Monday, January 3, 2011

Mastering Integrating and Demonstrating Loving Wise Discernment are todays Key Note Psychological Practices.The Development of the 2nd Chakra and Ones Creative and Sexual Energies are the Primary Physical Body Practices.The Attunement to the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ and Master Stone and Master Dwhal Khul and the Planetary Sphere of Spiritual Education are our Main Spiritual Ascension level attunements through out our day.
The Demonstration of Love Gives One Wisdom.The Demonstration of Wisdom gives One Intelligence.Intelligence Brings Harmony and Harmony Brings Knowledge.Through Knowledge One Comes to Devotion and through Devotion one Finds Magic and Mysterious Order of Gods Divine Cosmos.One comes through this Universal Path of Ascending order of stages states Doors Lessons Tests and the Unfoldment of Universal Consciousness progress on the Path of Eccletic Synthisis,The Path of Return that Leads to the Limitless Light and the Perfect Peace that passeth all Understanding.
Here from the Middle Ground of the Earth the Kingdoms of God are revealed to Initiate and Chela,to One who has through the Long process of Incarnation come to learn the Earth Lessons,through entering into the Great Mysteries Life after Life,one finds oneself prepared and cultivated by the Great Guides and For bearers of the Sons of Men,guided by the Lords of the World One Finds oneself coming to the Completion of Ones Planetary Training.In One Final Lifetime one comes to Know the Ultimate Reality on the Earth and One Comes to Find that they are being prepared and trained to enter the Kingdom of God and take their rightful place and position on the Great Cosmic Ladder of Life.One is coming to a greater position of Responsibility and servitude by their qualifying themselves after a long and arduous series of Test and lessons taken over many lifetimes.At the Culmination of this Path Disciples are guided to the Integrated Ascended Masters Yoga Ashram to find the Synthisis of all Paths and the True Spiritual Gold From all Ages and from all Wisdom teachings,From All Masters of all Ages,From all Schools From all Philosophies and from all Systems One Finds the Best and leave behind the rest.One come to Enter the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis.One Finds the Finest Training on the Planet!One Finds the Integrated Ascended Masters Yoga Ashram!

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