Thursday, January 13, 2011

Directing all ones Thoughts Feelings and Actions on Ones Mission!

Focusing all our thoughts Energies and Actions around and towards our Goals on a Spiritual Mental Emotional and Physical Level are todays foundational practices.We focus our mind power on our Goals,(Ideally we have created a Goals Statement for the Year,Then we write out smaller daily task list which we take action on completing every day.Cross off each task as you complete it each day.This way we make daily progress on our Path and towards our goals and mission.If we focus our Mind and actions like this consistently on a Daily basis we will make steady progress each day towards all our goals.We also use every inner and outer circumstance to draw us closer to our Ultimate Manifestation process.All our thoughts go towards this end as well as all our actions.
So by directing all our actions and energies towards our Goals Process we make progress on our Path.By Developing the Throat Chakra through expressing our Voice through Music Signing and Dance,we active the Throat Chakra and the Divine Will which is the Keynote for this coming Aquarian Age.The development of the Will Brings one the ability to action and Master the World through the Process of action in the World.The Will relates to the 5th Ray and the 5th Element the Akasha or Space.Master Hillarion Directs this Ray and its Aspirants to build the New World Churches,Ie through all kinds of New World Orders and New World Groups that serve the God and Self Realization and Demonstration upon the Earth Plane.This is a Ray of Great Group Consciousness and group attunement as it over sees the Direction of all forms of Groups and Group Consciousness.
Be sure to attune your thoughts and mental Focus on your Yearly Goal and Manifestation process this year,on your Morning Run,Walk Yoga Sesssion,Work out,Focusing all your Thoughts and energies on that Process.Then with your Morning Meditation which you take after that Vigerous Exercise you sit for meditation and allow the Impressions of Spirit to take place and attune to the Feeling and the Experience of that Goal being fully manifest as a reality now.See feel and experience that as being powerfully real now!Then after you Shower Green Smoothie Enema and Etheric Spiritual and Physical Dress you come to your work focusing your energies on the Service of your Soul and Spirits mission through its particular puzzle piece.This might be running your own business,this might be through creating your own music,this might be through writing your own books,this might be in running an ashram,this might be through running a household,this might be through studying at any school or Higher Educational system,what ever your work and service you focus you energies and efforts to that end,taking all appropriate action towards your ultimate life end of God and Self Realization Integrated Ascension and attaining the Ascended Masters Consciousness!Taking us through the Lunch,whcih ideally we take raw Fruit or Salad,Eating Light and eating to live not living to eat as it where,We can then continue our Work and service until our Final Meal should we choose to take it,Then retiring for Meditation and return to the Inner Plane where we will continue our Studies and practices with the Ascended Masters and Spirit on the Inner Plane.We must be sure to be vigillent through the Night and Record what ever dreams we might have on any and all levels,making sure to catch our immediate impression and sense upon arising for this usually gives us the greatest indication of the meaning of the Dream.If we can do this most exellently on Fridays and all days in truth we will be making progress on the path of the 5th Ray the 5th SPhere and the 5th School of Life!Namaste dear Friends,Make your way into the Higher Aspect of the 5th Octave of the Full Spectrum of your God Consciousness!

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