Sunday, August 5, 2012

1st Ray Day

Monday(Moon Day)is esoterically the 1st Ray Day which relates to the 1st Ray Ashram of the Christ El Moyra and the Planetary Political movement.El Moyra governs and directs the 1st Ray personalities Souls and Monads in right Personal Leaderhip,right familial Social regional state national and planetary leadership.He is conducting this training day and night on the inner plane from His etheric retreat in Darjeling.He guides us to own our personal power 100% of the time never giving our power to anyone or anything for any reason ever,but to claim out power to use it to Master our program our routine our service our sexuality our creativity out art our Beuty and our devotion and ordered magical victory.In short we claim our personal power and leadership to invigorate and animate our other 6 Centers of Planetary activity.This is our focus on Monday the 1st Ray Day!

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