Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Moon Mastery

The New Moon,is a time of sacred seclusion,introversion,and drawing forth the new,while releasing the past out dated modes of action feeling thinking and being.We should use the new moon time to reinvigorate our program with new disciplined new practices new ways of thinking new ways of being,new ways of seeing!We should especially focus on going within taking time to meditate and receive vision from the inner plane as to our path direction service.Dreams at this time will be potent symbols of the adjustments we need to make inwardly and morning dreams write them down and make the appropriate adjustment in your inner and outer world!(Ask the Masters,help with this if you are amiss for the meaning)
Since the Moon times full and new are about developing our passive Luna side we would do well to integrate passive practices,receptive type psychological perspectives and deep emotional feeling.if we can allow thr full emotional enjoyment intensity and transformation of the feelings full expression we will have brought trough the deepest parts of ourself and allowed the full Luna Potential to have manifested through our psychology through our 3 minds and 4 bodies!We are especially benefited at this time to listen to and attend the demonstrated teachings and practices of the Godess lodge,for the Godess lodge stands as the True Lady Masters of the Luna lines and the Luna evolution.For the Male Solar extensions of God,it is best if we can at this potent time humble ourselves before the Godess and her emotive receptive way of being.(this is also an inner practice as we both have both polarities within!)So for full spectrum prism Synthisis Mastery of the New Moon energies be sure to go within into the inner sanctum of your own Divine Feminine Godess lodge,be open and receptive to her passive ways,and enact the great way of "Non doing" as taught by Lao Tsu.Also be sure to look at your natal moon in your natal chart and see how that aspects to the current new moon.Our natal moon will either be advance of the current moon or will be in retro aspect to the current moon,the former bein true we can take an active role in demonstrating our Souls Luna position and placement while also practicing to bring forth the ideal of The current moon placement!Check the sign and house of the current new moon,mentally check the ideal and be sure to practice brining that ideal in your outer and inner life!
On a Spiritual level we should focus on attaining to the Luna lines the Godess lodge and the Higher Christed aspect of the current moon!We should ask for assistance guidance and support from the Lady Masters and Godess lodge in all our activities inner and outer!We should especially practice receptive silent types of meditation at our 3 times scheduled sits!We should request bi location to The Godess lodge through out our day!
On a psychological level we should especially attune to the 2nd 4th 6th and 7th rays as these are Feminine Luna rays.We should practice demonstrating psychological passivity receptivity and draw down the Moon in a psychological sense.We should be of course vigilant for Godess and her Kingdom and practice psychological receptivity to the divine solar force.We should also check astrologically where the sun is placed in relation to the moon.We can then have consciousness of the current relationship between the solar an Luna force.We can then work on demonstrating the higher octave aspect of this Astrological Solar/Luna configuration!We will be then on our way to demonstrating psychological mastery of the new moon!Applying all these practices today dear friends you can be sure you will be able to achieve "New Moon Mastery" on the days leading up to the Full moon!

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