Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4th Ray Day with Paul the Venetian

4th Ray Day with Paul the Ventian and the Artisans,Creators of all kinds,
The Sphere of Beuty Harmony Balance and Perfection,

Today upon the sphere of oh Infinite rings the Tones of Green Shades of Peace and Ruminings of Balance and Harmony.The Queen of Peace and Balance Presides the Realm of Air,The Notions of the Heart.The Detached King and Queen rule the Realm of Air,making sure all that does not come to perfect balance are Cut out with the Sword of Discrimination,Knowledge flows on Air and all intentions impurities and Imperfections are known as well as all manner of Honourable Efforts All in Harmonies all Outer and Inner Efforts are rewarded by the Universal Scales of Weights and Measures which constantly measure the Hearts of All Men and Women,allowing only those pure of Heart and “As Little Children” to Truly enter the Kingdom of God.Only those with love on their Minds and Hearts with Minds and Hearts Steady in the Light are kept free from the Illusionary Worlds of Judegement Seperation Lower Self Carnality and Error of all kinds.Though the Dweller on 2 Worlds,The King and Queen of Air,rule their own Worlds,the 2 Worlds are one,forever balanced and interpenetrated Interdepenent and in perfect harmony.There is no separation in this Higher Kingdom which seeks to find balance harmony and expression within the Etheric Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Bodies of all Earth Kingdoms.Only the Human Soul resists this perfect balance by the Satanic Inversion of the Divine Law enacted and propagated by the Angel of Light Turned Dark,the Lord of Error Satan,Evil,the Great Rebel against the perfect Plan,who is also known as the bringer of light.Darkness seeks to envelop the world in its coverings,so be then not fooled by the Veil,Be not deceived in any thing,be not confused,Subjegated or left out,Use the Force and Full power and Measure of you for these energies are to be used alone for the Service of God and Gods Plan.
So after my Awakenings within the Dream,upon finding myself in a place so familiar yet new,after finding the renewing of my Body Mind Spirit through the explorations and cultivating of the Depths of Emptyness I found myself to be quite renewed and clear in the Eyes of Truth,I made my way to the Shore oh Infinite in that Elemental Glory that finds such perfect expression in the Ocean Winds,the Ocean Waters,The Ocean Sands,The Ocean Views and the Ocean Feelings that return my Mind Heart Soul and Spirit to the Primordial resting Place safe in the Womb of the Infinite Creator Mother,Keeping me safe in Mystical Embrace,with the Father God Creating all around me the Perfect Form and Destroying all imperfect forms,with the Dweller now subjugated fully only the Splendour Surrounds and the Cries of the Infinites Illusionary Gates of Unexistant Hell only now a faint wimper in the distance as I make my way upon the stairs of Creation,back to the Cosmic Force and central point which is the destiny of all that is,and which I walk with and towards under the guidance of those great ones who have walked before me,and guide me still unceasingly to greater things ever more,whos presence thought and invocation give me untold bliss peace knowledge and security infinite.I place my stocks and bonds there until all time completes.As I ride upon this Air Based Earthen Vehcile of Light,this Mechanical Stalion,thisMaterialsed Merkabah as it where,I enjoy both the Visual Splendor of Perfect form as well as the Hearing of the Song Infinite in the Unending Power of the Greatest one that is in all.As I open my Mind Heart Soul and Spirit to this Great reception secret things are spoken unto me and I receive joyfully as a Child Recieves all the Gifts of Life that a Loving and Firm Mother/Father give so freely to a Child with whoms evolution and Spiritual Progression they have for this time been entrusted with.
As I make my way through my Routine Practices as they have been revealed to me,To the Fullness of Myknowledge in action I begin my practices to cultivate these universal energies which are all about and around me.Saluting the Sun that rises,Reciving the Infinite through the Stillpoint perfection of Meditation I find that Power of the Infinite cannot be moved yet moves all things.I observe from this place that still there is causality and still faint tinges of separation personal gain and selfishness on the Fallens Sons of God whos plans are all squashed with Times Endless power of death which touches not only the Pure of Heart,That power which leaves only only the Risen Son who chooses alone the One.So onwards then to a Place more Public for the Stars and greater spheres have their plans and powers to and these still over me hold sway.I return now quite,my mouth closed in reverence,my eye focused within to the one Point and my efforts around a point perfect within,and no longer can I be effected but a cause shall I be in all things.It is but for the claiming!Darkwinds and powers about me as I rest speak to me of the Son of Gods Original covenant with God and his breaking of this by Violation of Gods Supreme Law of Oneness,creates effects and causes greater than the power of Man,so then by these powers that are beyond him though set into action by him man creates disturbences only in his mind.For the All simply is,following its patterns rythms and cycles,these though inconceivable and inpercievable,man still creates upon them an image,within them he sees a pattern made in his own image and likeness and as he is,so he will see!It is then for Man to see within himself and his fellow man what is Good,True,Balanced Harmonious Beautiful,Powerful,Loving,Wise,Intelligent,Devoted,Magical,All these things if he can know them in himself see them in another he will have knowledge.
So after experiencing the Rising Sun in its Form incarnate,As well as the Mind of God formed and incarnated,acknowledging that by way of Inocent blessing I made my way onwards towards the place where the 2nd Sphere had called me to enjoy the Gifts of Abundant outpouring and the sweetness of experienced formed.Though the Winds ruminate and stir and while a Dog devotedly cries out,so to does the Soul of Man for reunion with his Source,with the Highest Force that is both within him and without and all around him.if he but acknowledges all that is about him with Power that matches,With Love that Levels and Wisdom that sees,If he can with Intellect perceive what is and what is not,if he can balance all parts then within and without,if he can think so accurately as to create greater means of service upon systems and laws,with ways to live there in upon and within the Great Infinite Walls of the Form of the Formless,while being devoted to the Large through the Small,to the All,He Can receive the Magical Powers of Order,He can receive the Revelation of all kingdoms,He can know all that is and be himself that!With this and a secret message upon who meaning I pondered,a Ball found with companies exacting of an essence of a Greater Shere,and the Benediction and absolute abundance that can be brought forth from that Universal and Infinite Cosmic Force,I see now how all things are done,I can know from where all things come and to which all things return and see the form inbetween that sustains nourishes and gives to all life.This form is our very self.This form and essence is who we are!We are that!So with that the day was walked into!
After returning to service in action,and study resolute I took some warm water with Honey as the Rains came in not a second to early or late,giving us all a Beautiful psychic space with which to wake up to and to continue our activities to.Learning then with the Education department of the Christ,through the Universal Outpost of the IAMU,I find myself coming to understand the Psychological foundations of Essence and Form level self love and the different Kinds of love that exist within the Integrated Full Spectrum Prisim Consciousness of an Integrated Ascended Master,The “Polished and Cut Diamond” of the Christ,The Perfect Love that casts out all fear and the Great Tao of Love.The many levels and layers of Love where revealed as well as the many layers and levels of unlove that exist only in the Negative Egos non existence and illusionary mind.So with resolve unto this effort to loves honouring,with the decisive descision

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