Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Developing the Ability to think Consistently Constantly and Continuosly"

Todays focus is on Developing and Mastering the Ability to think clearly and Constantly in a One Pointed Focus Continuously through out all ones Earthly Activities and Service Work.One Directs ones Mind,or more accurately One allows ones Conscious Mind to receive Impressions from the Super Conscious Mind,and the Mind of the Masters,Or Ones Spiritual Teacher and Guide.This Allows one the ability to think consistently and Continuously with the Mind of God,The Mind of the Masters,The Mind of the Christ.This might Mean at times one is Very Discerning and Practices Total Brutal Honesty with Self and with Others.This means that one will at all times learn to see the Christ in ones Brothers and Sisters and that One will always discern The Ego from the Christ.It means that one will use all ones Energy Physical Emotional and Mental to experience the Spiritual and that One will use all ones Energies to think correctly and to be a conduit and Channel for the Masters.
So all our Physical Exercise and practices are used to develop Clear Christ Thinking,Or To not think at all.We choose to practice past the Point of Thoughts,and when the Waves of Thoughts do return and we enter the Realm again of Beta Brain Wave Patterns we choose to direct our Mental energy around a particular theme or Inner Focus.This could be our Life Mission Our Current Creative Work or our Yearly Monthly Weekly and Daily Mission Goal Manifestation Process.On a Psychological Level we use all our Mental Energy to have correct Christ Thoughts,which will lead us naturally to have Christed Feelings.So all our Psychological FOundations will be around developing Personal Power Loving Wisdom and of Course Active Intelligence.On a Spiritual Ascension level we focus all our Spiritual Practices around attuning to the 3rd Ray Ashram and Office of the Christ and Master Serepis Bey.We ask to be bi Located in our Spiritual Body to that Plane and Ashram that we can be at all times attune to the Master and his higher Mental energies as well as the Higher Mental energies of the 3rd Ray Adepts and Master with whom we are associating.We also request in our Meditation to be attuned to the Higher Aspect of the 3rd Sphere,the SPhere of Active Intelligence and Mental Mastery!Namaste dear Freind.May you enter the 3rd SPhere of Life with grace easy joy Light and Love.

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