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Appolonius of Tyanna

Appolonius of Tyanna
“His Noble Countance,His Winning Presence,His Pure Doctrine,His Unsullied Life,The Ardent Advocacy of the Immortality of the Soul,As well as his Miracles,led men to Believe,Where ever he went that he was more that mortal.”
W.B Wallace,
In looking over the Alice Bailey Material,one of the Pieces of Information i have come across was that Jesus had two more Incarnations after his Life as Jesus the Christ.According to Dwhal Khul,Jesus Took his 5th Initiation as Appolonious of Tyanna and came back one more time in the 1600’s in a Syrian Body.It is on this Body that he Ascended.Not much information is available on this most recent incarnation,however there is quite a lot of information about his life as Appolonius of Tyanna.
When i first heard about this i went to the Libary and looked up in the Encyclopedia about Appolonious of Tyanna.There was a small write up but to my suprise the Encyclopedia said that his teachings where very similar to that of Jesus the Christ.Appolonius was a Great and Noble Being.Much of our Information comes from a Biography that was written by “Philistratus”about Him.The Actual date of Appolonious birth is a little unclear.What is clear is that he incarnated back to earth very shortly after his life as Jesus.
At the Age of 12 he was sent to Tarus,where he studied Liturature Rhetoric and all forms of Philosophy.He was Initiated there in the temple of Aesclepius,in the Arts of Healing through Dreams.It was there that he commited himself to following the Philosophy of Pythagoras.(Kuthumi)
He became a Vegetrian and Abstained from all Alcohol and Sexual Activity.He dressed in only a white Robe,and walked barefoot.Appolonious was Jesus like in his facial features,with a long beard and hair to his shoulders.He was an extrodinarily Handsome man with very strong but loving disposition.It was during these early times that Appolonious Commited himself to the pursuit of Knowledge and Philosophy.He gave his money to his poor relatives and travelled to Antioch,where he began recieving disciples and teaching.He studied there in the Temple of Apollo and later travelled to India and Egypt in search of Knowledge.
His Travels were very similar to those he Took as Jesus Christ.What is interesting is that there is much confusion between appolonious,Jesus and Lord Meitreya,who resurected jesus’ Physcial Body after the Crucification.First off,Jesus and Appolonious were so Similar and lived Close together Chronologically,some historians have confused the 2.Secondly,Lord Maitreya travelled to India and the Americas for 31 Years after the Ressurection which has also confused Historians.There is even a group o Histroians who believe that Jesus didnt really Exist,but was really Appollonious,who was the Messiah.This of Course is totally not true.The confusion comes in that Jesus and Appolonious were the Same soul so their Teachings were incredibly Similar.
Upon Returning from his Travels to India and Egypt,He then Returned to Greece and to the Greecian Mystery School.Along with the Teachings of Pythagoras,he also taught the teachings of Krishna(Lord Maitreya) and the Buddha.He has been exposed to these teachings in India under the Himilayan Spiritual Master ,Iarchus.
During his Early years training under the Pythagoreans he Maintained silence for Five Years.Appolonious was very ascetic his entire life and took these vowls at a very young age and never broke them.He was extremely psychic and had the ability and had the ability to see into the Future.He very much believed in the immortality of the Soul and in God the Creator.He was a Great Healer,religous reformer,social leader,Philosopher and Moral Teacher.He travelled through out the Roman Empire and where ever he went Divine Honours were given to Him.He was one of the Great SPiritual Masters that has worked the Earth and it is an interesting that he is not as well known as Jesus Buddha Krishna Pythagoras or Saint Francis.

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