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Master Hillarion,The Lord of the 5th Planetary Ray!

5th Ray Ascended Master Hillarion!
A Brief Biography of the Exemplary Life of the Ascended Master Hillarion and his Extensive accomplishments in this world and the other.Master Hillarion is recognized Universally in the Spiritual World as one who has been tested thouroughly and being thereby entrusted with the freedom to work effectively on the Divine Creator Levels,on bringin forth the Divine Plan for Earth through the Lens of Spiritual Science and higher Mind Application to Planetary Systems and New World Orders.He is in charge of brining a Greater Level of Love Light Knowledge Truth and Understanding to the Fields of Science Psychology Nutrition Diet and all new Age Systems and Groups.This Great Master along with the Other 6 Great Planetary Leaders on the Spiritual Plane,the Ascended Masters stand together in their unified mission towards brining humanity into higher and new levels and dimensions of Reality through expressing Love oneness Perfection and love in action beyond the Illusionary Expressions of Seperation Duality Fear Glamour Maya and the Lower Self,with which Humanity is slowly and surely climbing out of.
Hillarion the Cohan of the 5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Spiritual Science has taken over this office from Lord Ling who previously presided over this 5th Ray office of the Christ.Spirituality on the Earth for a Long time since the fall has been surrounded by a Dark Light which has held back many higher emenations and frequencies from the Creator Itself for this DarkLight would not allow in the Greater Light of the Creator.Since most Recently having past through a number of Portals due to the great effort of many light love and power workers around the planet this has been lifted to a great degree and enourmous levels of galactic Light are flowing into the Planetary Atakrana,seffusing Mother Gaia and all her Inhabitants/Sons and Daughters with a Fantastic Luminous Light.
The Darkened Light has been slowing the evolution of Humanity by Placing Veils and restrictions on Humanities ability to receive and perceive truth knowledge love and wisdom.There has been a great battle for the Earth,and all have been a part of this Great Battle,this Armegedon is the Battle for the Soul that each seeker must undertake and experience and over come fully.This Battle Wages in the Soul of every aspirant to come more fully to Light Knowledge Love Dsicipline Refinement and God and Self realization Ultimately.There has been a great battle supported and fought continuously by the great Illuminaries of our Planet,The Warriors of Love and Light,The Great Sages Mystics Heretics Saints and Sages,The Great Masters of Light have been quietly behind the scences directing this Final Battle through the Front of the Human Soul,guiding with Knowledge the awakening Hu Man Consciousness into Light Truth and Love.Like Krishna who directed Arjuna on the Battle Field the Masters are guiding us on the Battle Field of life that we may over come the Inner Enemy of Darkness Ignorance Hate Violence and Error.This Battle has taken a turn for the best as the Forces for Light gain a foot hold and strength as we draw near the end of an Age much prophesized about,an age when as the Master Jeshua said in his 2nd last Incarnation,”Satan will be cast back to Hell along with his Minions and the Keys kept Locked away forever more!”The Victory is close at hand my beloved friends and fellow Rainbow warriors of Light!
In fact as of May 2005 this Battle was officially declared complete,and the Price for a Higher Dhrama paid and all Collective Karma paid in full!We are now free to progress into ever greater Love Light Peace Power Perfection alone,free from the illusionary forces of Darkness!One must complete personally an amazing amount of personal effort and work,almost beyond imagining to transcend and over come the collective global karma,all without help from another and with out weakning at all in ones total resolve.This can be related to the Path of the Tathagata which is now attainable!This is an enourmous work and one must start at a young age to complete this else one might have no hope for attaining the goals and ideals therein.One must put all ones efforts and energies in total into this Great Goal.One can if they tune into this vibration sense the profundity and enormous effort required for the attainment and completion of this must tune in constantly to ones own aspirations and goals to get an idea the minimum work required of one to achieve this loft goal of total liberation and EnlightenmentOne such a Being who has start at a young age of 6 In the United States,who is known In some circles as Lady Emanuella.There are many other masters of an extremely high leve who are supporting all humanity in the attainment of these goals by their increased Vibrational level,guiding humanity through the process of planetary Ascension which form a group of Enlightened Masters.They are known as the Lords of the Rays.All of them Have passed themselves through the gamaut of tests and lessons that planetary life affords all souls.They have passed these tests and lessons fully and now by choice choose to stay on to work with humanity in training initiates and disciples through the Various Ray Ashrams.
In May 2005 A Number of extremely Rare “Umbrella Flowers” began to Bloom.These flowering Bell Flowers correspond esoterically to the return of the Tathagata Buddha who is now In form.These flowers only open when the planetary Codes Register and enourmous frequency and the Earth is Ready for the Next Level of Enlightenment.It is said that at this time the New Buddha turns the Wheel of Creation causing all things to change throughout creation to the next level of Consciousness.This New Buddha the Tathagata is ready and spiritual able to teach now an entire new Reality to Humanity.The work now for us is to both be receptive to this New Level of Instruction and also be active in our Sharing nad disceminating of this New Level of Knowledge that we have.To be active in steping into our roles as Tdachers,Healers,Way Showers and externalized Masters Realizing Buddhas if you like!
The general populous has not yet been instructed in building Spiritual Powe or Cultivating Spiritual Energy Daily at higher levels.This will be the Work of those Yogis Adepts and Masters who have been practicing and preparing for this Planetary Task for the last 26,000 year Cycle.To all those who know,this is the clarion call to get out and share!Give what you have that more may be given!Share what you have!Teach,Instruct and Demonstrate!All this should be done towards the entering more fully into the Heart,for there has been for a long time now a over identification with the Mind over the Heart.A Master however Balanced the Heart and mind.A Master has the 3 Fold Flame of Power Love and Wisdom burning bright at all times and in all situations,and balances ones 3 Minds in proper order,with the Super Conscious Mind Directing the Conscious Mind and the Consscious Mind directing the Sub Conscious Mind.When these are out of order at a planetary level we have a reversed situation where we are taking our guidance from a non reasoning mind,where the unconscious is ruling the Conscious and the conscious is cut off from the Super conscious.Only trouble can come from this improper alignment.This is however a relatively easy problem to fix.Simply by aligning ones Individuals minds by Request to the Source and Ones Monad or Mighty I am Presence with Invocation Actions can one easily avert this inversion and return to the perfection that is Gods Microcosmic Triune principal externalized as the 3 Fold Personlaity of the Hu Man Race!When this Mental Body alignment is corrected as well as the Balancing of the 3 Fold Flames in the Alter of the Heart and all action directed from that most High Place to great Planetary Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Alignments happen ushering unknown Glory and Splendour,Unknown Kingdoms Descend and Greater Infusements of Light will enter the Kingdom of God on earth.This will be an Unpresedented event beyond conception and Singular comprehension!
Embodying and Demonstrating/Transmiting the Higher Aspect of the 5th Ray in Transmiting Gods Healing,Constatncy,Concentration,Conservation,Research,Technology,Truth,Vision,A Desire to Precipitate the Abundance of God/Godess,As well as all facets and aspects of the Healing Arts.His work has dealt primarily with those souls known for Unconditional Love because these must be enacted and demonstrated before a Soul can truly advance.The Rose Ray has also been released into this New higher Planetary Consctruct that we are seeing and experiencing as emerging and this Ray holds the frequency of Healing and Cosmic Power that can bring Freedom to the Planet and Solar System Galaxy and Univese.This Flame and Ray holds the Heart Steadfast in Love Unconditional and Unemotional and thereby becomes a transforming agent through which all life forms can return to the Center of the Universe which is the Experience of Total Love Unending.Invoke this Ray and its attendant Experience when ever you are in need!
Hillarion is renowned for his Exeptional Abilities as A Healer and Master of New Age Systems of Living,this great adept is guiding and directing all those Disciples and Initiates who act as channels for the Wisdom Teachings of the Ages.Acting as a Wisdom Keeper Hillarion helps individuals receive the Holy Spirit through higher Thought Transference and Spiritual attunement to the 5th Kingdom.Master Hillarion calls us to “Reflect on the Purity and Integrity of the 3 Fold Flame of God/Godess within your own Heart.Develop and cultivate these flames from within in all outer situations and circumstances and go then verily beyond all circumstances and situations.Enfold yourself in the 3 Fold Fire of Power Love and Wisdom and find yourself beyond this world in Gods Transcendental World of Unlimited Perfection at all times.Enter the Immortal abode where abundance resounds for all!”
As a Master of Manifestation and the process and Laws of Manifestation Master Hillarion also guides all Planetary Teachers on the 5th Ray,whos work lies in teaching humanity about the Laws of Manifestation so that all humanity may become prosperous self relient and resourceful in doing their service work on earth and living a God/Godess attuned Life on Earth.He also instructs the 5th Frequencies of the Spoken word and the positive creation of things through the Spoken word,through prayers affirmation visualizations decrees requests and invocations.Use these constantly and find that you can create anything and everything you want!
“A New Crystaline Christ grid has been created anchored around the Earths Aura and system.This Grid system is accessible at all times and one should attune and align to at all times through out ones day so as to stay in harmonious alignment with the Higher Christed Patterns Placed around this earth.This higher grid will place you in the Sohere of Oerfection of all things and one will find themselves experiencing the Peace that passeth all understanding!
“In the Unimaginable Infinity of Gods Creation,Love and Wisdom Lead and Rule this System.Love and Wisdom are always at the for front of all creational Experiences.Know this and enter the Peace of Loves Wisdom!Through the Divine Invocation and affirmation all perfection of all spheres is enacted by Gods Heavenly Hierarchies of Creator Gods,Angelic and Archangelic Lines as well as Ascended Master beings who are patterning the World after the Higher Dimensional realities.This systems is ruled and governed by absolute Perfect Laws based on Justice and this Justice is exacted by Divine Will.Obedience to Gods Laws through thorougher understanding comprehension and practice of these Divine Laws allows one to become a Master of them and then Use and direct all ones personal energies towards the service of this Great Plan of which ones Self is but a Small part,though infinitely required!Practicing and demonstrating Gods Laws Leads to Gods Laws working perfectly for you in 10 fold return.”
As the Cohan of the 5th Ray Hillarions Primary Influence is upon the Scientists of the World,as well as all thinkers Healers Manifesters and so forth.Through his ability to demand accuracy,justice,common sense, and upright attitudes Hillarion keeps a perfect order and so flows Divine Wisdom through the movement of the Life Principal through form.By this action we find Karma working itself out and divine order manifesting itself through the action of Perfect Law and its effect on the Temporary Transitory Worlds,until and unto Eternal Permanance Changelessness is created and realized by the Aspirant.The Master guides Spiritual Thinking and understanding into the Scientific Areas.He stimulates Research by groups resonating to all healing arts,Scientists,Mathematcians,Inventors,Chemists,Electricians,Engineers,Surgons,Researchers,Musicians and all who specialize in Space and advance technological advancement.By his Superior attunement to God and Gods Laws and by Prolonged alignment and action of Gods Laws Master Hillarion has become a Master of these Laws with Full Conscious control over them at a planetary level.He is thereby fit to trasnsmit these teachings and knowledge to a more Junior peoples in the Race of Hu Man.Hillarions energy is focused upon the Higher Planes of reality where he draws down the energies of Truth,Justice,Common Sense and Upright Spiritual Attitudes.In this way the Pioneering force began to take hold in the minds and hearts of his primary disciples .This Higher Principal of Order and Justice brings light to all those aspirants on this frequency band in all the various manifestation of that particular rays emenation.This Light Relates to Expression of the truth and comes through the Brining of Higher Truth through the will in action.This Ray relates to the 5th Chakra and communication Clear Christed Thinking and Higher Dimensional Aspects of Creation.It can be invoked as a Blue Ray in the Throat Chakra.
Hillarion,often refered to as the “Uniting Light”,guide those who need an understanding of the Christ light in the throat chakra,through expressing there own Divinity and true Spiritual Message to the World.Hillarion Guides all souls receptive to the Truth of Knowledge Infinite Within and helps ones overcome the opposing forces that stop is from having our say and speaking our truth in all situations and at all times.He also guides us lovingly from within when to remain silent and keep our truth within!Being an exemplifying Champion Hero and Master of this Ray and its qualities,Hillarion also directs the emenations of “The Rainbow on the Highest Peak”,”The Remover of Distortion,””The Bringer of Truth”,”The 5th Distinguished Teacher of all Men”,”The Wise friendship Leading to Sirius”,”The Master of Knowledge,Truth and Justice,””The compassionate Light of Intution,”The Blue Master of Right Order Conduct and Action,”,”The Laughing Love of Light in Darkness,”,”Hillarious Hillarion,””Humerous Hanton”,”The Great Hidden yet Known Truth”
A New truth is being revealed through all classes through all fields through all endevours and through all experiences of Planetary life as well as from this Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Life,for the above proceeds from the Bellow and the Bellow proceeds from the above.The 2 are 1!The Plan of God is being brought to action upon the Earth through its various emenations and service systems that have been placed in the World orders through time and a great effort.An effort that has been brought forth over ages,an effort which is great and grand beyond imagining only experienced by the great being that knows no death,but life alone in action.For the frequencies of the Eternal are so rarefied so eternal so grand that only the supreme light Vehcile can hold these constant emenations.They can only be recorded upon an Ether so fine that it seems to have no place.Yet is emenates from itself all other places.The permanent create the impermanent the Spiritual Creates the Physical and so on through the various polarities of paths that are seemings separate but in truth one,so goes the Manifestation of the Divine into the Form.So goes the Creation of Life,through the channels of Truth Justice Order and Higher Law.So perfection is brought forth and so under that are all things created equal whole and non different.
In previous Incarnations,Hillarion has incarnated as a High Priestess of the Temple of truth(Illumination) on Atlantis,The focus with which late became the Oracles of Delphi.Messengers of Truth who served under the direction of the old Light of Pallas Athena who transported the flame of illumination together with artifacts from the Temple to certain Physical locations to ensure their safety and continuation after the Great Flood.This Light was released through the responsive souls incarnated in Greece,and was instrumental in birthing a New Western Civilization.This eventually led to a breaking away of old values and the founding many years later to the “Land of Liberty” so called now,the “United States of America”.Hundreds of years later when the Tathagata Buddha Appeared in that country and defeated Global Karma,clearing the way for the rapid evolution and transformation we are now seeing and experiencing!This then has restored the Divine Heritage to all the Children of the Earth.These activities,usually not understood at the time they occur,are often understood in a much more expansive and integrated way by the Ascended Masters.If we are to attune to the Masters at these times we will experience a great degree of truth in any situation.We should call on them any time we need deeper understanding of a situation or difficult experience.
Incarnated as Paul of Tarsus,also kown as Paul the Apostle or Saint Paul,he was bornin Tarsus(567AD)Cilicia in Asia Minor,or Modern Day turkey,under the name Saul.He was taught Jewish Law at the feet of Gamaliel,one of the Greatest Scholars who ever lived.a Training Which proved to be an effective preparation for his apostolic mission in which he wrote letters and delivered sermons through out Asia Minor and the Medeteranian for 3o years.Even though he was a young contemporary of jesus,he never meet him,and his experience and encounter with the Christ came as he was traveling to demascus where,upon experiencing the fullness of the light of the resurrected Christ Jesus,he experienced a temporary blindness,leading to his own personal Spiritual Resurection.Subsequently,he received the Gospel and was converted to Judaisim.he remaind for some days in Demascus after his baptisim and then went to Arabia to prepare himself for his future mission activity.During the 3 years spent in Arabia Paul received greater Guidance from the Christ in an Etheric Retreat over what is known as the “Holy Land”.Having then went to Jerusalem where he met James and stayed with Simon Peter for Fifteen days or so.After that he returned to Tarsus where he began to teach in his own province.After his Mission was complete here they returned again to a small community in Jerusalem to serve and teach.Paul was Raised in Greek Culture and language.He was also interestingly a member of the Pharisees.Pauls first Missionary Journey begain in Antioch in 47 AD.During that time the Christian Church grew in prominence partially due to Jewish Christians fleeing from Jerusalem.The Holy Spirit,speaking through one of the prophets,identified Barnabas and Saul as Gods Disciples,and they were released from the Church to spread the Gospel to the Gentile Population.Traveling also through Cyprus,Pamphylia,Pisidia and Lycaonia Paul and Banabas established Churches at Pisidian Antioch,Iconium,Lystra and Derbe.
ON his Third Missionary Journey,Paul Visted Nearly the same Regions as on the second trip but made Ephesus,where he remained nearly 3 years,to center his missionary activities.He laid plans also for another missionary journey,intending to leave Jerusalem for Rome and Spain.Persecutions by the Jews Hindered him from accomplishing his purpose.The Jews were on the Verge of Killy Paul when Roman Soldiers intervened and took him into custody imprisoning him first in Jerusalem and then in Ceasarea.After 2 years of Imprisonment at Caesera,he was sent by Sea to Rone where he was kept for another 2 Years.During that trip paul was Shipwrecked on Maita,and it was there that he preached the Gospel and the people converted to Christianity.It was there too that he was named by the Roman Catholic Church as the Patron Saint Lalta in Observance of his Work.It is thought that Paul continued his journey to the see to Syracuse on the Italian Island of Sicily,before eventually returning to Rome.He spent here another 2 years under house arrest where he continued to preach and teach about the Christ.Weather Paul Died in Rome or was able to go to Spain as he Planned is uncertain.Apparently Paul was Beheaded in the Reign of the Roman Empepor Nero.
Pauls Influence on Christian thinking has Been more Significant than any other New Testament author.Fourteen Canonical Epistles in the New Testament are traditionally attributed to him,and he shows himself to be a profound religious thinker with an obvious greatness of Mind and Spirit.These epistles were circulated within the Christian community,and they were prominent in the First New Testment Cannon ever propsed and were eventually included in the Orthodox Christian cannon where they are believed to be the earliest written books of the New Testament.He often employed an Amenuensis only accasionally writing himself.By his example,he gave an illustration of patient endurance.Given that he had been held captive had been driven to exhile,stoned,and had preached in the East and West,”The Passionate 3 fold Philosopher” won the noble renown which was the reward of his faith having taught righteousness to the whole world.Righteousness is also known as being “Right with God”,To expand on that we must be first right with Self,Then Right with God,then Right with Other.In that order!Paul has been called the 13th Apostle.Pauls Work in spreading the Teachings of the Christ through out the Roman Empire laid the Ground work for greater dissemination of Goodness through out this Populace.This brought much good to the Roman peoples.Paul was also responsible for forming and building the Christian break away faith in renouncing Jewish practices of Circumsision.Paul delt with and experienced many cross cultural contradictions but found that the Perfect Law of the Christ Transcended them all.
In his Incarnation as Lambichus also known as Lambilchus Chalcidensis(245-325) he was a Syrian Neo-Platonist Philosopher who was recognized for his work on Pythagorean Philosophy.His Influence spread over much of the Ancient World where he affected the direction taken by later Neo Platonist Philosophy and perhaps Western Paganisim itself.Born at Chalcis in Syria to the Son of a Rich and Illustrious family,he is said to have been the descended of several priest Kings of Emesa.Having initially studied under Anatlious of Laodicea,he later went on to Study under Porphyry(A Pupil of Plotinous)during which time he had a disagreements over the practice of Rituals,the critisisim of which he responds to in his attributed De Mysteris Aepgytianrum(On Egyptian Mysteries)Around 304,he returned to Syria to establish his own school at Apameia where he designed a Curriculum,for studying Plato and Pythagorean Doctrines,which compromise extracts from several Ancient Philosophers.Iamblishous was a Man of Great Culture and learning and renowned for his Charity and Self Denial,many students gathered around him and he lived among them in Fellowship.He Died during the Reign of Constantine,sometime before 333.
In His embodiment and Incarnation as St Hillarion(291 to 371) he was born to Athiest Parents Thabatha,South of Gaze in Palestine.As a Boy,Hillarions parents sent him to Alexandria to be educated in its schools and while studying with a Grammarian,he was converted to Christianity.At the age of Fifteen,upon hearing Saint Anthony,he went to live with him in the desert for 2 months,resolving to devote himself to the Ascetic life of a Hermot,thereny beginning his monastic Life.Upon returning home,he continued his extremist ways and divided his fortune to his brothers and the poor and left to live in a little hut in the desert of Majuma,near Gaze where he led a smilar life to that of Saint Anthony.His clothing consisted of a Hair Shirt,and upper Garment of Skins, and a Short Sheperds Cloak:He fasted meiticulously,not partaking of his frugal meal until after sunset,and he supported himself weaving baskets.The Greater part of his time was devoted to religious and spiritual excercises.He took to praying,signin Hyms,reciting the Bible and working on the Soil.Miraculous cures and excorcising Demons,which”The Rose of the Divine Source” performed,spread his fame in the surrounding country.Because he Proved himself proficient in building spiritual power,he soon became famous in Palestine,and people came to seek his help and advise in such great numbers that he found very little time to perform his religious duties.He returned to Epypt about 360AD visiting the places where St Anthony had lived and at the same time,meeting Dracontius and Philor,two Bishops banished by the Empporor ConstantiusHe then went to live at Brushium,near Alexandria,but upon hearing that Julian the Apostolate had ordered his arrest,he settled in the Libyan desert.Later on ,he journeyed to Sicily and for a Long time lived as a Hermit near the Promontory of Pachinum.
Upon being Discovered by his Disciple Hesychius(He had long been searching for Hillarion),He again found himself surrounded by other eager Disciples Eager to Follow his Righteous Example.Leaving Sicilly,he went to Epidaurus in Dalmatia,where,on the occasion of a great Earth Quake(366) he helped the inhabitants through the Crisis.Finally he went to Cyprus and there,in a Lonely Cave in the Interior of the Island,he spent,his last years.It was there too that he became aquainted with St Epiphanius,Archbishop of Salamis.Before his Death,which took place at the age of Eighty,Hillarion bequeathed his only Possesion,his scanty Clothing,to his faithful Disciple,Hesychius.He Died in the Island of Cyprus about 371.Hillarion was greatly honoured as the founder of anchoritic life in Palestine.Thus,Hillarion as a Hermot and a Healer Living in the Deserts of Palestine and Cyprus all of his life,was able to fulfill the Healing mission he began as the Apostle Paul and he was able to balance enough of his Karma for presecuting the Christians that he had incurred in delusion as Saul.He finally took his 5th Initiation some time later.Dates exact not known.
Hilarion was the preiestess of the Temple of truth.This physical structure was located at a space below the etheric plane replica of the original temple of truth.It was over the island of Crete,where the Flame of Truth(Illumination)was kept as and in the form of an oracle through the Divine Mother.This again relates to the Delphnius Oracles of Greece.It was here that the Path to Divine Intelligence was founded upon the Sphere of the Spiritual Teachings based around Cosmic Law and its Physical incarnation,ie Healing,Mathmatics,Music,Sacred Geometry,The Science of Flow and Movement,and law of Manifestation and Co Creation.This also manifests and externalizes as the Concept of Purity through the Recognition of all as God and nothing separate from that supreme source.From this position all things resound in perfection and all things return in consciousness to their origins in Source energy and awareness.
Interestingly we have been made aware of a particular relationship between Master Hilarion and the previous Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara.Sanat Kumara as the Planetary Logos(Actually now is Lord Buddha)previously ensouled all humanity and all earth life in truth in His Consciousness,and guided from the Inner Planes the Evolution and Initiation and Education of all beings.As you can imagine quite a challenging job to say the least!It has been stated that Hillarion had become the “Adored of the Logos.”Sanat Kumara and his 6 Kumaras come from Venus and are here to serve the Dispensation of bringing the Christ Light and Love to the Earth and all her beings,they are responsible by there great effort to the salvation of Earth by bringer her out of Ignorance and taking her to light along with all her inhabitants!They are Holding the Light with in this System and you can recognize their perfect pattern in a number of different areas of lifes externalization and expression.I will leave this to your Discernment and open Eyes to see the glory and Granduer of the Kumaras from Venus and their Great Mysterious yet ever penetrating and ever present work!Truely they are the Flame keepers of this Planet!All Glory to God and his/her humble servants!
Several of the Kumuras where holding the Light frequency for Earth from their Place above Venus,keeping out impure emenations and shinning ever bright the Light of Truth and Love.There have also been Buddhas descending holding the Pure Light Emenations on the Planet for a Time,keeping the Light Quotient at a High enough level.With all the Spiritual work now of so many light workers,Yogis Saints and Sages through out the Ages we have reached a point now where the collective Human consciousness can evolve fully into 5th Dimensional Consicuosness,With the completion of a 26,000 year cycle we enter into the next Golden Age for Earth.With the advent of the 2012 Galactic Alignment great energies are pouring forth into the Earth.There is a Vaste freedom wave enveloping the Earth as new systems are brought forth and the grand Divine Plan is being fulfilled fully.The 7 Cohans of the 7 Rays each have a particular part in this and as it has been stated Hillarions work over the next 2,600 year Aquarian Cycle will be in Training Initiates and Disciples in the Field of Higher Spiritual Science Technological Advancement Healings Arts Truth Justice and Liberty through the justice system,also in bringing forth the New Age Churches and New Communities of a Higher Light Love Power Frequency to match the Incoming Energies of the Aquarian Age.Attune to Master Hillarion especially on this Day Friday as he will be especially available this day,though in truth available all days!Be blest then in your Work and service/development upon the 5th Planetary Sphere for there is much to learn therein and upon,for this is truly a Glorious Place of Much Truth Illuminated Beuty and Just Freedom of Community Celebration of the Great Age of Peace that has just on us now Dawned!Namaste and Illumination from Master Hillarion and the 5th Ray Ashram and Office of the Christ!


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