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"How to Realize Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic relationships"

“We Now call forth to our Beloved Mighty I am Presence and Full Enlightened Integrated Ascended Master Self Now to Fully Descend into our Consciousness and give us an experience of its Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness we are working towards Attaining Realizing and Demonstrating.We ask to Be merged with this Mighty I am Presence through out our day and through out our Life in General.See feel and Experience the Fullness of your Mighty Self,Feel your Granduer and Glory as an Incarnation of God/Godess,Feel the Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and attune for a moment now to that Future Self that you are now!”

To Begin todays Lesson we are reminded that there are 2 Kinds of Love.Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godess Consciousness Love and Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Consciousness and Addictive Love.We are Either Loving from either One of These or a Mixture of the 2.So our Focus is in learning how the Lower Self Love Manifests in romantic relationships so we can fully transcend it!Now there is an order to this love also and that is that we must develop love for Self For God then Others and it must be done in that Order,for that is the Ceremonious Order that is Required for Full Self Actualization and Self Realization!Quite often what happens is that people are not right with self not whole within self and are a little cut off from their spiritual life and do not realize it!Now on a Psychological Level if one does not fully own their Personal Power,they will seek this power in another person!Secondly if a Person does not fully Love themselves they will often seek to find this love in another person rather than find it within self first!Thirdly if a Person is not feeling fully Whole within Self with Full Self Worth they will end up seeking this in and through another person!This is basic Spiritual Psychology my Friends!This also manifests as Father/Daughter Mother/Son Romantic Relationships where each Adult Partner has not fully Mastered and Developed a Right Relationship to their Inner Child,balancing the Discipline with Firmness and Love within Self,then these Patterns will play out in ones Romantic Adult Relationship.I think we have all seen examples of this!We also get the type of Relationship that are based on attachment rather then Preference and hence become addictive and by the Law of Karma they are taken away one Suffers.Lord Buddha Said that all Suffering Comes from Attachment so when ever we are suffering we must remember to release our attachment to a particular circumstance Event or Out come!Now another reason that People fall into the Lower Self Aspect of Love in romantic Relationships and “Love to Much” is that they are a little cut off from their Spiritual Iife and do not realize it.They have not and are not putting their full energy and effort into being Right with self on all Levels,Right with God on all levels and only then from that wholeness can they then be right with another.Instead they focus on getting thier wholeness Personal Power Self Love and Self worth from another and hence when that is taken away they end up suffering.Now this can happen on a Spiritual Psychological and a Earthly level.To what ever degree this is the case the more pronounced will be the addictive Love!So the Key lesson is to get fully Right with Self,Whole within Self,Right with Self Master oneself and all ones energies Desires aspirations in service of Ones Integrated Ascended Master Ideal,In service of God the divine Plan and then in Service of ones Brothers and Sisters on Earth!When one does this fully one is well on the way to Realizing Integrated Ascended Masters Relationships!However let us speak a little more to this 2nd Chakra 2nd Ray 2nd Day Lesson and Life Focus for we wish you to be attuned to the Ascended Masters Perspective on Romantic Relationships so you can demonstrate that Ideal in your Earthly Life!
Now Remember friends what ever you put first in Life is your God!We do not want to sublimate energy that can be used for getting right with self right with God and right with the Ascended Masters into a Primary Romantic Relationship for cant we see how that would be selling ourselves short?!
Now there some who do Self Actualize on a Psychological Level,who develop Personal Power Self Love and Wholeness to a certain extent but are not really that spiritual or spiritually attuned.They are still subceptible to this type of addictive Love,for even if they have a right relationship to Self they are still cut off Spiritually so this cut off Relationship to God will be sublimated or innappropriately channeled into a Romantic Relationship.What we are seeing here is that there are degrees of and types of addictive Love.
Now there are also those Light workers one step further who totally believes in God/Godess and the Masters and Angels or are involved in Spirituality and some kind of Religious Practice.They are right with God the Masters Angels but are not Right with Self!This is quite common with Light Workers and religious People.They are generally more advanced Spiritually then they are Psychologically.This is actually more the Norm in the New Age Movement.People tend to be More right with God then they are with Self.Although they believe in God/ess they Dont fully own thier Personal Power Dont Fully Love themselves and Dont Control the Negative Ego and are still very much attached and dependent.This person is very susceptible to this type of addictive Love!
The Fourth Type of Light Worker and Spiritual or Religious Person is one who very much believe in God and the Master Angels and is on their Spiritual Path,The also do a lot of work on themselves psychologically and may have a good deal of personal power self love and self worth wholeness independence and certain degree of preference rather then attachment.In this last type however there is still some work to so.While they think they are totally on track Psychologically and Spiritually they are not.They are not fully putting their Right Relationship to self and Right relationship to God before a Romantic Relationship.They are still running somewhat with the mass consciousness that so pervades our Earthly Society.They in Essence Believe that their Right relationship to Self and Right relationship to God should come first and the strive for this however they are not achieving it.This is not because the are not sincere and not trying but rather because they are still a lttile bitout of alignment Psychologically and Spiritually.The Purpose of the IAMU Correspondence Courses is to fully put you back into Full Alignment on a Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Level.Each lesson is specific to shift your Consciousness and remove Blind spots and limiting lenses that are preventing you from fully Realizing what it means to put your relationship to Self and relationship to God first before any and all relationships no matter what!So this type of person is totally trying to do this and in most cases think they are but they have not fully realized the Full Scope and scale of what this means.There are a great many light workers who fall into this catagory as well.I honestly and humbly sat to you that if you full read the correspondence courses and soul psychology that this can be easily corrected!I am sure this lesson has already given some extremely important insights shifts and chiropractic mental and emotional adjustments to fully help many achieve this state.Now it must be stated that there is also a more advanced level even then this.This final level is for advanced light workers and spiritual people who are successful in Romantic Relationships in the highest sense of the word but still have a little bit of addictive Love Programming left.In taking this in depth study of this issue i am taking it from the very begining level to the most advanced.I am attempting to give all Light workers not nly how to achieve Full Self and God Realization Ascension and Integrated Ascension within self I am also attempting to show how to do this in relationship to another!There are many Gurus for example who claim to be Self or God Realized on a Planetary Level.However put them into a Romantic Relationship and they would be totally disfunctional.Interesting lesson is it not?I am taking this issue now to the Highest Ideal.Here is a New Concept that has never been discussed before on the Earth.How to Realize and Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic Relationship!How about that!This is what i am trying to teach to you now!This is extremely powerful and profound!It is a Revolutionary New Concept and Understanding!
To Achieve this Highest Level of Consciousness on this Lesson you must be 100% Right with Self and Right with God before entering into and while being involved in this Romantic Relationship.We are going for the perfected ideal now and this is for advanced lightworkers and all seekers of truth.Some Lightworkers have mastered this Lesson at the 60% Level Some at the 70% Level and Some at the 80 % level Some at the 90 % Level.We are now going however for the Full !00% Level and total 100% Mastery of this Lesson so your Diamond is not only fully Polished within self but is also fully polished in how you are involved in your Romantic Relationship.Just because you are right with Self an Right with God within Self Doesny Mean you have Mastered all Lesons of a Romantic Relationship.This my Beloved Readers is a While other set of lessons to learn.As has been said in many spiritual Books it is easy to realize Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness in a Cave,but but fully Realizing Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness while living in the Market Place and being Involved in relationships,the Horizontal Plane of Life and romantic Relationships is the Ultimate Spiritual Test!If you really want to “Polish your God Realization Diamond” Then get involved in a Romantic Relationship and maybe even have some Children!This will really “Poish your Diamond,”I think you all agree!So the Key is that you must put your Right Relationship to Self and Right Relationship to God/Godess First before any Romantic Relationship,100% of the Time.This does not take away from Love it adds to it!It is when you don’t do this that unconditional Love is Lost.It sounds paradoxical but it is true!When you dont remain 100% Right with Self and Right with God as i have been describing in this Lessn what happens is that at what ever percentage you lost Self Mastery on this Issue,that is the amount of addictive Love you will have!This Leads to the Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Mind slipping in which will create addiction attachment seperation judgement fear abandonment issues rejection issues resentment anger irritation impatience intolerance unhappiness and so on.It is only and i mean only if you are 100% Right with self and right with God God that you can stay out of this stuff and remain clear!When you are right with self right with God you have full Personal Power Self Love Wholeness Mutual Independence Preference rather then attachment Golden Bubble of Protection and Lack of Ego Sensitivity and you are not judgemental or Critical,you don’t take things personally and you are not prone to feeling rejected or abandoned .You have is essence Cleared the Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Thought system and feelings within self which allows you to be a clear mirror for your partner.When you partner gets off Kilter you dont take it personally.If they Critisize or attack you it slides off like water off a ducks Back,You respond rather then react,You remain Centered Have Compassion.You realize attack is a call for love!You are Right with Self and Right with God and you see through the Eyes of Love.Every Moment is a Choice between Forgiveness and Holding Grudges,Every Moment is a Choice between Judgement and Unconditonally Loving Spiritual Discernment.To mistreat you partner is to mistreat God for your Partner is an Incarnation of God!
My Beloved Readers Every Moment Is an Opportunity to Practice the Presence of God!Every Moment is an Opportunity for you and your Partner to see that what is going on has nothing to do with anything outside self or anything really to do with each other but is first and spiritual test for both of you to see if you both can keep thins in proper perspective.When you are Right with Self and Right with God,it doesnt even matter if your partner doesn’t even learn thier lessons for you are not interested in being their teacher,and forcing them to learn their lessons.That is Negative Ego.When you are right with self and right with God all you care about is learning your own lessons to the best of your ability!It is your preference that your partner learns their lessons but you are not attached!When you are right with Self and right with God your Happinessis 100% within yourself and not within your partner,though that does add to it.You cause your reality by how you think.You cause your own feelings and emotions,and you are not a victim of your partner!You are not attached you have super strong Preferences so you cannot suffer,Hence their is no Fear of Rejection or abandonment,You are not destroyed if they leave,for you are right with self,and right with God First,which is exactly why they don’t leave!You are not possesive or Jealous,for your relationship is based on trust!You communicate what is on your Mind in a calm rational loving way!You state your preferences to your partner,However if they are not met you are still happy!Happiness is state of mind and is not based on what your partner does.Sex is a preference and not an attachment,You are not moody for you are right with self and right with God so you dont let your Emotional Body Astral Body Mental Negative Ego Desire Body Lower Self and Sub Conscious Mind run you!
You not only see through the eyes of Love you see through the Eyes of the Christ,You see through the Eyes of Buddha,You see through the Eyes of Humbleness and Humility.When attacked it roles of your Golden Bubble of Protection,Like Water off a Ducks Back.When you respond you respond in a calm loving and Rational Manner,with Calm Unconditional Love.Since every thing is a spiritual test sometimes you may turn the other cheek.You respond instead of React,You respond appropriately to every situationSince your relationship to self and God come first and you are seeing through your Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God Godess Consciousness and Mind you are Mastering the Art of Love.You are also learning to Balance the God/Godess Enregies by being in this Relationship!it is helping you refine this balance within you.You are never self Righteous in this State or Holier then Thou,for that would be Negative Ego parading as Spiritual,Everything is shared as your own personal opinion,Spiritual Observation,Spiritual Discernment and Preference,You agree to Disagree in Unconditional Love!You pray together before having a Heavy Discussion and ask for God and the Masters to help in all ways,and enter yours lives in all areas!You Hold to your Spiritual and Psychological Ideals above all else which keeps you centered.When you partner get Physcially Sick you dont catch it for you maintain your strong Physical Immune System.You set a Better Example because you are maintaining your strong Physical Immune system,You set a Better Example because you are maintaining your Right relationship to Self and God/Godess!When your partner gets Spiritually or Psychologically Sick,you maintain your Spiritual Immune system and Don’t get it!You Maintain your Right relationship to God/Godess!You set a Better example,You take the Higher Road and not the Lower Road!You do this not out of Negative Ego,you do this out of genuine Christed Compassion Love and Caring!Being Right with Self and Right with God you live to Serve and Live to Please give and Help!It does not matter if you do a little more of the chores.You state your preference and what ever happens happens.Things are meant to be or not meant to be!You happiness in not affected!You feel so good about yourself and so filled with God that your Cup Runeth Over,All you want to do is give off this abundant and overflowing Love.You are constantly buying them Flowers and gifts and telling them how much you love them, giving them hugs and affection,giving them compliments raising their spirits supporting them, and helping them be God/Godess!You are helping them to be right with self and right with God as Well if you can and if they are not open to it,you be quite and just demonstrate the example for this is the greatest teacher!
It is because you are this way and so whole and complete within self and so right with God the Masters Angels that you and your loved ones appreciate you so much!Your relationship is based on trust and total honesty and integrity so there is never anything to fear!You can fully share your love and your feelings and emotions because you are fully secure in your Right relationship to self and Right Relationship to God.There is never any competition for your both just care about Self and God Realization for your selves Each other and the World.Both of your Spiritual Paths come first that is a given!This build even more love!Both of you are dedicated to service!You share a God/ess Life together!You apologize even if your partner doesnt!You never engage in an ego battle.When you start getting over emotional or become to passionate or heated, you stop talking.You learn within self and wi each other and don’t repeat your Mistakes.You communicate often but dont over process.You work many things out within self, for they are you lessons to learn.You are constantly making attitudinal adjustments to keep the Romanitc Relationship in the perfect Tao. My Freinds you set such a Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence Example on all levels in such a humble and egoless way that you partner cant help of course to love you tremendously respect you and also learn from you!They will begin to take on your energy pattern of being right with self and right with God!It will have to be that way for you will not allow anything else.You cant!You couldnt even if you wanted to for this is your spiritual path!You are not doing this for your partner you are doing this for yourself so you may fully realize INtegrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness.If you dont do this you will not be fully Realizing Integrated Full SPectrum Prism Consciousness every moment you choose not to.God is who we are!We are each living incarnations of of God living in a Physical Body!A Romantic Relationship is God having a Relationship with Godess,Balancing the Heavenly Ideals on Earth so that Heaven can be brought fully to earth!
So now dear readers i think you can feel and are experiencing the full adjustment that has taken place and you are fully empowered to go out and make this adjustment and attunement and get yourself fully Right with Self Right with God First and then Start giving to your Primary Romantic Relationship!You have now recieve the pattern for the Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic Relationship in its full radiant Glory!The Lesson has been given and the Master Piece of Understanding has now come!You can Fully see and understand now what you need to do to fully transcend addictive Love at the 100% Level.You now fully see and understand what attitudinal adjustments you need to make to fully realize and Achieve 100% Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic Relationship.It does not matter if your current romantic relationship is not perfect for no one on earth is!We are all apprentice Gods in the Process of Fully Realzing Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness fully on all levels.Everyone is at different levels,all that matters i that you are giving in your all,for “Righteousness in the Eyes of God is In Trying!However you will now not only be trying but you will be succeeding!For you have been given the Example and Ideal you need to set.All you need to do now is get out there and Live it!Do this for 21 Days and on forever and you will have Mastered this and it will become a Habit in the Sub Conscious Mind!So on conclusion my Dear Freinds if you Maintain your Right Relationship to Self and Right relationship to God in a Romantic Relationship i humbly Suggest and the Master Acknowledge you are making exellent progress on your path to Full God realization! This Lesson Comes Care of Dr Joshua David Stone and the Do Join and get on the Rocket ship to God!

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Cohan and Lord of the 7th Ray of Transformation Ceremnoial Order and Magick! Leader of the New Ascended Earth!

Count St Germian!The Greatest Man who ever lived!
Cohan and Lord of the 7th Ray of Transformation Ceremnoial Order and Magick!
Leader of the New Ascended Earth!
The Count of St Germain(1710-1784)has been described and known as a Coutier,and Supreme Gentleman,adventuerer,Charlatan,Inventor,Alchemist,Pianist,Violinist and Composer but is best known as a recurring figure in the stories of several strands of occultisim-particularly now connected in this time to the Theosophy society,the White Eagle Lodge,where he is also refered to as “Master Rakoczi” or the Master R as one of the Masters of Ancient Wisdom,is credited with God Like Powers and Longeivity.Some Sources write that his name is not familial,but was invented by him as a French version of the Latin “Sanctus Germanus”meaning “Holy Brother”
The Scarcitiy of Contemporary biographical detail about St Germain has supported the construction of many versions of his origins and ancestry including that he was:The Son of Frances 2 Rakoci,The Prince of Transylvania,by Rakoczis first wife.Originally his name was Rakoczi Lipot Lajos Gyorgy Josez Antal.
Frances Bacon,true Heir to the Throne of England,born to Queen Elizabeth 1 and Robert Dudley.He was given to the Bacon Family who raised him as this secret was kept.The Illigitimate son of Maria Anna of Pfalz Neurburg,the Widow of Charles the 2nd of Spain.The Son of King of Portugal,John the 5th.
In a Letter of 1745“The Other day they seized an odd man who goes by the name of Count St Germain,He has been here these two years,and will not tell who he is,or wence he came,but professes,that he goes not by his right name,(and the second that he never had any dealings with any woman,nay,now with any succedaneum.He sings,Palys the Violin,wonderfully,composes,is mad,and not very sensible.He is called an Italian,A Spaniard,A Pole,a somebody that married a great fortune in Mexico and ran away with her jewels to Constantinople:A Priest,A Fiddler,A Nobleman.The Prince of Wales has had unsatiated curiosity about him,but in vain.However nothing has been made out against him,he is released,and what convinces me that his is not a gentleman,stays here,and talks of beings taken up for a spy.
One Piere_renault De St Germian was governor of Changalaput in India,in 1752,and a Robert Francois Quesnay De St Germain was active in several secret societies.Stories of the Count in India and at Masonic meetings can be traced to them.A Mime and English comedian known as Milord Gower also impersonated St Germain in Paris salons.His stories were wilder than the real Counts-He had advised Jesus for example.Inevitably,hearsay of his routine got confused with the Original.
Giacomo Casonova describes in his Memoirs several meetings with the celebrated and learned imposted.Of his first meeting in Paris 1757,he writes:
“The Most enjoyable dinner I had was with Madam de Robert Gerji,who came with the famous Adventurer,known by the Name of Count Saint Germain.This individual,instead of eating,talked from the beginning of the meal to the end,and I followed his example in one respect as I did not eat,but instead listened to him with the greatest attention.It may be safelt said that as a conversationalist he was unequalled.
St Germain gave himself out for a Marvel and always aimed at exiting amazement,which he often succeeded in doing.He was a Scholar,Linguist,Musician,and a Chemist,Good Looking and a perfect Ladies Man.For a while he gave them paints and cosemetics.He flattered them,not that he would make them young but that their beuty would be presereved by means of a wash which,he said,cost him a lot of money,but which he gave away freely.
He had contrived to gain the favour of Madame De Pompadour,who had spoken about him to the King,for whom he had made a laboratory,in which the monarch-a Martyr to boredom-tried to find a little pleasure or distraction,at all events by making dyes.The King had given him a suit of rooms at Chambord,and a hundred thousand francs for the Construction of a Laboratory ,and according to St Germain the dyes discovered by the king would have materially beneficial influence on the quality of French fabrics.
This Extrodinary Man,Intended by Nature to be the King of Imposters and Quacks,would say in an easy,assured manner that he was three hindred years old,that he knew the secret of Universal Medecine,that he possessed a Mastery over nature,that he could melt diamonds,professing himself capable of forming,out of ten or twelve small diamonds,one large one of the finest water without any loss of weight.All this,he said,was a mere triffle to him.Notwithstanding his boastings,his bare faced lies,and his manifold eccentricities,I cannot say I thought him offensive.In spite of my knowledge of what he was and in spite of my own feelings,I though him an astonishing man as he was always astonishing me.
Myths,legends and speculations about St Germain begain to be widespread in the late 19th Century and early 20th century,and continue today.They include beliefs that he is immortal,that Wandering Jew,and Alchemist with the Elixir of Life,a Rosicurian,and that he prophesized the French revolution.He is said to have meet the Forger Guiseppe Balsamo in London and the Composer Rameua in Venice.
There are several “Authorative”Biographers who usually do not agree with one another,Probabaly the two best known Biographies are Isabel Cooper Oakleys the Count of St Germain(1912) and Jean Overton-Fullers The Comte St Germain:Last Scion of the House of Rakoczy(1988)The Former is a compilations of letters,diaries and private records written about the Count by Members of the French Aristocracy who knew him in the 18th Century.Dr Raymond Bernards book The Great Secret-St Germaon is Biographical and covers aspects of the Counts Life including his conflation with Sir Frances bacon and the Author of Shakspearean opus.Manly Palmer Hall in his The Secret Teachings of the Ages,describes some of the same attributes as Dr Bernard,including the attribution of the Writings of Shakespeare to a Great adept like Frances Bacon,who could be amaigamated with the Count of St Germain.There have also been a number of German and French Biographies written about the Mysterious Counte St Germain.
A Book Titled the Great Secret,Count St Germain,by Dr Robert Bernard purports that St Germain was actually Frances Bacon by Birth,and later authored the complete plays to Shakespeare.He Also contends,as does the Saint Germain Foundation in Chicago,IL,that Frances Bacon wsa the Child of Queen Elizabeth and Lord Dudley but that it was kept quiet.According to the Theory,Frances was raised by the Bacon Family,Yet through out the Shapespearean Canon,there are numerous hints that the author kowns of his true birth,as revealed in the explicit clues in the text of the plays themselves,in pictures,as well as the Cipher code that he employed.
Many Books are also attributed to the Master St Germain,brought forth by Thought Transference of Channelings as it has often been refered to.One such book attributed to Saint Germain is “The Most Holy Trinosophia of Count St Germain”There are also two triangular books in the Manly Palmer Hall collection of Alcehmical Manuscripts at the Getty Research Library which are attributed to Saint Germain.There is an additional book at the Getty Research Library entitled “America Hereldica”attributed to the Author “Saint Germain”Although it was published in New York 1886.Micharl Scott and his books have been noted facts in the Magician,and other related books later in the series.
Saint Germain is the central Figure in the Saint Germain Series of Books published by the Saint Germain Press.The First 2 volumes ,Unvieled Mysteries and the Magic Presence,written by Godfrey Ray King,describe Saint Germain as an Ascended Master,like jesus,Hillarion,Kuthumi,Dwahl Khul.In these first books,he discusses his personal experience with Saint Germain and reveals many teachings that are in harmony with others referenced above.The 3rd Volume,The I AM Discourses,contains material that is foundational to the sacred scriptures of the IAM Activity.There are 20 Volumes in the Saint Germaon Series of Books,which are also refered to as the”Green Books”Another work of great importance,the Comte De Gabalis,is said to be from the Hand of Sir Frances Bacon before he Ascended and returned as Sanctus Germanus,the “Holy Brother Herman”of Saint Germain.First printed in 1670,the book includes a picture of the Polish Rider,a famous painting at the Frick Collectino in New York City,which is said to be of Sir Frances Bacon,a.k.a the Comte De Gebalis,or the Count of Cabala.Lotus Ray King(Edna Ballards pen name)wife of Guy Ballar,talked about this book having been authored by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in the Round Table talks of the IAM Activity.
Several Theosophists and Practitioners of Alternaltive Esoteric Traditions have claimed to have met Saint Germain in the late 19th or Early 20th,:Annie Besant said that She met the Count in 1896.C.W.Leadbeater claimed to have met him in Rome in 1926 and gave a physical description of him as having Brown eyes,olive coloured Skin and a pinted Beard:”The Splendour of his Presence impels men to make Obeisance”Leadbeater said also that Saint Germain Showed him a Robe that had been previously owned by a Roman Emperor and that Saint Germain told him that one of his residences was a Castle in Transilvania.Accorrding to Leadbeater,when performing Magical Ritual in his castle in Transayvania,Saint Germain wears a Suit of Golden Chain Mail which onece belonged to a Roman Emperor.Over it is thrown a Magnificent cloak of Tyrian Purple with on its clasp a Seven Pointed Star in Diamond amythisist,and sometimes he wears a Glorious Robe of Violet.Guy Ballar,Founder of the “IAM”activity,claimed that he met Saint Germain in Mount Shasta in California in August 1930,and that this Initated his Training and experiences with other Ascended Masters in various parts of the World.Edgar Cayce,The “Sleeping Prophet”,was asked while in trance if Saint Germain and is an anowed disciples of his.Paul Foster Case,founder of Builder of the Adytum claims to have met Saint Germain,who was as Master R at a hotel in New York in 1921.
Many Groups honour Saint Germain as an Ascended Master.He is refered to in Theosophy as the Master Rakocky or the Master R.In the Ascended Master Teachings he is refered to simply as Saint Germain,or as the Ascended Master Saint Germain.As an Ascended Master Saint Germain is believed to have many magical powers such as the ability to teleport.levitate,walk through walls,and to inspire people telepathically among others.Theosophists consider him to be a Mahtama Master or Adept.Helena Blavatsky said that he was one of her Masters if Wisdom and Hinted that he had giver her secret documents.Some Esoteric Groups credit him with inspiring the Fountain Fathers to draft the United States Decleration of Independence and the Constitution,as well as providing the design of the Great Seal of the United States.In New Age Thinking Saint Germain is always associated with the Colour Violet the Jewel Amethyst,and the Maltese Cross rendered in Violet. He is also regarded as the Chohan of the 7th Seventh Ray.According to Theosophy,the Seven Rays are Seven metaphysical principals that governed by the Seventh Ray,Saint Germain is sometimes called the Hierarchy of the Age of Aquarius.According to the Ascended Masters Teaching Saint Germain is the Good of God of Freedom for this System of Worlds.In Alice A Bailey books,Saint Germain is referred to as the Master Rakocki or the Master R.Alice a Bailey’s book the Externalization of the Hierarchy(A compolation of Earlier revelations published posthumously in 1957)gives the most Information about his reputed Role as a Spiritual Master.His title is said to be the Lord of Civilizatin and his task is the Establishment of the New Civilization of the Age of Aquarius,He is said to telepathically Influence people who are seen by him as being instrumental in bringing about the New Civlization and his task is the Establishment of the New Civilization of Aquarius.Alice A Bailey stated that Sometime after ad 2025,The Master Jesus,The Master Rakozki,Kuthumi and other Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy would Externalize,ie Descend from the Spiritual Worlds and interact in Visible tangible bodies on the Earth in Ashrams,surrounded by their Disciples.Alice A Bailey said that Saint Germain is the Manager of the Executive council of the Christ.(Theosophists regard the Master Jesus and Chirst as two Separate beings.The Christ being the principal and pattern,also as the Lord Meitreya who is the Planetary Christ who over lighted Jesus in his incarnation at that time.”Jesus” is identified as being the Master Jesus or Sananda as he is know known on the Inner Planes.Aspirants on the Path Recognize Jesus or Jeshua to be Realized in the Christ Consciousness while Lord Mietreya is holding the Energy of the Planetary Christ.The Christ it might be added is a Universal Pattern of Perfection that Governs all Universes and all World Systems.In Hinudisim The Christ Aspect would be Known as Vishnu,Brahama as God and Shiva as the Holy Spirit.In any case the Team of Masters have been given the Directive and Mission from the Universal Source and the creator of Preparing the way for the Second coming of the Christ,which will in truth have to come through every incarnated Soul Extension on Earth.Every Living Being will have to come to Realize and be Recognized as the Christ for the Full return of the Christ to be fully realized on Earth.For that is the Reality as it is in Gods Eyes.
According to the Theosophy Saint Germain has incarnated as St Alban,Proclus,Roger Bacon amd Sir Frances bacon.These incarnations are Universally accepted.Ruler of a Golden Age Civilization in the Area of the Sahara Desert 70,000 years ago,originally a Colony sent out from Atlantis.

Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram,

Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram,

Master Sananda Directs and Leads the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ which deals with Brotherhood and the Universality of Religion and Spirituality,Devotion,Idealism and the Revamping of all World Religions and Spiritual Schools.His Divine Consort and Partner in this work on the 6th Ray is Lady Nada,who does similar work on the Divine Feminine Lines of Evolution.According to St Germain Sananda also holds the Frequency for the Personal Christ Self Pattern so that each Individual can embody the Divine Masculine Christ Self for themselves,as themselves.You can see this in the way we seem to have many more souls incarnating who look quite strickingly like the Master Jeshua.This pattern has been held in the Collective Consciousness for the last 2,ooo years since his Famous Incarnation as Jeshua.It is not quite as well know but later after his Life in Jerusalem India Tibet Egytp Greece and so forth,(Where he travelled for that time) he Reincarnated in a Syrian Body as Apolotina or Siria.He as recognized and much loved as a Master in that life and spent his life much like he did previously wandering Alone teaching Healing and giving Divine Blessings where ever he went,bringing with his the SPirit of the Living God.I believe he Ascended in that lifetime.
In his LIfe as Jesuha he came to teach that Love was Higher than the Law,he also came to incarnate the Picean Ideal of Universal Love and Onenes,Spiritual Purity Healing and Incarnation of Love.For this he gave his LIfe and was Crucified under Pontious Pilot at the will of the Jewish Orthidox Religous Leaders.He was the Messiah that the Jewish People where waiting for but they could not accept him because of this Unauthox non traditional Methods.Essentially they Choose the Law above Love,holding fast to a Disspensation that Moses brought Forth in the Age of Taurus.Jeshua came to demonstrate the Personal Path of Crucifiction Death and Resurection that we all must go through as we pass our 4th Initiation.All will go through this Initiation experience on one level or another and it will take many forms as many are the forms of Different incarnations of the Divine.Everyone will experience this differently and it would be best to logg and record this experience as it happens.All souls on Earth will have to take this Intiation as Mother Gaia herself is taking this Initiation.
Regardless of your Religion you would do well as an aspirant to call on Sananda and and his Enormous Spiritual Blessings.He can assist you in any area of your life.The Master came to Create a New Religion and this New Religion of Love must be formed within ourself and untied under the Grand Master Love Itself.It must rule our Inner Constitution consistently.The Lord of the World Must ever sit as Ruler on our Hearts Minds Souls Minds and we must do his will with all our Might!We must do as Jeshua did and carry our Cross in life so that we may wear the Crown!
NOw according to ELizabeth Claire Prophet,Jeshua incarnated Twice as an Emperor of Antlantis,Again in 33,000bc, and again in 15,000bc.He did this to aid the White Magicians who where battling against the Dark Magicians in Atlantis.According Alice A Bailey,He Incarnated as the Military Leader Joshua and Joshua the High Priest in the Hebrew Tradition.Also according to the Ascended Masters Teachings of Theosophy he incarnated as Joseph who wore the Coat of Many Colours,as well as King David and Elisha of Old.We can see that the Great Master Sananda has earnt the Right to Rule the 6th Sphere by Many Incarnations of Leadership and Rightousness Under the Lord.We to must then prove ourselves in this Life so we can wear the Crown of life as it were!We must prove ourselves in this Life to be the Righteous Sparks and Humble Servants of God and the Divine Plan we are collectively bringing forth!
It is told in the Ascended Masters Teachings that St Germain was one of the 3 Wise Men that Brought the Gifts to the Christ Child,and that his Mother Mary upon her Assumtion became an Archangel and is now the Twin Flame of Archeangel Raphel.In theosophy it is taught that Mary Became a Deva.They Masters Teachings also state that Casper who gave the Gold to Jesus was an Incarnation of Dwhal Khul.Balshathsa, who gave the Frankinsence to Jeshua was an Incarnation of Kuthumi,and Melchior who gave the Gift of Myrr to Jesuha was an Incarnation of El Moyra.Also according to these Teachings between the Age of 12 to 33 Jeshua travelled and studied Wide and Far Studying in Luxor in Egypt in a Mystery School,He then Went to India to Study with Lord Meitreya and Lord of the Himilaya The Manu of the 4th Root Race.
It is also said that Jeshua was overlighted During His Ministry in Israel by Lord Mietreya the Planetary Christ which gave him greater Healing Powers and Abilities to Do a great many things!This is however possible for all aspirants and adepts who wish to do the Work of the Great Master by humbling themselves through Service and being ever ready to serve one another with love and by those who wish to be mouthpieces for the Holy Spirit and Universal Truth.Meitreya Over lights all who would do his Work of Spreading Good Will to all.
Theosophists and Adhearents to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters believe again that Master Jeshua under went the 4th Initiation at the Crucification.For most this is a Symbolic Experience for Jeshua however it was Literal.It is also believed that Master Jeshua ascended Later after travelling to Kashmir and to the Even Europe where apparently he lived with Mary Magdelena and even sired Children who carried the Bloodlines of the Christ Pattern.The Theosophists believe that after the Resurection he went to Shambala to be with the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara.A Chapter will later be written about.Also according to Leadbeater after Sanandas Incarnation and Appolanna of Tyanna he Incarnated in India as the Tamil Religous Reformer,Ramanuja.Apparently he was part of the Bhakti sect in India.Apparently this Life was to further deepen his training in the Mastery of the 6th Ray which is of course emotional Idealism.According to some teachings also Master Sananda lives in his Light Body in Secret in Rome and after the Lord Maitreya makes his Official decleration and returns to make a Public Appearence Master Sananda will ascend to the Papal position as Lord of the Religions of the World.HIs position as 6th Ray Lord will be fully Externalized!
Now it also must be said that Sananda has a Twin Flame Named Lady Master Magda,whos last incarnation was of Course Mary Magdelana.who also had an incarnation as Aiimme Semple Mcpherson.
Sananda also work with Higher Dimensional Beings from Venus,most notably is Master Aetherius.He also works with Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar command who are the Airborne Winged Division of the Great White Brotherhood.These great Ascended Race assist earth souls with their Ascension process in a great number of ways.Through both Advanced SPiritual Teachings as well as advanced Spiritual Technology which they implement and heal with at Night while the Souls of disciples and Initiates who have requested this receive.
Upon the Fleet of the Winged Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood,there are many Other Masters serving different Roles for this Great Mission in bringing mother Earth and all its Inhabitants to the 4th Initiation and beyond.Commander Sananda works upon this fleet as well in his Light Body and spilt off self to serve a Prominent Role there.Some other notable Masters and servants are Aleph,Korton,Esola,Merku,Soltec,Kla La and Hanton to mention just a few.These masters serve different Roles under the general mission of Ascending the Planet and its consciousness and all beings upon it!
So Master Sananda and the Other Galactic Masters have much work to do with the Revamping the Planets Consciousnss and all World Systems.Master Sanandas work is very specific as we have seen,His work again basically is to Purify Religion and Philosophy of Dogmas and Seperation Consciousness.Basically Transcending the Negative Ego thought system which has infiltrated to such an indescribable fasion the Worlds Religions.I will not go into any deepth here as i am sure the read will know well the deepth of this Illusion.
So In conclusion we would like to make a Request to be taken in our Bi Located Split off Self and Soul Body to the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ,and we ask that we be personally trained by Master Sananda in our Daily lives in the Implementation and demonstration of the higher Aspect of the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism.We ask that we become perfect instruments and examples of Devotion and Idealism and that we ourselves become Spiritual Masters in this life in service of God the Masters and our Brothers and Sisters.We ask that we be given all the inner and outer training for this to be a Reality in the shorted possible time.We know that this is done for we have requested it,we know that God hears all prayers.It is up to us now to take perfection action so that this thought form prayer can be brought forth and demonstrated fully upon the Earth Plane!We make a decisive decision now to go out and Act until,Thy Will Be done!Namaste.

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Master Hillarion,The Lord of the 5th Planetary Ray!

5th Ray Ascended Master Hillarion!
A Brief Biography of the Exemplary Life of the Ascended Master Hillarion and his Extensive accomplishments in this world and the other.Master Hillarion is recognized Universally in the Spiritual World as one who has been tested thouroughly and being thereby entrusted with the freedom to work effectively on the Divine Creator Levels,on bringin forth the Divine Plan for Earth through the Lens of Spiritual Science and higher Mind Application to Planetary Systems and New World Orders.He is in charge of brining a Greater Level of Love Light Knowledge Truth and Understanding to the Fields of Science Psychology Nutrition Diet and all new Age Systems and Groups.This Great Master along with the Other 6 Great Planetary Leaders on the Spiritual Plane,the Ascended Masters stand together in their unified mission towards brining humanity into higher and new levels and dimensions of Reality through expressing Love oneness Perfection and love in action beyond the Illusionary Expressions of Seperation Duality Fear Glamour Maya and the Lower Self,with which Humanity is slowly and surely climbing out of.
Hillarion the Cohan of the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Spiritual Science has taken over this office from Lord Ling who previously presided over this 5th Ray office of the Christ.Spirituality on the Earth for a Long time since the fall has been surrounded by a Dark Light which has held back many higher emenations and frequencies from the Creator Itself for this DarkLight would not allow in the Greater Light of the Creator.Since most Recently having past through a number of Portals due to the great effort of many light love and power workers around the planet this has been lifted to a great degree and enourmous levels of galactic Light are flowing into the Planetary Atakrana,seffusing Mother Gaia and all her Inhabitants/Sons and Daughters with a Fantastic Luminous Light.
The Darkened Light has been slowing the evolution of Humanity by Placing Veils and restrictions on Humanities ability to receive and perceive truth knowledge love and wisdom.There has been a great battle for the Earth,and all have been a part of this Great Battle,this Armegedon is the Battle for the Soul that each seeker must undertake and experience and over come fully.This Battle Wages in the Soul of every aspirant to come more fully to Light Knowledge Love Dsicipline Refinement and God and Self realization Ultimately.There has been a great battle supported and fought continuously by the great Illuminaries of our Planet,The Warriors of Love and Light,The Great Sages Mystics Heretics Saints and Sages,The Great Masters of Light have been quietly behind the scences directing this Final Battle through the Front of the Human Soul,guiding with Knowledge the awakening Hu Man Consciousness into Light Truth and Love.Like Krishna who directed Arjuna on the Battle Field the Masters are guiding us on the Battle Field of life that we may over come the Inner Enemy of Darkness Ignorance Hate Violence and Error.This Battle has taken a turn for the best as the Forces for Light gain a foot hold and strength as we draw near the end of an Age much prophesized about,an age when as the Master Jeshua said in his 2nd last Incarnation,”Satan will be cast back to Hell along with his Minions and the Keys kept Locked away forever more!”The Victory is close at hand my beloved friends and fellow Rainbow warriors of Light!
In fact as of May 2005 this Battle was officially declared complete,and the Price for a Higher Dhrama paid and all Collective Karma paid in full!We are now free to progress into ever greater Love Light Peace Power Perfection alone,free from the illusionary forces of Darkness!One must complete personally an amazing amount of personal effort and work,almost beyond imagining to transcend and over come the collective global karma,all without help from another and with out weakning at all in ones total resolve.This can be related to the Path of the Tathagata which is now attainable!This is an enourmous work and one must start at a young age to complete this else one might have no hope for attaining the goals and ideals therein.One must put all ones efforts and energies in total into this Great Goal.One can if they tune into this vibration sense the profundity and enormous effort required for the attainment and completion of this must tune in constantly to ones own aspirations and goals to get an idea the minimum work required of one to achieve this loft goal of total liberation and EnlightenmentOne such a Being who has start at a young age of 6 In the United States,who is known In some circles as Lady Emanuella.There are many other masters of an extremely high leve who are supporting all humanity in the attainment of these goals by their increased Vibrational level,guiding humanity through the process of planetary Ascension which form a group of Enlightened Masters.They are known as the Lords of the Rays.All of them Have passed themselves through the gamaut of tests and lessons that planetary life affords all souls.They have passed these tests and lessons fully and now by choice choose to stay on to work with humanity in training initiates and disciples through the Various Ray Ashrams.
In May 2005 A Number of extremely Rare “Umbrella Flowers” began to Bloom.These flowering Bell Flowers correspond esoterically to the return of the Tathagata Buddha who is now In form.These flowers only open when the planetary Codes Register and enourmous frequency and the Earth is Ready for the Next Level of Enlightenment.It is said that at this time the New Buddha turns the Wheel of Creation causing all things to change throughout creation to the next level of Consciousness.This New Buddha the Tathagata is ready and spiritual able to teach now an entire new Reality to Humanity.The work now for us is to both be receptive to this New Level of Instruction and also be active in our Sharing nad disceminating of this New Level of Knowledge that we have.To be active in steping into our roles as Tdachers,Healers,Way Showers and externalized Masters Realizing Buddhas if you like!
The general populous has not yet been instructed in building Spiritual Powe or Cultivating Spiritual Energy Daily at higher levels.This will be the Work of those Yogis Adepts and Masters who have been practicing and preparing for this Planetary Task for the last 26,000 year Cycle.To all those who know,this is the clarion call to get out and share!Give what you have that more may be given!Share what you have!Teach,Instruct and Demonstrate!All this should be done towards the entering more fully into the Heart,for there has been for a long time now a over identification with the Mind over the Heart.A Master however Balanced the Heart and mind.A Master has the 3 Fold Flame of Power Love and Wisdom burning bright at all times and in all situations,and balances ones 3 Minds in proper order,with the Super Conscious Mind Directing the Conscious Mind and the Consscious Mind directing the Sub Conscious Mind.When these are out of order at a planetary level we have a reversed situation where we are taking our guidance from a non reasoning mind,where the unconscious is ruling the Conscious and the conscious is cut off from the Super conscious.Only trouble can come from this improper alignment.This is however a relatively easy problem to fix.Simply by aligning ones Individuals minds by Request to the Source and Ones Monad or Mighty I am Presence with Invocation Actions can one easily avert this inversion and return to the perfection that is Gods Microcosmic Triune principal externalized as the 3 Fold Personlaity of the Hu Man Race!When this Mental Body alignment is corrected as well as the Balancing of the 3 Fold Flames in the Alter of the Heart and all action directed from that most High Place to great Planetary Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Alignments happen ushering unknown Glory and Splendour,Unknown Kingdoms Descend and Greater Infusements of Light will enter the Kingdom of God on earth.This will be an Unpresedented event beyond conception and Singular comprehension!
Embodying and Demonstrating/Transmiting the Higher Aspect of the 5th Ray in Transmiting Gods Healing,Constatncy,Concentration,Conservation,Research,Technology,Truth,Vision,A Desire to Precipitate the Abundance of God/Godess,As well as all facets and aspects of the Healing Arts.His work has dealt primarily with those souls known for Unconditional Love because these must be enacted and demonstrated before a Soul can truly advance.The Rose Ray has also been released into this New higher Planetary Consctruct that we are seeing and experiencing as emerging and this Ray holds the frequency of Healing and Cosmic Power that can bring Freedom to the Planet and Solar System Galaxy and Univese.This Flame and Ray holds the Heart Steadfast in Love Unconditional and Unemotional and thereby becomes a transforming agent through which all life forms can return to the Center of the Universe which is the Experience of Total Love Unending.Invoke this Ray and its attendant Experience when ever you are in need!
Hillarion is renowned for his Exeptional Abilities as A Healer and Master of New Age Systems of Living,this great adept is guiding and directing all those Disciples and Initiates who act as channels for the Wisdom Teachings of the Ages.Acting as a Wisdom Keeper Hillarion helps individuals receive the Holy Spirit through higher Thought Transference and Spiritual attunement to the 5th Kingdom.Master Hillarion calls us to “Reflect on the Purity and Integrity of the 3 Fold Flame of God/Godess within your own Heart.Develop and cultivate these flames from within in all outer situations and circumstances and go then verily beyond all circumstances and situations.Enfold yourself in the 3 Fold Fire of Power Love and Wisdom and find yourself beyond this world in Gods Transcendental World of Unlimited Perfection at all times.Enter the Immortal abode where abundance resounds for all!”
As a Master of Manifestation and the process and Laws of Manifestation Master Hillarion also guides all Planetary Teachers on the 5th Ray,whos work lies in teaching humanity about the Laws of Manifestation so that all humanity may become prosperous self relient and resourceful in doing their service work on earth and living a God/Godess attuned Life on Earth.He also instructs the 5th Frequencies of the Spoken word and the positive creation of things through the Spoken word,through prayers affirmation visualizations decrees requests and invocations.Use these constantly and find that you can create anything and everything you want!
“A New Crystaline Christ grid has been created anchored around the Earths Aura and system.This Grid system is accessible at all times and one should attune and align to at all times through out ones day so as to stay in harmonious alignment with the Higher Christed Patterns Placed around this earth.This higher grid will place you in the Sohere of Oerfection of all things and one will find themselves experiencing the Peace that passeth all understanding!
“In the Unimaginable Infinity of Gods Creation,Love and Wisdom Lead and Rule this System.Love and Wisdom are always at the for front of all creational Experiences.Know this and enter the Peace of Loves Wisdom!Through the Divine Invocation and affirmation all perfection of all spheres is enacted by Gods Heavenly Hierarchies of Creator Gods,Angelic and Archangelic Lines as well as Ascended Master beings who are patterning the World after the Higher Dimensional realities.This systems is ruled and governed by absolute Perfect Laws based on Justice and this Justice is exacted by Divine Will.Obedience to Gods Laws through thorougher understanding comprehension and practice of these Divine Laws allows one to become a Master of them and then Use and direct all ones personal energies towards the service of this Great Plan of which ones Self is but a Small part,though infinitely required!Practicing and demonstrating Gods Laws Leads to Gods Laws working perfectly for you in 10 fold return.”
As the Cohan of the 5th Ray Hillarions Primary Influence is upon the Scientists of the World,as well as all thinkers Healers Manifesters and so forth.Through his ability to demand accuracy,justice,common sense, and upright attitudes Hillarion keeps a perfect order and so flows Divine Wisdom through the movement of the Life Principal through form.By this action we find Karma working itself out and divine order manifesting itself through the action of Perfect Law and its effect on the Temporary Transitory Worlds,until and unto Eternal Permanance Changelessness is created and realized by the Aspirant.The Master guides Spiritual Thinking and understanding into the Scientific Areas.He stimulates Research by groups resonating to all healing arts,Scientists,Mathematcians,Inventors,Chemists,Electricians,Engineers,Surgons,Researchers,Musicians and all who specialize in Space and advance technological advancement.By his Superior attunement to God and Gods Laws and by Prolonged alignment and action of Gods Laws Master Hillarion has become a Master of these Laws with Full Conscious control over them at a planetary level.He is thereby fit to trasnsmit these teachings and knowledge to a more Junior peoples in the Race of Hu Man.Hillarions energy is focused upon the Higher Planes of reality where he draws down the energies of Truth,Justice,Common Sense and Upright Spiritual Attitudes.In this way the Pioneering force began to take hold in the minds and hearts of his primary disciples .This Higher Principal of Order and Justice brings light to all those aspirants on this frequency band in all the various manifestation of that particular rays emenation.This Light Relates to Expression of the truth and comes through the Brining of Higher Truth through the will in action.This Ray relates to the 5th Chakra and communication Clear Christed Thinking and Higher Dimensional Aspects of Creation.It can be invoked as a Blue Ray in the Throat Chakra.
Hillarion,often refered to as the “Uniting Light”,guide those who need an understanding of the Christ light in the throat chakra,through expressing there own Divinity and true Spiritual Message to the World.Hillarion Guides all souls receptive to the Truth of Knowledge Infinite Within and helps ones overcome the opposing forces that stop is from having our say and speaking our truth in all situations and at all times.He also guides us lovingly from within when to remain silent and keep our truth within!Being an exemplifying Champion Hero and Master of this Ray and its qualities,Hillarion also directs the emenations of “The Rainbow on the Highest Peak”,”The Remover of Distortion,””The Bringer of Truth”,”The 5th Distinguished Teacher of all Men”,”The Wise friendship Leading to Sirius”,”The Master of Knowledge,Truth and Justice,””The compassionate Light of Intution,”The Blue Master of Right Order Conduct and Action,”,”The Laughing Love of Light in Darkness,”,”Hillarious Hillarion,””Humerous Hanton”,”The Great Hidden yet Known Truth”
A New truth is being revealed through all classes through all fields through all endevours and through all experiences of Planetary life as well as from this Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Life,for the above proceeds from the Bellow and the Bellow proceeds from the above.The 2 are 1!The Plan of God is being brought to action upon the Earth through its various emenations and service systems that have been placed in the World orders through time and a great effort.An effort that has been brought forth over ages,an effort which is great and grand beyond imagining only experienced by the great being that knows no death,but life alone in action.For the frequencies of the Eternal are so rarefied so eternal so grand that only the supreme light Vehcile can hold these constant emenations.They can only be recorded upon an Ether so fine that it seems to have no place.Yet is emenates from itself all other places.The permanent create the impermanent the Spiritual Creates the Physical and so on through the various polarities of paths that are seemings separate but in truth one,so goes the Manifestation of the Divine into the Form.So goes the Creation of Life,through the channels of Truth Justice Order and Higher Law.So perfection is brought forth and so under that are all things created equal whole and non different.
In previous Incarnations,Hillarion has incarnated as a High Priestess of the Temple of truth(Illumination) on Atlantis,The focus with which late became the Oracles of Delphi.Messengers of Truth who served under the direction of the old Light of Pallas Athena who transported the flame of illumination together with artifacts from the Temple to certain Physical locations to ensure their safety and continuation after the Great Flood.This Light was released through the responsive souls incarnated in Greece,and was instrumental in birthing a New Western Civilization.This eventually led to a breaking away of old values and the founding many years later to the “Land of Liberty” so called now,the “United States of America”.Hundreds of years later when the Tathagata Buddha Appeared in that country and defeated Global Karma,clearing the way for the rapid evolution and transformation we are now seeing and experiencing!This then has restored the Divine Heritage to all the Children of the Earth.These activities,usually not understood at the time they occur,are often understood in a much more expansive and integrated way by the Ascended Masters.If we are to attune to the Masters at these times we will experience a great degree of truth in any situation.We should call on them any time we need deeper understanding of a situation or difficult experience.
Incarnated as Paul of Tarsus,also kown as Paul the Apostle or Saint Paul,he was bornin Tarsus(567AD)Cilicia in Asia Minor,or Modern Day turkey,under the name Saul.He was taught Jewish Law at the feet of Gamaliel,one of the Greatest Scholars who ever lived.a Training Which proved to be an effective preparation for his apostolic mission in which he wrote letters and delivered sermons through out Asia Minor and the Medeteranian for 3o years.Even though he was a young contemporary of jesus,he never meet him,and his experience and encounter with the Christ came as he was traveling to demascus where,upon experiencing the fullness of the light of the resurrected Christ Jesus,he experienced a temporary blindness,leading to his own personal Spiritual Resurection.Subsequently,he received the Gospel and was converted to Judaisim.he remaind for some days in Demascus after his baptisim and then went to Arabia to prepare himself for his future mission activity.During the 3 years spent in Arabia Paul received greater Guidance from the Christ in an Etheric Retreat over what is known as the “Holy Land”.Having then went to Jerusalem where he met James and stayed with Simon Peter for Fifteen days or so.After that he returned to Tarsus where he began to teach in his own province.After his Mission was complete here they returned again to a small community in Jerusalem to serve and teach.Paul was Raised in Greek Culture and language.He was also interestingly a member of the Pharisees.Pauls first Missionary Journey begain in Antioch in 47 AD.During that time the Christian Church grew in prominence partially due to Jewish Christians fleeing from Jerusalem.The Holy Spirit,speaking through one of the prophets,identified Barnabas and Saul as Gods Disciples,and they were released from the Church to spread the Gospel to the Gentile Population.Traveling also through Cyprus,Pamphylia,Pisidia and Lycaonia Paul and Banabas established Churches at Pisidian Antioch,Iconium,Lystra and Derbe.
ON his Third Missionary Journey,Paul Visted Nearly the same Regions as on the second trip but made Ephesus,where he remained nearly 3 years,to center his missionary activities.He laid plans also for another missionary journey,intending to leave Jerusalem for Rome and Spain.Persecutions by the Jews Hindered him from accomplishing his purpose.The Jews were on the Verge of Killy Paul when Roman Soldiers intervened and took him into custody imprisoning him first in Jerusalem and then in Ceasarea.After 2 years of Imprisonment at Caesera,he was sent by Sea to Rone where he was kept for another 2 Years.During that trip paul was Shipwrecked on Maita,and it was there that he preached the Gospel and the people converted to Christianity.It was there too that he was named by the Roman Catholic Church as the Patron Saint Lalta in Observance of his Work.It is thought that Paul continued his journey to the see to Syracuse on the Italian Island of Sicily,before eventually returning to Rome.He spent here another 2 years under house arrest where he continued to preach and teach about the Christ.Weather Paul Died in Rome or was able to go to Spain as he Planned is uncertain.Apparently Paul was Beheaded in the Reign of the Roman Empepor Nero.
Pauls Influence on Christian thinking has Been more Significant than any other New Testament author.Fourteen Canonical Epistles in the New Testament are traditionally attributed to him,and he shows himself to be a profound religious thinker with an obvious greatness of Mind and Spirit.These epistles were circulated within the Christian community,and they were prominent in the First New Testment Cannon ever propsed and were eventually included in the Orthodox Christian cannon where they are believed to be the earliest written books of the New Testament.He often employed an Amenuensis only accasionally writing himself.By his example,he gave an illustration of patient endurance.Given that he had been held captive had been driven to exhile,stoned,and had preached in the East and West,”The Passionate 3 fold Philosopher” won the noble renown which was the reward of his faith having taught righteousness to the whole world.Righteousness is also known as being “Right with God”,To expand on that we must be first right with Self,Then Right with God,then Right with Other.In that order!Paul has been called the 13th Apostle.Pauls Work in spreading the Teachings of the Christ through out the Roman Empire laid the Ground work for greater dissemination of Goodness through out this Populace.This brought much good to the Roman peoples.Paul was also responsible for forming and building the Christian break away faith in renouncing Jewish practices of Circumsision.Paul delt with and experienced many cross cultural contradictions but found that the Perfect Law of the Christ Transcended them all.
In his Incarnation as Lambichus also known as Lambilchus Chalcidensis(245-325) he was a Syrian Neo-Platonist Philosopher who was recognized for his work on Pythagorean Philosophy.His Influence spread over much of the Ancient World where he affected the direction taken by later Neo Platonist Philosophy and perhaps Western Paganisim itself.Born at Chalcis in Syria to the Son of a Rich and Illustrious family,he is said to have been the descended of several priest Kings of Emesa.Having initially studied under Anatlious of Laodicea,he later went on to Study under Porphyry(A Pupil of Plotinous)during which time he had a disagreements over the practice of Rituals,the critisisim of which he responds to in his attributed De Mysteris Aepgytianrum(On Egyptian Mysteries)Around 304,he returned to Syria to establish his own school at Apameia where he designed a Curriculum,for studying Plato and Pythagorean Doctrines,which compromise extracts from several Ancient Philosophers.Iamblishous was a Man of Great Culture and learning and renowned for his Charity and Self Denial,many students gathered around him and he lived among them in Fellowship.He Died during the Reign of Constantine,sometime before 333.
In His embodiment and Incarnation as St Hillarion(291 to 371) he was born to Athiest Parents Thabatha,South of Gaze in Palestine.As a Boy,Hillarions parents sent him to Alexandria to be educated in its schools and while studying with a Grammarian,he was converted to Christianity.At the age of Fifteen,upon hearing Saint Anthony,he went to live with him in the desert for 2 months,resolving to devote himself to the Ascetic life of a Hermot,thereny beginning his monastic Life.Upon returning home,he continued his extremist ways and divided his fortune to his brothers and the poor and left to live in a little hut in the desert of Majuma,near Gaze where he led a smilar life to that of Saint Anthony.His clothing consisted of a Hair Shirt,and upper Garment of Skins, and a Short Sheperds Cloak:He fasted meiticulously,not partaking of his frugal meal until after sunset,and he supported himself weaving baskets.The Greater part of his time was devoted to religious and spiritual excercises.He took to praying,signin Hyms,reciting the Bible and working on the Soil.Miraculous cures and excorcising Demons,which”The Rose of the Divine Source” performed,spread his fame in the surrounding country.Because he Proved himself proficient in building spiritual power,he soon became famous in Palestine,and people came to seek his help and advise in such great numbers that he found very little time to perform his religious duties.He returned to Epypt about 360AD visiting the places where St Anthony had lived and at the same time,meeting Dracontius and Philor,two Bishops banished by the Empporor ConstantiusHe then went to live at Brushium,near Alexandria,but upon hearing that Julian the Apostolate had ordered his arrest,he settled in the Libyan desert.Later on ,he journeyed to Sicily and for a Long time lived as a Hermit near the Promontory of Pachinum.
Upon being Discovered by his Disciple Hesychius(He had long been searching for Hillarion),He again found himself surrounded by other eager Disciples Eager to Follow his Righteous Example.Leaving Sicilly,he went to Epidaurus in Dalmatia,where,on the occasion of a great Earth Quake(366) he helped the inhabitants through the Crisis.Finally he went to Cyprus and there,in a Lonely Cave in the Interior of the Island,he spent,his last years.It was there too that he became aquainted with St Epiphanius,Archbishop of Salamis.Before his Death,which took place at the age of Eighty,Hillarion bequeathed his only Possesion,his scanty Clothing,to his faithful Disciple,Hesychius.He Died in the Island of Cyprus about 371.Hillarion was greatly honoured as the founder of anchoritic life in Palestine.Thus,Hillarion as a Hermot and a Healer Living in the Deserts of Palestine and Cyprus all of his life,was able to fulfill the Healing mission he began as the Apostle Paul and he was able to balance enough of his Karma for presecuting the Christians that he had incurred in delusion as Saul.He finally took his 5th Initiation some time later.Dates exact not known.
Hilarion was the preiestess of the Temple of truth.This physical structure was located at a space below the etheric plane replica of the original temple of truth.It was over the island of Crete,where the Flame of Truth(Illumination)was kept as and in the form of an oracle through the Divine Mother.This again relates to the Delphnius Oracles of Greece.It was here that the Path to Divine Intelligence was founded upon the Sphere of the Spiritual Teachings based around Cosmic Law and its Physical incarnation,ie Healing,Mathmatics,Music,Sacred Geometry,The Science of Flow and Movement,and law of Manifestation and Co Creation.This also manifests and externalizes as the Concept of Purity through the Recognition of all as God and nothing separate from that supreme source.From this position all things resound in perfection and all things return in consciousness to their origins in Source energy and awareness.
Interestingly we have been made aware of a particular relationship between Master Hilarion and the previous Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara.Sanat Kumara as the Planetary Logos(Actually now is Lord Buddha)previously ensouled all humanity and all earth life in truth in His Consciousness,and guided from the Inner Planes the Evolution and Initiation and Education of all beings.As you can imagine quite a challenging job to say the least!It has been stated that Hillarion had become the “Adored of the Logos.”Sanat Kumara and his 6 Kumaras come from Venus and are here to serve the Dispensation of bringing the Christ Light and Love to the Earth and all her beings,they are responsible by there great effort to the salvation of Earth by bringer her out of Ignorance and taking her to light along with all her inhabitants!They are Holding the Light with in this System and you can recognize their perfect pattern in a number of different areas of lifes externalization and expression.I will leave this to your Discernment and open Eyes to see the glory and Granduer of the Kumaras from Venus and their Great Mysterious yet ever penetrating and ever present work!Truely they are the Flame keepers of this Planet!All Glory to God and his/her humble servants!
Several of the Kumuras where holding the Light frequency for Earth from their Place above Venus,keeping out impure emenations and shinning ever bright the Light of Truth and Love.There have also been Buddhas descending holding the Pure Light Emenations on the Planet for a Time,keeping the Light Quotient at a High enough level.With all the Spiritual work now of so many light workers,Yogis Saints and Sages through out the Ages we have reached a point now where the collective Human consciousness can evolve fully into 5th Dimensional Consicuosness,With the completion of a 26,000 year cycle we enter into the next Golden Age for Earth.With the advent of the 2012 Galactic Alignment great energies are pouring forth into the Earth.There is a Vaste freedom wave enveloping the Earth as new systems are brought forth and the grand Divine Plan is being fulfilled fully.The 7 Cohans of the 7 Rays each have a particular part in this and as it has been stated Hillarions work over the next 2,600 year Aquarian Cycle will be in Training Initiates and Disciples in the Field of Higher Spiritual Science Technological Advancement Healings Arts Truth Justice and Liberty through the justice system,also in bringing forth the New Age Churches and New Communities of a Higher Light Love Power Frequency to match the Incoming Energies of the Aquarian Age.Attune to Master Hillarion especially on this Day Friday as he will be especially available this day,though in truth available all days!Be blest then in your Work and service/development upon the 5th Planetary Sphere for there is much to learn therein and upon,for this is truly a Glorious Place of Much Truth Illuminated Beuty and Just Freedom of Community Celebration of the Great Age of Peace that has just on us now Dawned!Namaste and Illumination from Master Hillarion and the 5th Ray Ashram and Office of the Christ!

“5th Ray 5th Day 5th Way,"

“5th Ray 5th Day 5th Way,
All within and Upon,Within and Without,
Planetary Perfection expression Creation and Manifestation,
Solar Way Ether Day Yod He Va He Yahwee Yahwee,This day this Way,
All day today,This day ride into what you want to do be and have,
See and feel it as it is now,future now past not exist unless you want it to be.
Find your way under the Great Leader of Churches New,Build your own!
Make your Way Communicate Clearly in an integrated Fasion,
All levels as one interpenetrate all expression are but of One substance,
One being one,One System One Being One in the Many.One in all!
All is all know then that you need never again fall for you are the wall,
To the Kingdom that has come,to all that has been and all that Is to come,
All is one all Is that all is we all is he all is she all is free!
Receive the Communication from the Inner Realms of Perfection that guide,
Receive from the Outer Limits which exist to descent through you as you by you.
Receive the Higher Impressions Visions and Communications from those Races of have walked through these gates,and ascended greater upon the Infinite Ladder of Creation,
Walk in your Mind and Hearts with all that is for that comes out of everywhere and everything,
There is nothing that is not,and that which is not does not exist.Place your mind instead on what is,
What is to come,what you are to create,what is your destiny,your origin and your Future,
Give that you may be given to.Serve for no reason other than the joy supreme it gives you,
The Value It adds to the Other Self incarnated in all “other” Forms,The stream is unending.
Enter the Light of Lights,the Son of Suns and Know that there is but one supreme perfection,
Guiding Informing Directing Co Creating,Manifesting,Externalizing all that appears and disappears.
You are that,We are that and all is that for ever more.What more can be said?
Only what can be done is not for you to do.Only for the Will to be brought forth,
Only for the Creation,The Enaction and the Brining forth of the Inner Substance to the Outer Sphere,
The Bridging of Worlds Now begins as we walk collectively into a Bright Sunny Day newly Dawned.
Celebrate with your Brothers and Sisters in all forms,Laugh and Love in the Plan,the New Day.
Be Powerful Wise Intelligent Balance Harmonious,Commmunicate the Creators plans to all that is!”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Farting out the Art,Making a Start,Getting Back to the Heart"

Fart out the Art,making a start coming back to the heart,life is art!
Keep it in to the end,then give it all out to all,let them never fall!
Balancing all Poles into the One Heart Center,all into Loves perfection,
All into that Greatest of all directions Universal,
The Great Galactic Center where the 2 Great Ones Dance as one,
Separate but as one,Seperated to know the One as the Two,
To show thee,that all is we,all is the Great He,the Great She,
All is the Universal Center emenating from the Supreme Source!
Harmony Balance and Beuty,its incarnated qualities,We are that!
Express that!See that!Be that!Show that!Go with that!Walk with that!
Stand tall in all your Grace and Granduer,Beuty is who you are!
Give up your slavery to the System that no longer serves you realizing who you are,
Step out into the system that does,Step into your own system that you createth!
Go forth then and maketh,even as the great one maketh go forth ye and maketh!
In the image,in the likeness,Of that pattern perfect above,so then shall it be bellow!
Get out then beloved and show,that which you know stand forth then and grow!
For what you give is what you get and what you get is what you get!
You are a cause by your own thinking and mind,make it then through love and Harmony,
Harmony within,with love with self,and unto love to all others,Stand safe in loves protection,
Forgiveness and Unconditional Love,Sharing open and giving to all which you are a part,
Merge the Small with the large,the drop becomes the ocean,Be then yourself as that,
Enter the Great Cosmic Ocean with the open doors of your mind heart spirit and soul merged in
Infinite Harmony Wisdom Love and Power that is Sources very self,the Most high and most low,
We are that merged forever and ever,Strive then to know and experience this at all times,
Anything that enchroches on this realization must be removed and destroyed!

4th Ray Day with Paul the Venetian

4th Ray Day with Paul the Ventian and the Artisans,Creators of all kinds,
The Sphere of Beuty Harmony Balance and Perfection,

Today upon the sphere of oh Infinite rings the Tones of Green Shades of Peace and Ruminings of Balance and Harmony.The Queen of Peace and Balance Presides the Realm of Air,The Notions of the Heart.The Detached King and Queen rule the Realm of Air,making sure all that does not come to perfect balance are Cut out with the Sword of Discrimination,Knowledge flows on Air and all intentions impurities and Imperfections are known as well as all manner of Honourable Efforts All in Harmonies all Outer and Inner Efforts are rewarded by the Universal Scales of Weights and Measures which constantly measure the Hearts of All Men and Women,allowing only those pure of Heart and “As Little Children” to Truly enter the Kingdom of God.Only those with love on their Minds and Hearts with Minds and Hearts Steady in the Light are kept free from the Illusionary Worlds of Judegement Seperation Lower Self Carnality and Error of all kinds.Though the Dweller on 2 Worlds,The King and Queen of Air,rule their own Worlds,the 2 Worlds are one,forever balanced and interpenetrated Interdepenent and in perfect harmony.There is no separation in this Higher Kingdom which seeks to find balance harmony and expression within the Etheric Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Bodies of all Earth Kingdoms.Only the Human Soul resists this perfect balance by the Satanic Inversion of the Divine Law enacted and propagated by the Angel of Light Turned Dark,the Lord of Error Satan,Evil,the Great Rebel against the perfect Plan,who is also known as the bringer of light.Darkness seeks to envelop the world in its coverings,so be then not fooled by the Veil,Be not deceived in any thing,be not confused,Subjegated or left out,Use the Force and Full power and Measure of you for these energies are to be used alone for the Service of God and Gods Plan.
So after my Awakenings within the Dream,upon finding myself in a place so familiar yet new,after finding the renewing of my Body Mind Spirit through the explorations and cultivating of the Depths of Emptyness I found myself to be quite renewed and clear in the Eyes of Truth,I made my way to the Shore oh Infinite in that Elemental Glory that finds such perfect expression in the Ocean Winds,the Ocean Waters,The Ocean Sands,The Ocean Views and the Ocean Feelings that return my Mind Heart Soul and Spirit to the Primordial resting Place safe in the Womb of the Infinite Creator Mother,Keeping me safe in Mystical Embrace,with the Father God Creating all around me the Perfect Form and Destroying all imperfect forms,with the Dweller now subjugated fully only the Splendour Surrounds and the Cries of the Infinites Illusionary Gates of Unexistant Hell only now a faint wimper in the distance as I make my way upon the stairs of Creation,back to the Cosmic Force and central point which is the destiny of all that is,and which I walk with and towards under the guidance of those great ones who have walked before me,and guide me still unceasingly to greater things ever more,whos presence thought and invocation give me untold bliss peace knowledge and security infinite.I place my stocks and bonds there until all time completes.As I ride upon this Air Based Earthen Vehcile of Light,this Mechanical Stalion,thisMaterialsed Merkabah as it where,I enjoy both the Visual Splendor of Perfect form as well as the Hearing of the Song Infinite in the Unending Power of the Greatest one that is in all.As I open my Mind Heart Soul and Spirit to this Great reception secret things are spoken unto me and I receive joyfully as a Child Recieves all the Gifts of Life that a Loving and Firm Mother/Father give so freely to a Child with whoms evolution and Spiritual Progression they have for this time been entrusted with.
As I make my way through my Routine Practices as they have been revealed to me,To the Fullness of Myknowledge in action I begin my practices to cultivate these universal energies which are all about and around me.Saluting the Sun that rises,Reciving the Infinite through the Stillpoint perfection of Meditation I find that Power of the Infinite cannot be moved yet moves all things.I observe from this place that still there is causality and still faint tinges of separation personal gain and selfishness on the Fallens Sons of God whos plans are all squashed with Times Endless power of death which touches not only the Pure of Heart,That power which leaves only only the Risen Son who chooses alone the One.So onwards then to a Place more Public for the Stars and greater spheres have their plans and powers to and these still over me hold sway.I return now quite,my mouth closed in reverence,my eye focused within to the one Point and my efforts around a point perfect within,and no longer can I be effected but a cause shall I be in all things.It is but for the claiming!Darkwinds and powers about me as I rest speak to me of the Son of Gods Original covenant with God and his breaking of this by Violation of Gods Supreme Law of Oneness,creates effects and causes greater than the power of Man,so then by these powers that are beyond him though set into action by him man creates disturbences only in his mind.For the All simply is,following its patterns rythms and cycles,these though inconceivable and inpercievable,man still creates upon them an image,within them he sees a pattern made in his own image and likeness and as he is,so he will see!It is then for Man to see within himself and his fellow man what is Good,True,Balanced Harmonious Beautiful,Powerful,Loving,Wise,Intelligent,Devoted,Magical,All these things if he can know them in himself see them in another he will have knowledge.
So after experiencing the Rising Sun in its Form incarnate,As well as the Mind of God formed and incarnated,acknowledging that by way of Inocent blessing I made my way onwards towards the place where the 2nd Sphere had called me to enjoy the Gifts of Abundant outpouring and the sweetness of experienced formed.Though the Winds ruminate and stir and while a Dog devotedly cries out,so to does the Soul of Man for reunion with his Source,with the Highest Force that is both within him and without and all around him.if he but acknowledges all that is about him with Power that matches,With Love that Levels and Wisdom that sees,If he can with Intellect perceive what is and what is not,if he can balance all parts then within and without,if he can think so accurately as to create greater means of service upon systems and laws,with ways to live there in upon and within the Great Infinite Walls of the Form of the Formless,while being devoted to the Large through the Small,to the All,He Can receive the Magical Powers of Order,He can receive the Revelation of all kingdoms,He can know all that is and be himself that!With this and a secret message upon who meaning I pondered,a Ball found with companies exacting of an essence of a Greater Shere,and the Benediction and absolute abundance that can be brought forth from that Universal and Infinite Cosmic Force,I see now how all things are done,I can know from where all things come and to which all things return and see the form inbetween that sustains nourishes and gives to all life.This form is our very self.This form and essence is who we are!We are that!So with that the day was walked into!
After returning to service in action,and study resolute I took some warm water with Honey as the Rains came in not a second to early or late,giving us all a Beautiful psychic space with which to wake up to and to continue our activities to.Learning then with the Education department of the Christ,through the Universal Outpost of the IAMU,I find myself coming to understand the Psychological foundations of Essence and Form level self love and the different Kinds of love that exist within the Integrated Full Spectrum Prisim Consciousness of an Integrated Ascended Master,The “Polished and Cut Diamond” of the Christ,The Perfect Love that casts out all fear and the Great Tao of Love.The many levels and layers of Love where revealed as well as the many layers and levels of unlove that exist only in the Negative Egos non existence and illusionary mind.So with resolve unto this effort to loves honouring,with the decisive descision

“Balancing The Heart and Mind to Enter the Kingdom of God”

"The Embodyment and Incarnation of Ones Highest Balanced Harmonically Beutified Mighty I am Presence Upon the Earth in all Sphere of Earth Life in and with all forms of Earthly Relationship is todays Solar Emenations,building your Integrated Light around and upon the 4th Ashram,4th Sphere and 4th Ray,Ask Master Paulo for assistance and guidance with this Through out your day today!"Through Balancing the Heart and Mind,through balancing in truth all inner and Outer Polarities by the Force of the Spirit,One Finds Harmonic Balance and Beuty in all spheres of Life,Through progressing through Conflict Harmony is attained,by being true to thyself above all else,one finds one is right with the Universal Self and all other Selves.There is but one self.Through bringing sufficient energy into the first 3 Chakra Spheres and Rays we can enter the Balanced Heavenly Realm of the Heart based on a Solid Foundation of Power and Grounded Leadership,On Creative Feeling of the Equsitness of LIfe,And on the Wise Discernment of the Active Mind we can come to experience the perfect balanced Beuty that is our Divine Self,Drawing all Pranic Force to the Heatrt Center and Concentrating the Mind in that Region thrgouh out all Earthly Activities and Services,In all Ones Psychological Consciousness encounters with other People and self and in Ones SPiritual Ascension program focusing the Spirit on the 4th Sphere we enter the Higher Aspect of the 4th Kingdom,We enter the Hu Man World and we Exit the 3 Lower Worlds,We are fullly ready to begin our Cultivation practices to enter the 5th Kingdom once and for all,to close the Doors on all that has been and take our Solar Ascent into the Eternal and Limitless Light of the 5th Kingdom,The Kingdom of the Immortals,The Realm of the Ascended Masters,The Kingdom of God!All our Practices and Efforts today and every day are thus directed to that attainment!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thinking About the Golden Age,Mental Reception

Through Receiving the Impressions from the Super Conscious Mind through Meditation,we receive the Vision or Inner Experience of the Kingdom to come and our part in serving its ultimate Manifestation.This will come through differents senses and if we are fully Active on the Higher Mental Planes our Minds and Claursentience will recieve these Higher Thought Transmitions from God and the Masters,We should then transform these in to analogues Physical Action to manifest these ideals and images we have recieved.By taking time to excersise vigerously first,Bathe,Then sit in meditation one becomes receptive to the Higher Mind Impressions of God and the Masters so one can easily this way experience the Bliss of The Divine Plan and our Part in it.By moving the Body we remove the Samskaras temporarily from that Body,Then by Bathing we cleanse the Aura,By sitting for Meditation we cleanse the Mind and open up our 4 Bodies to recieve Spirit and the Descent of our Mighty I am Presence.This will come through a number of sense simultaneously,we must then rest with our meditation posture which should be firm and effect,This way the Prana and Vital Force from the Rivers of Life will begin to Nourish our Up Right and Effect Tree of Life.We recieve the Impressions for at least a minimum of 20 Minutes and more if we feel so inclined,then we rouse ourselves and take Analogues Physical Action in our Daily Activities through out the Day while the Sun is active to the Attainment and Realization of these Spiritual Impressions and on our Guidance we have just recieve from our Mighty I am Presence.We give thanks for the impressions of course mentally but our greatest thanks is the bringing forward and manifesting these impressions,that is our greatest gift,in bringing forth our Mighty I am Presence to the World and to the Earth we serve in the most Full Capacity by the very expression of our Self.That fully engaged in the World is the highest service,so we must as Jeshua said live in the Market Place,”Be In the World but not of it,””Hands in the World Head in the Forest” This way we are of the Most useful service and we experience the greatest level of Personal Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Satisfaction available to us!This is the Way on this New Day!Blessed be the Name of the Lord!Namaste Friends!

Monday, January 24, 2011

“Experience and Feeling the Golden Age of Peace!”

"Spiritual Education of Consciousness Incarnated is the Thrust of the 2nd Ray Ashram,Spiritually Educating Humanity to the Universal Laws of God/Godess in the Universal Process of Integrated Ascension.Everything in life is a lesson and Test to learn to think with ones Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godess Mind and to transcend the Negative Ego Mind!”Experiencing the Golden Age of Peace that Dawns and will dawn and be fully Grounded and Realized within the Next 1000 Years is the focus of the 2nd Planetary Chakra,Events and Festivals based around this experience will be the Focus of the 2nd Planetary Chakra located in South America.Attuning the Physical Senses the Emotional Body and the Mental Body to God and Gods kingdom,the Great Perfection,The Cosmic Tao,The Dharmakhiya is the Focus of Tuesday the 2nd Ray 2nd Sphere 2nd Chakra Day.We choose to dress in associated colours Orange and attune ourselves to the Spiritual Educators of the Planet Dwhal Khul and Dr Stone,All Spiritual Education systems,We alllow all our Earthly Practices be focused around the development and experience of the Emotional Body and its highest Christed Ideal.We work on integrating our Sexuality and Desire body into our Spiritual Program so that our Earthly Desires become Spiritualized and Sanctified,We use sexual energy for Cultivation of the Immortal Body,The Tao and the Attainment of Immortality,We focus on Mastering our Sexual Energy in service of Our Lover or Other,We use our Sexual energy to serve ourselves and others,and to experience the Exquisite Joy of the 2nd Chakra in its Higher Octave.We also take action and be sure to use the full extent of our Creativity as the 2nd Chakra deals with Creativity.What ever our Choosen Puzzle Piece and Creative Abilities we make sure to focus on deveoping these while the Sun is at its peak,past 10 to 3pm.We can then return to our Cultivation of the Elemental Forces in the Alchemical Lab of Nature herself,Until Sun Set Meditation,where by after we take rest and return to the Inner Plane for more Training with God the Masters Spirit and our Brothers and Sisters on the Inner Plane.We make sure of course to log and journal our dreams and make appropriate adjustments so when can integrate the higher aspect and lessons and gifts contained there in!Namaste Dear Brothers and Sisters!Happy and Joyus Cultivations!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

“Visions for the New Day,The Dawn of the Golden Age of Peace!”

In the Future Days of the New Earth,Once the Earth Changes and Planetary Adjustments and alignments to the 5th Dimension Have been full Grounded and Integrated,Once all the Battles of Armegedon for the Earth Souls have been Won fully and Decisively,there will be wide spread Group Celebrations Group Work and Group Celebration around the Cultivation and Development of the Planetary Chakras through Spiritual Orgiastic Rituals and Festivals held around the Planetary Chakra or the Earth,where Earth Souls will be able to participate in the Enjoyment of the Earthly Riches in a balanced way,there will be a collective enjoyment of the Earth Chakra and all its Qualities,Ie Groundedness,Food Family Stability,Sustainability and the Ancient Aboriginal Rites of Passage and Initiation into the Dual Domestiles of Scoprio and Taurus Which Astrologically Rule the Land of the Earth Chakra.These events will be said to take place around the area of Ularu Central Australia,After the Earth Changes of 2024 and 2048.These will include the start of the 6th Root Race in the Begining manifestations of the Paradise Sons in Physical Body and will Culminate the Aryan Age Completion.These Festival and Ceremonious Activities will be done at all 7 Chakra locations around the Earth and all Earth Citizens will be able to participate at each one in a cyclic fashion thus gaining access to the experiencial reality of the Activated and Experiencial 7 Chakra or 7 Golden Candle Sticks of the Earth.One of the Masters of that Ray and Ashram will preside over each event from the Inner Planes directing the energies of the ceremonies and the Related Devas Angelic Elhoim Et Elemental Spirits will be also evoked and worked with consciously and in truth all 12 Kingdoms will be present in these ceremonies to provide and integrate a Full Spectrum Prism God Realized Experience for all Monadic Extensions of the Soul in all Kingdoms.This is really an expression of our current reality any how it is just a more focused and demonstrated one,that is more governed by the Masters the Holy Spirit and the Higher Self rather then the Negative Ego Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Lower Self that currently directs most of the Soul extensions experience of these planetary Chakra points and their distribution of the Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Energies through those Planetary Chakras.Once Humanity Wakes up to the Nature of Gods Reality and the realization of interdependence and similtaneous reality of the 12 Kingdoms of God,these Realities will be acted out in a much more harmonious and Conscious Way.So our Work as awakening Integrated Ascended Masters in training is to bring forth these ritual Practices and Rites each day on each day of the week and attune and align to the appropriate Ray Master Ray Ashram Chakra Location Chakra Expression and Experience and the Cosmic Radiations of that Chakra each day of the Week and do the associated Practices each day.If we can do this to our highest potential every day in a balanced and integrated way,while honouring all our Earthly Duties and Mission,While Honouring our Psychological Consciousness work and aligning our practices with these,as well as aligning our Spiritual Ascension attunemennts to these Chakras Rays Shperes Master Angels Elhoim and Kingdoms each day we will be well on our Way to becoming the Integrated Ascended Masters that it is our destiny to become!It is hoped that we get then busy doing the Work and will of God and the Masters in integrating all the 7 Rays 7 Chakras 7 Spheres and 7 Kingdoms of God on Earth!Namaste Beloved Freinds,Go forth now and do the Will of God and the Masters as well as your own Mightiest of presences!

“Demonstrating Planetary Victory on Earth”

"Victory in all ones Activities,Victory to the God Light Victory to the Good The Pure and the Truth.We must become Authors today of our Life Ideal,We become Spiritual Warriors for Gods Victory at a Planetary Level.This follows naturally through eventually to Cosmic Victory where we find our Victory for Self God and the Masters has been demonstrated for Ages Many,and we find the Begining stages of Cosmic Victory.”By Giving all our Efforts and Energies to the Realization and Demonstration of Planetary Victory in attaining our Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness,In Realizing our 7 12 22 Levels of Initiation and Light Body in a Balanced and Integrated Way,In giving effort to every line of endevour,to victory in every action thought word and deed to the Spiritual Hiearchy God and the Masters and by doing their work at all times and in all situations,Constantly checking oneself for God Purity,Checking all Ones Motivations and Actions that they are in Harmony with Gods Will,By checking oneself always that one is not coming from the Negative Ego,By Checking that One is centered in ones 3 Fold Flame Golden Bubble of Protection 100% Self Love and Self Worth,Proper Relationship to Ones Inner Child and ones Psychological Self,Ones Relationships,Ones Business Ones Finances The Earthly world and all that involves,Through the Right relationship to all ones energies and aspirations,Through a Right Relationship to All the Zodical Archetypal and Super Mundane Spiritual Aspects one work this way developing Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness that is the Ideal and Highest Planetary Victory One Can win on this Earth Plane.This is the Realization and Demonstration of Ones Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godess Consciousness on Earth!This is the Goal and utcome of all our Daily Weekly Monthly and Yearly Training.This is the reason we have incarnated and this is what we are here to help our Brothers and Sisters do too.This is the Sole Purpose for us being here and everything is a part of that Integrated Whole,When we give ourselves and all our Energies to the Realization of the Highest Spiritual Earthly and Psychological Goal we include all lesser goals and hence include all lesser goals and thus can be victorious in our Endevours,in service of God and the Masters of course,for this is our Work!