Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Attaining Harmony through Conflict!"

“Harmony Comes through an Initial Conflict as Opposing Currents of Life Meet and Merge,Finding Balance through Merger,Finding Unity through Individuation,Oneness through Devision,Peace through War,Love through Fear,Goodness through Evil,Perfection through Imperfection,Harmony through Conflict,This Energy Rules Todays Practices”To Demonstrate Harmony we must first progress through the Initial Conflict of Life,The Passing through the Threshold,we must move through Obstacles and Challenges to the Creative Process,We must Over Come external and Internal Conflicts,We must claim our Full Power Love Wisdom Discernment Intelligence Activity to find the Balance and Harmony of the 4th SPhere,We must claim and use the Previous 3 Rays in full Force to progress through any and all obstacles and challenges to experiencing directly our Highest Power Our Highest Love Our Highest Wisdom our Highest Active Intelligence and our Highest Harmony,There are are no two ways,but the path must be choosen and surrendered to,The Effort Total and Absolute,the Effort COnstant and Consistent,We must use the force of the Synthisis of the 7 Planetary Spheres and Channel the Fullness of the Mighty Self to be Victorious in our Efforts to the Cultivation of Harmony Balance Peace and Perfection that are the Experience of the 4th Ray.

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