Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“Activating Intelligence Constantly and Continueously”

Demonstrating Active Intelligence,We direct the Power of the Sub Conscious Mind through Charging and Firing it with the Impressions from the Super Conscious Mind via the Constant and Continueous Use of the Conscious Mind.This way the 3 Minds work in perfect alignment,giving us the Highest and Deepest Demonstration of the Christ Mind possible.By Thinking Continueously and Constantly with the Christ Mind we come to a right relationship to all thoughts and energies of the World both inner and Outer.By harmonizing all our Thoughts with all our Movements we align the Physical with the Mental and thus have an even calm emotional Body.By thinking correctly at all times and in all situations we achieve Harmony and alignment with God the Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy and our part in it.By directing our thoughts at all times and in all situations to our highest degree we are not effected by outer events or circumstances,By Directing our Mind at all times and in all situations we Master all incoming energies and become the Cause of our own Reality at all times.This is our Focus on Wednesdays.In our Morning Exercise we align our thoughts with our Movements making our Activities a Constant Affirmation and Positive Meditation on our Ultimate Life Focus and Mission.IN our Morning Meditation we allow our Mind to become receptive to the Impressions of the Masters and our Super Conscious Spirit so we can bring forth those Ascended Ideals in all our Earthly Activities.In all situations of life and interactions with people we be sure to never give the power of our mind to any one or anything for any reason and direct the total 100% Power of our Minds to completing our Earthly Mission doing our Daily work and Service and correcting our thoughts so they Become Christed Thoughts of an Integrated Ascended Master not the Thoughts of the Negative Ego.We must then learn how to and what is the voice of the Negative Ego/Fear Based/Seperative/Dualisitic/Illusionary/Lower Self and what is the Voice of the Spiritual Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Consciousness.This is all explained in great detail in Joshuas Seminal Work and Key IAMU Training course the Correspondence Course Number 7,http://www.iamuniversity.org/store/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=CCE7_080600000007 So after reading this Book we will have a deeper understanding of that and will be able to use our Discernment in relation to the Mind and all its contents.We will then be able to direct our Mind energies appropriately and Master the Energies of the Mind so that we can become Masters of all our Thoughts feelings and energies inner and outer and make our way into the Integrated Ascension and Achieve the Consciousness of a Realized Integrated Ascended Master on Earth!This is the Humble work of this Website to train you in that understanding and the practices required for that attainment.This is also the work of the IAMU,so do get reading and get going on the Rocketship to God!Namaste Beloved Friends!

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