Monday, January 24, 2011

“Experience and Feeling the Golden Age of Peace!”

"Spiritual Education of Consciousness Incarnated is the Thrust of the 2nd Ray Ashram,Spiritually Educating Humanity to the Universal Laws of God/Godess in the Universal Process of Integrated Ascension.Everything in life is a lesson and Test to learn to think with ones Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godess Mind and to transcend the Negative Ego Mind!”Experiencing the Golden Age of Peace that Dawns and will dawn and be fully Grounded and Realized within the Next 1000 Years is the focus of the 2nd Planetary Chakra,Events and Festivals based around this experience will be the Focus of the 2nd Planetary Chakra located in South America.Attuning the Physical Senses the Emotional Body and the Mental Body to God and Gods kingdom,the Great Perfection,The Cosmic Tao,The Dharmakhiya is the Focus of Tuesday the 2nd Ray 2nd Sphere 2nd Chakra Day.We choose to dress in associated colours Orange and attune ourselves to the Spiritual Educators of the Planet Dwhal Khul and Dr Stone,All Spiritual Education systems,We alllow all our Earthly Practices be focused around the development and experience of the Emotional Body and its highest Christed Ideal.We work on integrating our Sexuality and Desire body into our Spiritual Program so that our Earthly Desires become Spiritualized and Sanctified,We use sexual energy for Cultivation of the Immortal Body,The Tao and the Attainment of Immortality,We focus on Mastering our Sexual Energy in service of Our Lover or Other,We use our Sexual energy to serve ourselves and others,and to experience the Exquisite Joy of the 2nd Chakra in its Higher Octave.We also take action and be sure to use the full extent of our Creativity as the 2nd Chakra deals with Creativity.What ever our Choosen Puzzle Piece and Creative Abilities we make sure to focus on deveoping these while the Sun is at its peak,past 10 to 3pm.We can then return to our Cultivation of the Elemental Forces in the Alchemical Lab of Nature herself,Until Sun Set Meditation,where by after we take rest and return to the Inner Plane for more Training with God the Masters Spirit and our Brothers and Sisters on the Inner Plane.We make sure of course to log and journal our dreams and make appropriate adjustments so when can integrate the higher aspect and lessons and gifts contained there in!Namaste Dear Brothers and Sisters!Happy and Joyus Cultivations!


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