Saturday, January 15, 2011

“Demonstrating Loving Service to Ones Brothers and Sisters!”

Devotion to Ones Highest Emotion at all times and in all situations,SelflessnessHumbleness,Meekness and the Highest Spiritual Exellence are key qualities of the 6th Ray todays ruling Solar Ementation.Spiritual Selfless Service direct the Energies of this Ray so in giving that service today continuosly we will find our highest energies incarnated and experienced!By directing all ones Energies to Service we find that automatically all our Wishes and aspirations are fullfilled automatically by the Divine Law operating in our favour.We focus on giving and sharing and serving our Brothers and Sisters and automatically we are served by the Divine.Yogi Bhajan used to say,”Serve Others,And God Almighty Itself will come to Serve you!”So we let go of our own grasping our own desires and focus on giving and helping our Brothers and SIsters in realizing God,We focus on helping and serving our Brothers and sisters in Practical Earthly Ways.In giving and helping in what ever way and ways we can concieve.By the Giving our ourself,we will find that we are given to and recieve and are open to receive the Blessings of Heaven,for we are focused on serving Earth and the Humanity and by that Effort all of heaven shall come to serve us.So focus this day on giving and serving your Brothers and Sisters in all Ways and Demonstrating Loving Spiritual and Self Less Service at all times and in all situations and you will find that you are naturally entering the Higher Octave and Aspect of the 6th Ray the 6th Sphere and the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ.Ask Master Sananda to over light you and guide all your Actions energies and thoughts this day as well as the Divine mother Mary and you will be well to enter the Perfect Realm of Spirit and Deevotion.You will be guide by Selfless love into perfection of all that is,in the open arms of Divine Love today!

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