Sunday, January 9, 2011

“Mastering all Ones energy in Service of Ones Mission on Earth!”

Mastering Ones Earthly Routine,Ones Psychological Consciousness and Thinking Process and Ones Spiritual Ascension Meditation Practices are our Collective and Individual Sadhana and Focus today in the Integrated Ascended Masters Yoga Ashram.We start the Day with our Spiritual/Earthly Pracitce.(Run,Yoga,Worksout.etc)Then upon returning we Shower (Ehterically as well as Physically)We attune to and align our Thoughts Feelings and Spiritual Body with the First Ray and First Ray Ashram of the Christ,El Moyra and the Political Arena and Planetary Politics,We attune our Thoughts and Feelings to claiming our 100% Personal Power at all times never giving it away to anyone for any reason ever!We Take our Breakfast,Healthy Whole Organic and Ideally Raw,(Green Smoothies are especially suggested)( )After then Brushing our Teeth,Going to the Toliet to Cleanse our Lower Regions,Ideally by using an Enema in the Shower,(Cheap Enema Kits can be obtained at your Local Chemist or Purchased online from ( ) After our Enema SHower Etheric Dress Mental and Pyschological Alignment and Attunement and after getting dressed in the Fashion and manner of a a first Ray Adept,Dressing Powerfully,Perhaps in Red Regalia,We being our Day and Service Work!This Might Be any number of Service activities or roles depending on our Ray Structure our Astrological Configuration Our Past Life Development and Our Current Lift Gifts and Abilities.So we begin our Work in full power and Carry out our Work Service Practice Cultivation Alchemy with the Utmost Attention to detail with Full Personal Power Not loosing our Attentiveness to our work for any reason,In short we Focus our Mind Body Soul Spirit with perfect Concentration until Lunch time.Usually around 1:30pm.This should Consist of Raw Organic Fruits or Vegatable Ideally,Also eating Red Fruit of Veges would be Conducive to our 1st Ray Cultivation and attunement.After this Light Meal,we take a swift and Brisk Walk to re align our Minds Bodies,Souls and Spirits to God the Masters El Moyra and the 1st Ray Ashram of the Christ,We then Return to Finish and continue our Daily Work Service Practice Cultivation and Alchemy until Dinner Time,Usually before Sunset Around 5pm.Root Vegtables assist with Grounding and Nourish the 1st Chakra.We take our Last meal before the Sunsets and complete our Daily Tasks before sun set so we can take Meditation and Rest while the Sun has Left our Presence.We then Bi Locate during our Sleep to the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ under Dr Joshua David Stone and Dwhal Khul and Laern the Process of Spiritual Education.Before the Sun Rises we arise Journal Our Dream Recall should we be blest to have any then we awake and continue with our Spiritual/Earthly Psychological Practice for the 2nd Ray Day!We will continue those Teachings however Tomorow!For now we have the 1st Ray Training Practice to Complete!Be About the Mother/Fathers Business today and Master and Demonstrate the higher Aspect of the 1st Ray The 1st Sphere and the 1st Ray Ashram of the Christ!Your in Service of the Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness and the Integrated Ascended Master that you are now becoming!Namaste, Joseph WAP Norton,

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