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"How to Realize Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic relationships"

“We Now call forth to our Beloved Mighty I am Presence and Full Enlightened Integrated Ascended Master Self Now to Fully Descend into our Consciousness and give us an experience of its Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness we are working towards Attaining Realizing and Demonstrating.We ask to Be merged with this Mighty I am Presence through out our day and through out our Life in General.See feel and Experience the Fullness of your Mighty Self,Feel your Granduer and Glory as an Incarnation of God/Godess,Feel the Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and attune for a moment now to that Future Self that you are now!”

To Begin todays Lesson we are reminded that there are 2 Kinds of Love.Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godess Consciousness Love and Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Consciousness and Addictive Love.We are Either Loving from either One of These or a Mixture of the 2.So our Focus is in learning how the Lower Self Love Manifests in romantic relationships so we can fully transcend it!Now there is an order to this love also and that is that we must develop love for Self For God then Others and it must be done in that Order,for that is the Ceremonious Order that is Required for Full Self Actualization and Self Realization!Quite often what happens is that people are not right with self not whole within self and are a little cut off from their spiritual life and do not realize it!Now on a Psychological Level if one does not fully own their Personal Power,they will seek this power in another person!Secondly if a Person does not fully Love themselves they will often seek to find this love in another person rather than find it within self first!Thirdly if a Person is not feeling fully Whole within Self with Full Self Worth they will end up seeking this in and through another person!This is basic Spiritual Psychology my Friends!This also manifests as Father/Daughter Mother/Son Romantic Relationships where each Adult Partner has not fully Mastered and Developed a Right Relationship to their Inner Child,balancing the Discipline with Firmness and Love within Self,then these Patterns will play out in ones Romantic Adult Relationship.I think we have all seen examples of this!We also get the type of Relationship that are based on attachment rather then Preference and hence become addictive and by the Law of Karma they are taken away one Suffers.Lord Buddha Said that all Suffering Comes from Attachment so when ever we are suffering we must remember to release our attachment to a particular circumstance Event or Out come!Now another reason that People fall into the Lower Self Aspect of Love in romantic Relationships and “Love to Much” is that they are a little cut off from their Spiritual Iife and do not realize it.They have not and are not putting their full energy and effort into being Right with self on all Levels,Right with God on all levels and only then from that wholeness can they then be right with another.Instead they focus on getting thier wholeness Personal Power Self Love and Self worth from another and hence when that is taken away they end up suffering.Now this can happen on a Spiritual Psychological and a Earthly level.To what ever degree this is the case the more pronounced will be the addictive Love!So the Key lesson is to get fully Right with Self,Whole within Self,Right with Self Master oneself and all ones energies Desires aspirations in service of Ones Integrated Ascended Master Ideal,In service of God the divine Plan and then in Service of ones Brothers and Sisters on Earth!When one does this fully one is well on the way to Realizing Integrated Ascended Masters Relationships!However let us speak a little more to this 2nd Chakra 2nd Ray 2nd Day Lesson and Life Focus for we wish you to be attuned to the Ascended Masters Perspective on Romantic Relationships so you can demonstrate that Ideal in your Earthly Life!
Now Remember friends what ever you put first in Life is your God!We do not want to sublimate energy that can be used for getting right with self right with God and right with the Ascended Masters into a Primary Romantic Relationship for cant we see how that would be selling ourselves short?!
Now there some who do Self Actualize on a Psychological Level,who develop Personal Power Self Love and Wholeness to a certain extent but are not really that spiritual or spiritually attuned.They are still subceptible to this type of addictive Love,for even if they have a right relationship to Self they are still cut off Spiritually so this cut off Relationship to God will be sublimated or innappropriately channeled into a Romantic Relationship.What we are seeing here is that there are degrees of and types of addictive Love.
Now there are also those Light workers one step further who totally believes in God/Godess and the Masters and Angels or are involved in Spirituality and some kind of Religious Practice.They are right with God the Masters Angels but are not Right with Self!This is quite common with Light Workers and religious People.They are generally more advanced Spiritually then they are Psychologically.This is actually more the Norm in the New Age Movement.People tend to be More right with God then they are with Self.Although they believe in God/ess they Dont fully own thier Personal Power Dont Fully Love themselves and Dont Control the Negative Ego and are still very much attached and dependent.This person is very susceptible to this type of addictive Love!
The Fourth Type of Light Worker and Spiritual or Religious Person is one who very much believe in God and the Master Angels and is on their Spiritual Path,The also do a lot of work on themselves psychologically and may have a good deal of personal power self love and self worth wholeness independence and certain degree of preference rather then attachment.In this last type however there is still some work to so.While they think they are totally on track Psychologically and Spiritually they are not.They are not fully putting their Right Relationship to self and Right relationship to God before a Romantic Relationship.They are still running somewhat with the mass consciousness that so pervades our Earthly Society.They in Essence Believe that their Right relationship to Self and Right relationship to God should come first and the strive for this however they are not achieving it.This is not because the are not sincere and not trying but rather because they are still a lttile bitout of alignment Psychologically and Spiritually.The Purpose of the IAMU Correspondence Courses is to fully put you back into Full Alignment on a Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Level.Each lesson is specific to shift your Consciousness and remove Blind spots and limiting lenses that are preventing you from fully Realizing what it means to put your relationship to Self and relationship to God first before any and all relationships no matter what!So this type of person is totally trying to do this and in most cases think they are but they have not fully realized the Full Scope and scale of what this means.There are a great many light workers who fall into this catagory as well.I honestly and humbly sat to you that if you full read the correspondence courses and soul psychology that this can be easily corrected!I am sure this lesson has already given some extremely important insights shifts and chiropractic mental and emotional adjustments to fully help many achieve this state.Now it must be stated that there is also a more advanced level even then this.This final level is for advanced light workers and spiritual people who are successful in Romantic Relationships in the highest sense of the word but still have a little bit of addictive Love Programming left.In taking this in depth study of this issue i am taking it from the very begining level to the most advanced.I am attempting to give all Light workers not nly how to achieve Full Self and God Realization Ascension and Integrated Ascension within self I am also attempting to show how to do this in relationship to another!There are many Gurus for example who claim to be Self or God Realized on a Planetary Level.However put them into a Romantic Relationship and they would be totally disfunctional.Interesting lesson is it not?I am taking this issue now to the Highest Ideal.Here is a New Concept that has never been discussed before on the Earth.How to Realize and Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic Relationship!How about that!This is what i am trying to teach to you now!This is extremely powerful and profound!It is a Revolutionary New Concept and Understanding!
To Achieve this Highest Level of Consciousness on this Lesson you must be 100% Right with Self and Right with God before entering into and while being involved in this Romantic Relationship.We are going for the perfected ideal now and this is for advanced lightworkers and all seekers of truth.Some Lightworkers have mastered this Lesson at the 60% Level Some at the 70% Level and Some at the 80 % level Some at the 90 % Level.We are now going however for the Full !00% Level and total 100% Mastery of this Lesson so your Diamond is not only fully Polished within self but is also fully polished in how you are involved in your Romantic Relationship.Just because you are right with Self an Right with God within Self Doesny Mean you have Mastered all Lesons of a Romantic Relationship.This my Beloved Readers is a While other set of lessons to learn.As has been said in many spiritual Books it is easy to realize Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness in a Cave,but but fully Realizing Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness while living in the Market Place and being Involved in relationships,the Horizontal Plane of Life and romantic Relationships is the Ultimate Spiritual Test!If you really want to “Polish your God Realization Diamond” Then get involved in a Romantic Relationship and maybe even have some Children!This will really “Poish your Diamond,”I think you all agree!So the Key is that you must put your Right Relationship to Self and Right Relationship to God/Godess First before any Romantic Relationship,100% of the Time.This does not take away from Love it adds to it!It is when you don’t do this that unconditional Love is Lost.It sounds paradoxical but it is true!When you dont remain 100% Right with Self and Right with God as i have been describing in this Lessn what happens is that at what ever percentage you lost Self Mastery on this Issue,that is the amount of addictive Love you will have!This Leads to the Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Mind slipping in which will create addiction attachment seperation judgement fear abandonment issues rejection issues resentment anger irritation impatience intolerance unhappiness and so on.It is only and i mean only if you are 100% Right with self and right with God God that you can stay out of this stuff and remain clear!When you are right with self right with God you have full Personal Power Self Love Wholeness Mutual Independence Preference rather then attachment Golden Bubble of Protection and Lack of Ego Sensitivity and you are not judgemental or Critical,you don’t take things personally and you are not prone to feeling rejected or abandoned .You have is essence Cleared the Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Thought system and feelings within self which allows you to be a clear mirror for your partner.When you partner gets off Kilter you dont take it personally.If they Critisize or attack you it slides off like water off a ducks Back,You respond rather then react,You remain Centered Have Compassion.You realize attack is a call for love!You are Right with Self and Right with God and you see through the Eyes of Love.Every Moment is a Choice between Forgiveness and Holding Grudges,Every Moment is a Choice between Judgement and Unconditonally Loving Spiritual Discernment.To mistreat you partner is to mistreat God for your Partner is an Incarnation of God!
My Beloved Readers Every Moment Is an Opportunity to Practice the Presence of God!Every Moment is an Opportunity for you and your Partner to see that what is going on has nothing to do with anything outside self or anything really to do with each other but is first and spiritual test for both of you to see if you both can keep thins in proper perspective.When you are Right with Self and Right with God,it doesnt even matter if your partner doesn’t even learn thier lessons for you are not interested in being their teacher,and forcing them to learn their lessons.That is Negative Ego.When you are right with self and right with God all you care about is learning your own lessons to the best of your ability!It is your preference that your partner learns their lessons but you are not attached!When you are right with Self and right with God your Happinessis 100% within yourself and not within your partner,though that does add to it.You cause your reality by how you think.You cause your own feelings and emotions,and you are not a victim of your partner!You are not attached you have super strong Preferences so you cannot suffer,Hence their is no Fear of Rejection or abandonment,You are not destroyed if they leave,for you are right with self,and right with God First,which is exactly why they don’t leave!You are not possesive or Jealous,for your relationship is based on trust!You communicate what is on your Mind in a calm rational loving way!You state your preferences to your partner,However if they are not met you are still happy!Happiness is state of mind and is not based on what your partner does.Sex is a preference and not an attachment,You are not moody for you are right with self and right with God so you dont let your Emotional Body Astral Body Mental Negative Ego Desire Body Lower Self and Sub Conscious Mind run you!
You not only see through the eyes of Love you see through the Eyes of the Christ,You see through the Eyes of Buddha,You see through the Eyes of Humbleness and Humility.When attacked it roles of your Golden Bubble of Protection,Like Water off a Ducks Back.When you respond you respond in a calm loving and Rational Manner,with Calm Unconditional Love.Since every thing is a spiritual test sometimes you may turn the other cheek.You respond instead of React,You respond appropriately to every situationSince your relationship to self and God come first and you are seeing through your Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God Godess Consciousness and Mind you are Mastering the Art of Love.You are also learning to Balance the God/Godess Enregies by being in this Relationship!it is helping you refine this balance within you.You are never self Righteous in this State or Holier then Thou,for that would be Negative Ego parading as Spiritual,Everything is shared as your own personal opinion,Spiritual Observation,Spiritual Discernment and Preference,You agree to Disagree in Unconditional Love!You pray together before having a Heavy Discussion and ask for God and the Masters to help in all ways,and enter yours lives in all areas!You Hold to your Spiritual and Psychological Ideals above all else which keeps you centered.When you partner get Physcially Sick you dont catch it for you maintain your strong Physical Immune System.You set a Better Example because you are maintaining your strong Physical Immune system,You set a Better Example because you are maintaining your Right relationship to Self and God/Godess!When your partner gets Spiritually or Psychologically Sick,you maintain your Spiritual Immune system and Don’t get it!You Maintain your Right relationship to God/Godess!You set a Better example,You take the Higher Road and not the Lower Road!You do this not out of Negative Ego,you do this out of genuine Christed Compassion Love and Caring!Being Right with Self and Right with God you live to Serve and Live to Please give and Help!It does not matter if you do a little more of the chores.You state your preference and what ever happens happens.Things are meant to be or not meant to be!You happiness in not affected!You feel so good about yourself and so filled with God that your Cup Runeth Over,All you want to do is give off this abundant and overflowing Love.You are constantly buying them Flowers and gifts and telling them how much you love them, giving them hugs and affection,giving them compliments raising their spirits supporting them, and helping them be God/Godess!You are helping them to be right with self and right with God as Well if you can and if they are not open to it,you be quite and just demonstrate the example for this is the greatest teacher!
It is because you are this way and so whole and complete within self and so right with God the Masters Angels that you and your loved ones appreciate you so much!Your relationship is based on trust and total honesty and integrity so there is never anything to fear!You can fully share your love and your feelings and emotions because you are fully secure in your Right relationship to self and Right Relationship to God.There is never any competition for your both just care about Self and God Realization for your selves Each other and the World.Both of your Spiritual Paths come first that is a given!This build even more love!Both of you are dedicated to service!You share a God/ess Life together!You apologize even if your partner doesnt!You never engage in an ego battle.When you start getting over emotional or become to passionate or heated, you stop talking.You learn within self and wi each other and don’t repeat your Mistakes.You communicate often but dont over process.You work many things out within self, for they are you lessons to learn.You are constantly making attitudinal adjustments to keep the Romanitc Relationship in the perfect Tao. My Freinds you set such a Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence Example on all levels in such a humble and egoless way that you partner cant help of course to love you tremendously respect you and also learn from you!They will begin to take on your energy pattern of being right with self and right with God!It will have to be that way for you will not allow anything else.You cant!You couldnt even if you wanted to for this is your spiritual path!You are not doing this for your partner you are doing this for yourself so you may fully realize INtegrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness.If you dont do this you will not be fully Realizing Integrated Full SPectrum Prism Consciousness every moment you choose not to.God is who we are!We are each living incarnations of of God living in a Physical Body!A Romantic Relationship is God having a Relationship with Godess,Balancing the Heavenly Ideals on Earth so that Heaven can be brought fully to earth!
So now dear readers i think you can feel and are experiencing the full adjustment that has taken place and you are fully empowered to go out and make this adjustment and attunement and get yourself fully Right with Self Right with God First and then Start giving to your Primary Romantic Relationship!You have now recieve the pattern for the Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic Relationship in its full radiant Glory!The Lesson has been given and the Master Piece of Understanding has now come!You can Fully see and understand now what you need to do to fully transcend addictive Love at the 100% Level.You now fully see and understand what attitudinal adjustments you need to make to fully realize and Achieve 100% Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic Relationship.It does not matter if your current romantic relationship is not perfect for no one on earth is!We are all apprentice Gods in the Process of Fully Realzing Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness fully on all levels.Everyone is at different levels,all that matters i that you are giving in your all,for “Righteousness in the Eyes of God is In Trying!However you will now not only be trying but you will be succeeding!For you have been given the Example and Ideal you need to set.All you need to do now is get out there and Live it!Do this for 21 Days and on forever and you will have Mastered this and it will become a Habit in the Sub Conscious Mind!So on conclusion my Dear Freinds if you Maintain your Right Relationship to Self and Right relationship to God in a Romantic Relationship i humbly Suggest and the Master Acknowledge you are making exellent progress on your path to Full God realization! This Lesson Comes Care of Dr Joshua David Stone and the Do Join and get on the Rocket ship to God!

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