Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Blessings of Alternative Cultures

This afternoon,I am experiencing the deep Beuty and blessing that comes from experiencing alternative cultures to ones native land.It is certainly the territory of the 9th house,and enjoys the blessing of Jupiter the King of the Gods!In remaining open we experience that life is a universal expression of the Omniscience of humanity,We come to know that life is good,life is one ever present and eternal.This gives us a base experience of the 11th house which is In a higher sense,The new world groups and new world servers.Also represents area we are getting assistance and support from in the advancement of our own spiritual and psychological earthly advancement of our soul extension and Monad.We experience the routine the regularity of the life process,we move ourselves forward towards our own self actualization,(Aries)We enjoy the abundance and opulence of the earth(Taurus)We experience the other the lover the brother sister(Gemini)We learn the sanctity of the Home(Cancer)We build courage and strength to express self(Leo)we develop routine and Order(Virgo)We then experience the Other arts and culture(Libra)We then transform through death)Scorpio) into the freedoms of Higher learning(Sagitarius)!This is where traditionally The realm of travel ends,however we will continue for we know as aspirants ad adepts we can transcend any limitation and move beyond all restriction of any culture teaching and system!So after the expressed freedoms of Sagitarius we work hard to achieve success and recognition in the outer world.(Capricorn)We then experience the blessing of heaven the future and higher guidance(Aquarius)and finally we through this experience rest in the transcendental love of Cosmos!(Pisceas)This was we experience all 12 Houses,12 Signs,12 Collages,And 12 Schools of life,through something so simple as travelling to another country and going for lunch at the appointed time!Dear friends is it not endless the ways in which we are learning to experience ourselves as the cosmic brings we truley are?Is it not amazing to experience the universal blessing of life and it's great openness and it's Universal teaching method of love?Dear friends it is so and it will be forever more!Blessed be the Most High within us as group soul and spirit forever more!Amen and Namaste dear friends!


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