Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thinking About the Golden Age,Mental Reception

Through Receiving the Impressions from the Super Conscious Mind through Meditation,we receive the Vision or Inner Experience of the Kingdom to come and our part in serving its ultimate Manifestation.This will come through differents senses and if we are fully Active on the Higher Mental Planes our Minds and Claursentience will recieve these Higher Thought Transmitions from God and the Masters,We should then transform these in to analogues Physical Action to manifest these ideals and images we have recieved.By taking time to excersise vigerously first,Bathe,Then sit in meditation one becomes receptive to the Higher Mind Impressions of God and the Masters so one can easily this way experience the Bliss of The Divine Plan and our Part in it.By moving the Body we remove the Samskaras temporarily from that Body,Then by Bathing we cleanse the Aura,By sitting for Meditation we cleanse the Mind and open up our 4 Bodies to recieve Spirit and the Descent of our Mighty I am Presence.This will come through a number of sense simultaneously,we must then rest with our meditation posture which should be firm and effect,This way the Prana and Vital Force from the Rivers of Life will begin to Nourish our Up Right and Effect Tree of Life.We recieve the Impressions for at least a minimum of 20 Minutes and more if we feel so inclined,then we rouse ourselves and take Analogues Physical Action in our Daily Activities through out the Day while the Sun is active to the Attainment and Realization of these Spiritual Impressions and on our Guidance we have just recieve from our Mighty I am Presence.We give thanks for the impressions of course mentally but our greatest thanks is the bringing forward and manifesting these impressions,that is our greatest gift,in bringing forth our Mighty I am Presence to the World and to the Earth we serve in the most Full Capacity by the very expression of our Self.That fully engaged in the World is the highest service,so we must as Jeshua said live in the Market Place,”Be In the World but not of it,””Hands in the World Head in the Forest” This way we are of the Most useful service and we experience the greatest level of Personal Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Satisfaction available to us!This is the Way on this New Day!Blessed be the Name of the Lord!Namaste Friends!

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