Sunday, January 23, 2011

“Demonstrating Planetary Victory on Earth”

"Victory in all ones Activities,Victory to the God Light Victory to the Good The Pure and the Truth.We must become Authors today of our Life Ideal,We become Spiritual Warriors for Gods Victory at a Planetary Level.This follows naturally through eventually to Cosmic Victory where we find our Victory for Self God and the Masters has been demonstrated for Ages Many,and we find the Begining stages of Cosmic Victory.”By Giving all our Efforts and Energies to the Realization and Demonstration of Planetary Victory in attaining our Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness,In Realizing our 7 12 22 Levels of Initiation and Light Body in a Balanced and Integrated Way,In giving effort to every line of endevour,to victory in every action thought word and deed to the Spiritual Hiearchy God and the Masters and by doing their work at all times and in all situations,Constantly checking oneself for God Purity,Checking all Ones Motivations and Actions that they are in Harmony with Gods Will,By checking oneself always that one is not coming from the Negative Ego,By Checking that One is centered in ones 3 Fold Flame Golden Bubble of Protection 100% Self Love and Self Worth,Proper Relationship to Ones Inner Child and ones Psychological Self,Ones Relationships,Ones Business Ones Finances The Earthly world and all that involves,Through the Right relationship to all ones energies and aspirations,Through a Right Relationship to All the Zodical Archetypal and Super Mundane Spiritual Aspects one work this way developing Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness that is the Ideal and Highest Planetary Victory One Can win on this Earth Plane.This is the Realization and Demonstration of Ones Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godess Consciousness on Earth!This is the Goal and utcome of all our Daily Weekly Monthly and Yearly Training.This is the reason we have incarnated and this is what we are here to help our Brothers and Sisters do too.This is the Sole Purpose for us being here and everything is a part of that Integrated Whole,When we give ourselves and all our Energies to the Realization of the Highest Spiritual Earthly and Psychological Goal we include all lesser goals and hence include all lesser goals and thus can be victorious in our Endevours,in service of God and the Masters of course,for this is our Work!

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