancer)We build courage and strength to express self(Leo)we develop routine and Order(Virgo)We then experience the Other arts and culture(Libra)We then transform through death)Scorpio) into the freedoms of Higher learning(Sagitarius)!This is where traditionally The realm of travel ends,however we will continue for we know as aspirants ad adepts we can transcend any limitation and move beyond all restriction of any culture teaching and system!So after the expressed freedoms of Sagitarius we work hard to achieve success and recognition in the outer world.(Capricorn)We then experience the blessing of heaven the future and higher guidance(Aquarius)and finally we through this experience rest in the transcendental love of Cosmos!(Pisceas)This was we experience all 12 Houses,12 Signs,12 Collages,And 12 Schools of life,through something so simple as travelling to another country and going for lunch at the appointed time!Dear friends is it not endless the ways in which we are learning to experience ourselves as the cosmic brings we truley are?Is it not amazing to experience the universal blessing of life and it's great openness and it's Universal teaching method of love?Dear friends it is so and it will be forever more!Blessed be the Most High within us as group soul and spirit forever more!Amen and Namaste dear friends!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

3rd Ray Day

Wednesday the 3rd Day of the week,relates esoterically to the 3rd Ray ashram of the Christ,which is currently governed and directed by Master Serapis Bey,who has his etheric retreat and Inner plane Ashram in Luxor Egypt.Serapis directs the Minds and mental functions of all 3rd Ray Monads Souls and Personalities incarnated on earth at this time.His superior mental function is the ideal we are collectively striving for as the Aryan Root Race.As the current world cycle deals with mental development we will see perceive and intuit how important the mental function is.The key also as ways to think with ones Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess mind and to transcend ones Fear based/seperative/dualistic/illusionary/lower self mind!this is the key focus and Serapis Bey and the 3rd Ray ashram of the Christ help with this Key lesson especially.Of course we are all instructed and directed by our Astrological configuration Ray structure and external internal lessons and tests however mastery of the Christ mind is always the premier spiritual lesson and test,of this Age!Ponder on this dear Freinds!
The 3rd Ray also deals with and governs Business and World Economics and Trade.Serapis and Te high level initiates of the 3rd Ray are transforming Global Business Global Business and Trade.This is being some through introducing Moral Spiritual ethics and understanding into these fields.Also the philanthropic and philosophical ideal and being disseminated through the mental bodie of those functioning in these areas of Earthly Service and Earthly Transformation.Becoming aware of and thinking deeply about ethical Moral concerns in the area of business trade economics and banking,and the demonstration and institution of those mental ideas into the 3rd 4th and 5th dimensional realities is the focus and is over lighted and given approval and advancement through the Elhoim and creator levels of reality.Giving any endevour with such moral grounding and foundation complete victory and benediction.One might say that "Moral Ethical and Spiritually inclined Business has the stamp of approval of Melchedizek himself,as well as Solar Lord and King of the Gods,Mighty Solar Ruler and Monarch,Juipter/Zeus!"
We would do well to remember this and launch our creative endevours with this in mind!
So on a psychological level,we focus on developing integrating the 3rd Ray of active Intelligence,Wise Spiritual discernment,while releasing all mental judgement In favour of mental discernment.This is the quality of perceiving correctly the negative ego functioning whilst still giving unconditional love to the incarnated soul currently displaying that behavior.We release condemnation collectively and mentally forgive so that we ourself In our mental transgressions may be forgiven!We use our mental function to create order and systems of personal energetic financial time resources creative energy economy,so that we optimize our creative productivity!We psychologically demonstrate the 3rd Ray of God/Godess to the best of our ability on the earth plane!
Again on a Spiritual level we ask to be attuned to and help externalize the 3rd Ray ashram and Master Serapis Beys work.We ask to be bi located to the 3rd ray ashram ascension seat all day,and especially in our 3 times daily meditations.In this way we properly use the 3rd Ray energies on the 3rd Ray Day!

New Moon Mastery

The New Moon,is a time of sacred seclusion,introversion,and drawing forth the new,while releasing the past out dated modes of action feeling thinking and being.We should use the new moon time to reinvigorate our program with new disciplined new practices new ways of thinking new ways of being,new ways of seeing!We should especially focus on going within taking time to meditate and receive vision from the inner plane as to our path direction service.Dreams at this time will be potent symbols of the adjustments we need to make inwardly and morning dreams write them down and make the appropriate adjustment in your inner and outer world!(Ask the Masters,help with this if you are amiss for the meaning)
Since the Moon times full and new are about developing our passive Luna side we would do well to integrate passive practices,receptive type psychological perspectives and deep emotional feeling.if we can allow thr full emotional enjoyment intensity and transformation of the feelings full expression we will have brought trough the deepest parts of ourself and allowed the full Luna Potential to have manifested through our psychology through our 3 minds and 4 bodies!We are especially benefited at this time to listen to and attend the demonstrated teachings and practices of the Godess lodge,for the Godess lodge stands as the True Lady Masters of the Luna lines and the Luna evolution.For the Male Solar extensions of God,it is best if we can at this potent time humble ourselves before the Godess and her emotive receptive way of being.(this is also an inner practice as we both have both polarities within!)So for full spectrum prism Synthisis Mastery of the New Moon energies be sure to go within into the inner sanctum of your own Divine Feminine Godess lodge,be open and receptive to her passive ways,and enact the great way of "Non doing" as taught by Lao Tsu.Also be sure to look at your natal moon in your natal chart and see how that aspects to the current new moon.Our natal moon will either be advance of the current moon or will be in retro aspect to the current moon,the former bein true we can take an active role in demonstrating our Souls Luna position and placement while also practicing to bring forth the ideal of The current moon placement!Check the sign and house of the current new moon,mentally check the ideal and be sure to practice brining that ideal in your outer and inner life!
On a Spiritual level we should focus on attaining to the Luna lines the Godess lodge and the Higher Christed aspect of the current moon!We should ask for assistance guidance and support from the Lady Masters and Godess lodge in all our activities inner and outer!We should especially practice receptive silent types of meditation at our 3 times scheduled sits!We should request bi location to The Godess lodge through out our day!
On a psychological level we should especially attune to the 2nd 4th 6th and 7th rays as these are Feminine Luna rays.We should practice demonstrating psychological passivity receptivity and draw down the Moon in a psychological sense.We should be of course vigilant for Godess and her Kingdom and practice psychological receptivity to the divine solar force.We should also check astrologically where the sun is placed in relation to the moon.We can then have consciousness of the current relationship between the solar an Luna force.We can then work on demonstrating the higher octave aspect of this Astrological Solar/Luna configuration!We will be then on our way to demonstrating psychological mastery of the new moon!Applying all these practices today dear friends you can be sure you will be able to achieve "New Moon Mastery" on the days leading up to the Full moon!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

1st Ray Day

Monday(Moon Day)is esoterically the 1st Ray Day which relates to the 1st Ray Ashram of the Christ El Moyra and the Planetary Political movement.El Moyra governs and directs the 1st Ray personalities Souls and Monads in right Personal Leaderhip,right familial Social regional state national and planetary leadership.He is conducting this training day and night on the inner plane from His etheric retreat in Darjeling.He guides us to own our personal power 100% of the time never giving our power to anyone or anything for any reason ever,but to claim out power to use it to Master our program our routine our service our sexuality our creativity out art our Beuty and our devotion and ordered magical victory.In short we claim our personal power and leadership to invigorate and animate our other 6 Centers of Planetary activity.This is our focus on Monday the 1st Ray Day!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

7th Ray Day

Sunday(The Suns Day)Is esoterically related to the 7th Ray of transformation and Victory Ceremonial Order and Magic and the Crown Chakra.The colour Violet and the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the 7th Ray ashram of the Christ!We ask and call forth in our morning Amrit Vela meditation to be Bi located to this ashram all day,we ask to be over lighted and personally trained and guide by The 7ray Lord,and we ask that all out earthly endevours extend the Victorious Ordered magical emendations of the 7th Ray of God.We re attune and do these meditation activation/prayer request 3 times today!

Psychologically we focus on being Ordered magical and victorious in all our endevours.We live life in correct order,keeping our ideal program going,We focus our attention in the crown and being merged with the monad and mighty I am presence.We persist until victory is achieved in our revealed goals missions and I objectives for the day.We author our personal victory by our dilligent disciplined effort every day and hence externalize the masters victory over Te dark forces of Glamour Maya and Illusion!

On a physical level we should fast on Sunday's meditate as much as possible and just feel our Attunment and alignment to the Planetary Solar Galactic and Universal/Cosmic Spiritual hierarchy.We should continue finishing anything for the week and make all earthly preparations for the following week so we can be totally successfully at all we are aspiring to!Cleaning washing Bills anything left undone should be done on Sunday so we can have a totally successful victorious Week!This is the way of the 7th ray day!

Friday, August 3, 2012

"The 6th Ray Day!"

Saturday(Saturn Day)Relates to the 6th chakra,spiritual vision the 3rd eye,spiritual perception and the senses.Also this relates to the mind and thinking correctly,for how one perceives what comes through the senses is ultimately channeled through the mind and ones proper use or lack thereof.How we think interprets out reality so if we learn to think at all times with our christ mind instead of our negative ego mind,our senses will interpret the input in a similar manner.Reality is simply a matter of interpretation!So if we can interpret reality correctly as God and the masters and our own higher self would have us interpret reality we can be said to be seeing clearly.We are currently in the Aryan Age which is developing the collective Mental Body.this being the case we can see feel intuite and experience how important the mind is!

Saturday we focus on a physical level on seeing all matter as being an expression and extension of Gods physical body!We also focus on seeing all our brothers and sisters as extensions of God/Godess!We do the same for all the animal plants rocks elements Space Sun everything is an extension of Gods cosmic body!we may also consider any cleansing practices relating to the eyes,ie netti Basti or kapalbatti or Tratakka.

On a spiritual level we ask to be bi located to Sanandas 6th Ray ashram of devotion and idealism.We attune to Master Sananada in our meditations and in our earthly service work.We devote ourselves to our brothers and sisters as if they where extensions of the great master himself!We ask and call forth for the higher octave reality of the 6th chakra and 6th Ray to be grounded through our 3 minds and 4 bodies so that we may perfectly demonstrate Gods Vision on earth!

On a psychological level we again focus on seeing all as extension of God/Godess and the Masters.We focus on seeing everything as a lesson and a test to see correctly with Christ eyes through the eyes of Love unconditional and forgiveness.We focus on seeing everyone as equal despite appearance.We focus on seeing all matter as extension of God/Godess cosmic Physical body!In short we focus on developing right perception!

May the lord of the World and the Holy Hosts of Heaven overnight and guide us today in all our earthly service work and activities.May the company of heaven help us see correctly and interpret reality correctly as God would have us see it!We thank thee eternally and accept this as done now!Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish,Asonai Sabayoth,Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts!