Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Directing the Power of the Mind at all times and in all Situations!"

“Directing the Power of the Mind at all times and in all situations,under the Power of the Mighty I am Presence,By using the Force of the SPirit to direct the Conscious Mind then the Sub Conscious Mind,we become Masters of our Mind and then our Feelings and Emotions and Bodies because of that.Change your Mind and Change your World!”By Demonstrating Christed Thinking at all times and in all situations on Wednesdays Especially as our Main focus we develop Mastery over the Mental Body and the 3 Lower Bodies.By Causing our Thoughts and always thinking with our Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Mind we always have the attended Feelings of those Great Beings.So by directing our mind to our highest potential and Highest Capacity on wednesday we become Masters of the Mental body,That is our Wednesday Challenge.We align our Physical Body with our Mental Body and watch the Emotional Body come into Synchronise rezonance with that Mental Direction,We walk as the Cause of our Thoughts and hence the Cause of our Reality.We Master the Mind and Mater our World!We change our Mind and we change the World!This is our focus on wednesday to Demonstrate Correct thinking in all life situations!

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