Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Passing Your Spiritual Tests and Lessons!

Each and everything single day we a given certain tests and lessons,so that we can advance on our Spiritual Psychological and Earthly lives.The form these tests and lessons are Different for each Individual and only the soul and spirit/higher self can tell us as to the lessons and tests we face.If you truly stay attuned to the soul and spirit you will intuit the nature of your personal challenges and tests.Developing a strong will and clear mind,will help one perceive these lessons and the energy to pass them properly.The best way is non resistance or letting what ever happens be ok.Healthy surrender is another term to describe the attitude we have to take.If we are clear in setting our life program,structure our lives,we will also more easily pass these challenges for we have the structure in place to deal appropriately with them.Each day as we are falling asleep it is also nice to review the day,make any appropriate adjustments and increase our resolve,to pass these challenges and tests that we have been given by God and the Masters.When we over a long period of time consistently demonstrate mastery over these lessons,The masters will give us more like Missions to achieve.These will be fun and enjoyable experiences,that will be a blessing to ourselves and others and we can be confident and take vast strides Into our life mission and higher purpose with fearlessness and vigor that only comes through divine inspiration and divine revelation.We can then become Transforming Agents for humanity and supreme examples of righteous living and hence truly be on Fire for God and the Masters and our spiritual path!We become unstoppable forces and powers for change in a way that is balanced and integrated.We become the way the truth and the light and nothing in the omniverse can stop us!We become champions of the highest order and demonstration one who is learning his or her Spiritual tests and lessons in a balanced and integrate d way!We become extensions of the ashram of Synthesis and the Spiritual hierarchies educational system for the planet for the next world age and world cycle,That of Aquarius and the 7th Golden Age!I hope this has been of service to you beloved friends!May you every day to the best of your Ability pass all your Spiritual tests and lessons!Namaste

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