Sunday, January 23, 2011

“Visions for the New Day,The Dawn of the Golden Age of Peace!”

In the Future Days of the New Earth,Once the Earth Changes and Planetary Adjustments and alignments to the 5th Dimension Have been full Grounded and Integrated,Once all the Battles of Armegedon for the Earth Souls have been Won fully and Decisively,there will be wide spread Group Celebrations Group Work and Group Celebration around the Cultivation and Development of the Planetary Chakras through Spiritual Orgiastic Rituals and Festivals held around the Planetary Chakra or the Earth,where Earth Souls will be able to participate in the Enjoyment of the Earthly Riches in a balanced way,there will be a collective enjoyment of the Earth Chakra and all its Qualities,Ie Groundedness,Food Family Stability,Sustainability and the Ancient Aboriginal Rites of Passage and Initiation into the Dual Domestiles of Scoprio and Taurus Which Astrologically Rule the Land of the Earth Chakra.These events will be said to take place around the area of Ularu Central Australia,After the Earth Changes of 2024 and 2048.These will include the start of the 6th Root Race in the Begining manifestations of the Paradise Sons in Physical Body and will Culminate the Aryan Age Completion.These Festival and Ceremonious Activities will be done at all 7 Chakra locations around the Earth and all Earth Citizens will be able to participate at each one in a cyclic fashion thus gaining access to the experiencial reality of the Activated and Experiencial 7 Chakra or 7 Golden Candle Sticks of the Earth.One of the Masters of that Ray and Ashram will preside over each event from the Inner Planes directing the energies of the ceremonies and the Related Devas Angelic Elhoim Et Elemental Spirits will be also evoked and worked with consciously and in truth all 12 Kingdoms will be present in these ceremonies to provide and integrate a Full Spectrum Prism God Realized Experience for all Monadic Extensions of the Soul in all Kingdoms.This is really an expression of our current reality any how it is just a more focused and demonstrated one,that is more governed by the Masters the Holy Spirit and the Higher Self rather then the Negative Ego Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Lower Self that currently directs most of the Soul extensions experience of these planetary Chakra points and their distribution of the Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Energies through those Planetary Chakras.Once Humanity Wakes up to the Nature of Gods Reality and the realization of interdependence and similtaneous reality of the 12 Kingdoms of God,these Realities will be acted out in a much more harmonious and Conscious Way.So our Work as awakening Integrated Ascended Masters in training is to bring forth these ritual Practices and Rites each day on each day of the week and attune and align to the appropriate Ray Master Ray Ashram Chakra Location Chakra Expression and Experience and the Cosmic Radiations of that Chakra each day of the Week and do the associated Practices each day.If we can do this to our highest potential every day in a balanced and integrated way,while honouring all our Earthly Duties and Mission,While Honouring our Psychological Consciousness work and aligning our practices with these,as well as aligning our Spiritual Ascension attunemennts to these Chakras Rays Shperes Master Angels Elhoim and Kingdoms each day we will be well on our Way to becoming the Integrated Ascended Masters that it is our destiny to become!It is hoped that we get then busy doing the Work and will of God and the Masters in integrating all the 7 Rays 7 Chakras 7 Spheres and 7 Kingdoms of God on Earth!Namaste Beloved Freinds,Go forth now and do the Will of God and the Masters as well as your own Mightiest of presences!

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