Sunday, August 19, 2012

3rd Ray Day

Wednesday the 3rd Day of the week,relates esoterically to the 3rd Ray ashram of the Christ,which is currently governed and directed by Master Serapis Bey,who has his etheric retreat and Inner plane Ashram in Luxor Egypt.Serapis directs the Minds and mental functions of all 3rd Ray Monads Souls and Personalities incarnated on earth at this time.His superior mental function is the ideal we are collectively striving for as the Aryan Root Race.As the current world cycle deals with mental development we will see perceive and intuit how important the mental function is.The key also as ways to think with ones Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess mind and to transcend ones Fear based/seperative/dualistic/illusionary/lower self mind!this is the key focus and Serapis Bey and the 3rd Ray ashram of the Christ help with this Key lesson especially.Of course we are all instructed and directed by our Astrological configuration Ray structure and external internal lessons and tests however mastery of the Christ mind is always the premier spiritual lesson and test,of this Age!Ponder on this dear Freinds!
The 3rd Ray also deals with and governs Business and World Economics and Trade.Serapis and Te high level initiates of the 3rd Ray are transforming Global Business Global Business and Trade.This is being some through introducing Moral Spiritual ethics and understanding into these fields.Also the philanthropic and philosophical ideal and being disseminated through the mental bodie of those functioning in these areas of Earthly Service and Earthly Transformation.Becoming aware of and thinking deeply about ethical Moral concerns in the area of business trade economics and banking,and the demonstration and institution of those mental ideas into the 3rd 4th and 5th dimensional realities is the focus and is over lighted and given approval and advancement through the Elhoim and creator levels of reality.Giving any endevour with such moral grounding and foundation complete victory and benediction.One might say that "Moral Ethical and Spiritually inclined Business has the stamp of approval of Melchedizek himself,as well as Solar Lord and King of the Gods,Mighty Solar Ruler and Monarch,Juipter/Zeus!"
We would do well to remember this and launch our creative endevours with this in mind!
So on a psychological level,we focus on developing integrating the 3rd Ray of active Intelligence,Wise Spiritual discernment,while releasing all mental judgement In favour of mental discernment.This is the quality of perceiving correctly the negative ego functioning whilst still giving unconditional love to the incarnated soul currently displaying that behavior.We release condemnation collectively and mentally forgive so that we ourself In our mental transgressions may be forgiven!We use our mental function to create order and systems of personal energetic financial time resources creative energy economy,so that we optimize our creative productivity!We psychologically demonstrate the 3rd Ray of God/Godess to the best of our ability on the earth plane!
Again on a Spiritual level we ask to be attuned to and help externalize the 3rd Ray ashram and Master Serapis Beys work.We ask to be bi located to the 3rd ray ashram ascension seat all day,and especially in our 3 times daily meditations.In this way we properly use the 3rd Ray energies on the 3rd Ray Day!

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