Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Developing Earthly Consistency,

In life to get results,we need to develop and demonstrate consistency in what we are doing to achieve real lasting eternal results,"Age Quod Aga"(What you do do daily!)This goes for sleep patterns,Psychological process,Eating habits and times/intake,Creative/expressive tasks,Service based activity,Ones financial means,Ones study,Ones passion,ones family,Ones sex life,ones moral and ethical practices,One mission and ultimate purpose,these all must be regulated daily by keeping consistency at all times and through sl circumstances.A good way to start this is to have in place and time table of daily activities,and schedule a time for each activity.When the appointed time arrives for the next activity,One should then progress into that mode of expression/Service!This can and should be applied to not only daily,but weekly monthly yearly 10 yearly and 20 30 40 and even 50 year cycles!So ideas can flow in the process of making up these charts,we get Monadic guidance as to our full incarnational potential in this life!Ww then put our revelations into earthly activity through putting them in their time and place and then"Slowly Slowly"working daily towards the incarnational completion perfection and ultimate Ascension service that is the destiny of our Monadic expression on earth!So the focus this month,The month of Virgo,is to develop Consistency in our Earthly Psychological and spiritual lives.We do this with programs routines and time appointments for all our various activities!This was we develop and demonstrate Earthly and Heavenly Consistancy!

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