Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Remember you are currently incarnated in the Aryan Age!

The title of today's chapter is to serve as a timely reminder to your soul from your Monad,and from your soul to your personality,about the requirement of this age is to advance the collective mental function.Previous Ages have developed different parts of the collective for example the Atlantean Age we as souls developed the emotional body.In the Lemurian Age we developed the physical Attunment.In the current Age world cycle we are developing Attunment to the mental body.Some souls are going beyond this into the spiritual body development which will see its apogee in the next root race,who are currently beginning to take incarnation.However for this time and until the completion of this world cycle we as the collective teachings of the ascended masters and the future collective group body of Masters Adepts and Sages,we will speak now on the importance of developing ones mental body and mental Attunment to God and the Masters the guides of souls and humanity.For in the Aryan Age,transmission of the teachings will come through the mental body,for most of humanity.However not to be over identified with the mental body for advanced souls communication will also be coming through the spiritual body and the higher visionary intuitive faculty of the higher senses through meditative absorption and accessing the Jhanas and fruits of meditation.So for the precocious souls eager to advance themselves into ever more far reaching refined realms,regular meditation practice will be key!along with a regular reading practice as well as self reflective time to advance the involutionary process,one will by this integrated approach achieve the greatest result in this life!that being said we must remember it is the Aryan Age currently and we must therefor for the purpose of the evolution of all our 144,000 soul extensions in our monad focus completely on evolving our mental body so our monad and all the soul extensions that make it collectively will have the strongest possible mental body.Some soul extensions will be working out lessons from previous ages also so there is an over lapping taking place here.the only real way to account for this is to work in an integrated manner including the development of the spiritual mental emotional and physical bodies equally.anything less would lead to the over identification with a particular body and the fragmentation of the consciousness!Integration and Balance are forever the key!So by working our program with a full spiritual sadhana in the Amrit Vela,we develop the mental body,in the morning by cultivating our mental body via reading and or writing we develop our mental body.By noon leading to the afternoon,we engage the emotional body by practicing deep. Feeling,and in the afternoon before sunset we activate the physical body for full Attunment.these can be done in any order that feels right,this is a simple suggestion program,it could also be effective in reverse with physical activity done first and ending the day with spiritual Attunment.In fact this would be much more appropriate given the order of outer world development.So as we match the outer development with the inner world development we gain access to the world soul and the heirarchy of Masters Adepts and Liberated Conquors free from the wheel of rebirth.We are then drawn into their cycle of evolution as they advance through advancing us,and we through them.We can see then how this mutual reception happens particularly through the mental body,as this will be our foundational center of activity in this Aryan Age of mental development!So be sure to focus at all times on Attuning your mental body to the collective mental body of The Masters,on mastering the mind and all its functions higher and lower and transcend the negative ego thought system!this way you will be making the most of your last incarnation in the Aryan Age!Blessings of freedom and eternal enlightenment my dear brothers and Sisters!