Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“Balancing The Heart and Mind to Enter the Kingdom of God”

"The Embodyment and Incarnation of Ones Highest Balanced Harmonically Beutified Mighty I am Presence Upon the Earth in all Sphere of Earth Life in and with all forms of Earthly Relationship is todays Solar Emenations,building your Integrated Light around and upon the 4th Ashram,4th Sphere and 4th Ray,Ask Master Paulo for assistance and guidance with this Through out your day today!"Through Balancing the Heart and Mind,through balancing in truth all inner and Outer Polarities by the Force of the Spirit,One Finds Harmonic Balance and Beuty in all spheres of Life,Through progressing through Conflict Harmony is attained,by being true to thyself above all else,one finds one is right with the Universal Self and all other Selves.There is but one self.Through bringing sufficient energy into the first 3 Chakra Spheres and Rays we can enter the Balanced Heavenly Realm of the Heart based on a Solid Foundation of Power and Grounded Leadership,On Creative Feeling of the Equsitness of LIfe,And on the Wise Discernment of the Active Mind we can come to experience the perfect balanced Beuty that is our Divine Self,Drawing all Pranic Force to the Heatrt Center and Concentrating the Mind in that Region thrgouh out all Earthly Activities and Services,In all Ones Psychological Consciousness encounters with other People and self and in Ones SPiritual Ascension program focusing the Spirit on the 4th Sphere we enter the Higher Aspect of the 4th Kingdom,We enter the Hu Man World and we Exit the 3 Lower Worlds,We are fullly ready to begin our Cultivation practices to enter the 5th Kingdom once and for all,to close the Doors on all that has been and take our Solar Ascent into the Eternal and Limitless Light of the 5th Kingdom,The Kingdom of the Immortals,The Realm of the Ascended Masters,The Kingdom of God!All our Practices and Efforts today and every day are thus directed to that attainment!

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