Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Farting out the Art,Making a Start,Getting Back to the Heart"

Fart out the Art,making a start coming back to the heart,life is art!
Keep it in to the end,then give it all out to all,let them never fall!
Balancing all Poles into the One Heart Center,all into Loves perfection,
All into that Greatest of all directions Universal,
The Great Galactic Center where the 2 Great Ones Dance as one,
Separate but as one,Seperated to know the One as the Two,
To show thee,that all is we,all is the Great He,the Great She,
All is the Universal Center emenating from the Supreme Source!
Harmony Balance and Beuty,its incarnated qualities,We are that!
Express that!See that!Be that!Show that!Go with that!Walk with that!
Stand tall in all your Grace and Granduer,Beuty is who you are!
Give up your slavery to the System that no longer serves you realizing who you are,
Step out into the system that does,Step into your own system that you createth!
Go forth then and maketh,even as the great one maketh go forth ye and maketh!
In the image,in the likeness,Of that pattern perfect above,so then shall it be bellow!
Get out then beloved and show,that which you know stand forth then and grow!
For what you give is what you get and what you get is what you get!
You are a cause by your own thinking and mind,make it then through love and Harmony,
Harmony within,with love with self,and unto love to all others,Stand safe in loves protection,
Forgiveness and Unconditional Love,Sharing open and giving to all which you are a part,
Merge the Small with the large,the drop becomes the ocean,Be then yourself as that,
Enter the Great Cosmic Ocean with the open doors of your mind heart spirit and soul merged in
Infinite Harmony Wisdom Love and Power that is Sources very self,the Most high and most low,
We are that merged forever and ever,Strive then to know and experience this at all times,
Anything that enchroches on this realization must be removed and destroyed!

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