Thursday, January 6, 2011

Developing Higher Life Sciences of Light and Life

The 5th Ray Day Friday Deals with Developing Higher Mind Life Systems,It involves Actively Moving Ones Energy Fields Daily In Exercise in One Kind or another,It Means Getting Daily Fresh Air Getting in the Water Meditating and Getting Ones Etheric Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Energy systems moving Daily so that one can experience and Radiate Vibrations from a Higher 5th Dimensional Perspective and so that one is not Held Down by Denser Thought Forms and energies that are from the Lower Densities and Consciousness Experience.Through being active in ones efforts to perfect Health one attains KNowledge Peace and Perfection.So this Should be done on a daily basis as ones First Priority in the Morning.After Aligning one self with this Practice we can then begin our higher Mental Work in aligning ourselves with the Higher Dimensional Frequencies and our Space Breatheren and the Greater Kingdoms of God!
The Earthly Focus on this Day of the Week Friday is in developing Higher Life Systems and Sciences in our Earth Life so that we may think with the Higher Christ Mind,the Higher Sirian Mind.Through Grounding our Spirituality and Our Higher Dimensional Self through our Physical Practices we are ready to ground SPirit into our Psychology.We do this By taking the Stance of Clear Christed Thinking and in focusing our Minds always on what we are aspiring to,in always attuning our Mind to the Level above us,To aligning ourselves with what we are brining forth and see feel and experience that as a reality now.This gives us a focus that we can experience joy and aspiration in our Minds and Hearts that we feel connected to what we are aspiring to.This always leads us to take consistent and continious Action to that ends.We become then closer and closer to our Ultimate Goal of Integrated Ascension and Ascended Masters Consciousness that we are aspiring to.On a Spiritual Ascension level we attune to Master Hillarion and the 5th Ray Adepts of the Earth ,In aligning with all the New Age Churches All the New World Orders and Systems,New Age Shops New Age Teachings New Age Schools New Age Philosophies and New Age Technologies.All these Higher 5th Ray systems we align with and attune to.We ask to be Bi Located in our Spiritual Body to Master Hillarions Ashram through the Day and Night.In this way we are progressing in a Balanced and Integrated Manner in the 5th Sphere of Life!

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