Thursday, January 6, 2011

Godess of Music

The Goddess of Music brings the Divine Qualities of beauty, harmony, happiness, and spiritual attunement to our lives. When your heart
expands through musical harmony, the love of life is in action through
you and carries tremendous action to bless and to heal. The Goddess of
Music also brings Harmony which leads to greater spiritual acceleration.
Harmony is the source of everlasting life and the overriding virtue
that we must gain for our ascension.
Call to the Goddess of Music and the music of the Higher Spheres to envelop you and bring harmony,greater beauty and creative expansion through the vibrational essence of musical endeavor.
Service to God in Life
Sacred Fire
o Fifth Ray
o Green Ray
"You cannot comprehend but a fragment yet
of what can be done through Music!"
"I want you to visualize a cascading Sea of Sound like a Prismatic Crystal Waterfall, descending thousands of feet through the mountain.
This exquisite cascading River of Pure Electronic Force pours a Melody
through the Seven Octaves of Expression in Its descent from the Heart of
God into the world of physical appearance and represents the constant
Flow of the Harmony of each Lifestream from the Solar God to man.
"Each plane through which this Exquisite Sound of the Life Tone passes is enriched by this Glorious Melody and the sub-plane below repeats that
Melody in an octave that can be enjoyed by those dwelling within the
vibratory action of that particular octave, where, again, It is lowered
and transposed to enrich the lower octave in Its descent Earthward.
Thus, you can picturize the constant Melody of your own
Individualization, because the Lifestream is a constant repetition and
is replenished anew constantly by the limitless Source of the Fountain
of Life Eternal which with unerring accuracy sustains the Note and
expands the Melody of all created beings according to their Original
Composition. Thus in the World of Cosmic Creation, Color and Music
represent the manifestations of Divine Thought and Feeling.
"When the Glorious Melody flows forth from the Holy Christ Self for Its four-fold expression through the lower vehicles, the resultant melody
and color depends on the harmony within each of these vehicles. The
natural foreordained Melody does not find expression until all vehicles
are in perfect alignment.
"Here We come to an understanding of your Oneness with that exquisite prismatic cascading Sea of Sound and Color, and if you will open
yourself to Its Outpouring, you will experience great Peace of mind and
heart - and great Balance as well as a much fuller realization of the
Ecstasy of just being.
"To witness an Expression of Cyclopea's Life Essence is to be privileged to see one of the most beautiful
Manifestations of Creation as that Great Being's Life River flows from
the Source of Creation, bathing cosmic space in literally Oceans of
Melody, Color and Harmony - this, mind you, in His passive or restful
state which is the natural order of His just Being, but when the Mighty
Elohim chooses to animate this natural Harmony by the Power of the Flame
of His Heart, this tremendous Ocean of prismatic Sound and Color is
directed consciously in millions of individualized Streams from His
Heart which widen like fans as they pass from His Body, each carrying,
mind you, the Keynote and Fundamental Principle of His own Spiritual
Emanation, into which are woven so many original exquisite
interpretations of the ONE SONG that the whole universe seems ALIVE with
the Ecstasy of that Music, which passes alike through the Bodies of the
Solar Gods, the Angels, the Devas and the consciousness and inner
bodies of men.
"In interstellar space, whatever any Individualized Being is doing, He is always conscious of that rush of exquisite Energy passing through Him
when Cyclopea is in Cosmic Action, and Their Beauty, Ecstasy and Perfection are Intensified by His Outpouring.
"When you realize that Cyclopea is but One (although the Major One) of countless Legions of Perfected
Beings, Solar Gods, Devas, Angels, Cherubim and Seraphim Who represent
the Musical Outpouring of Divinity and that All are more or less
constantly engaged in Creative Activity, you can, in a measure, grasp
the exquisite Perfection of the Inner Spheres and how the Glory of All
Life is being increased instantly by the expression of each One's Heart
in Service.
"Although Cyclopea and the Mighty Legions belonging to the Music Ray are more concentrated
expressions of the Music of the Spheres, yet through every Perfected
Lifestream flows exquisite Music, beautiful Color, Tone and Fragrance of
the natural Outpouring of God's Grace - and the Realm referred to as
the Ascended Masters' Octave is a Realm of Music, Perfume, Beauty, Peace
and Perfection - that the word 'Perfection' but poorly describes.
"Contemplating the above, which is but a mere sketch of the Realm to which you aspire, you can see how you may call forth and have directed
through your own life-thread Oceans of Harmonious Energy, for the
Universe is literally saturated with it and then your Life-thread,
locked within this Protecting Essence, you will come to that state of
Peace where you will consciously enter into this Inner Sphere - and
experience and know the Realm of Harmony and Happiness for yourself.
"I AM known as the Goddess of Music. My Life is dedicated to presenting Beauty, Harmony, Happiness, Fragrance and Attunement, which are all
natural expressions of the ONE LIFE, and when you pass through the Veil
of My Name, you may perceive My Identity which will delight and Surprise

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