Monday, January 10, 2011

Demonstrating Loving Wisdom to Self and others at all times and in all situations!"

Demonstrating Loving Wisdom to Self and all other Selves on an Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Level are todays Foundational Practices.Open to Recieve God and the Masters Love for you and then extent that Love to your Brothers and Sisters in all Kingdoms!Allowing oneself to Receive God and the Masters Love,Allowing oneself to feel and epxerience the Love and Wisdom that is the prevailing Principal and Ementation of this Local Melchedizek Universe.In allowing oneself to receive Love one can then give love.For with out the Energy of the Creator we can do naught.For it is the Light of God that extended Itself into creation as the Many Monads,These Monads then Individuated further into Soul Extensions,Which then developed Personalities through the Process of Incarnation.So the Ideal is to reverse the Process and have the Personality Merge with the Soul,then the Soul Merge with the Spirit or Monad,This is Soul then Monadic Merger with happen at the 3rd 4th and 6th Initiation respectively.This is a process all souls will pass through however depending on our Energy and effort to these ends we will take different rates and times.As of the 2012 Portal al Souls on Earth will have had to have taken the 3rd Initiation with Lord of the Worlds Sanat Kumara,and those who are not ready for this will be going to another Parrallel Planet to Evolve further on another Plane.God and the Masters and i are doing everything in our power to get as many Souls to the Gate way of the Soul Merge and the 3rd and 4th Initiation.So all efforts are being made to this end so that once the 13 Universal Underworlds have descended we will have all we need to progress and build a New Earth and the Kingdom of God and a Kingdom of Ascended Masters on the Earth.We are looking at Cultivating and Training 144 12th-24th Level Initiates and 144,000 7th Degree Initiates.It is a great work but it will be done!So for more on this training and to get all the tools techniques Methods and training programs to become one of these Ascended Masters on Earth do see and .However so todays Foundational practices within this System is to at all times and all situations of Life to remain in the Love and Wisdom of the 2nd Ray.At all times to learn ones Lessons as Spirit and God would have them be learn.To learn the Lesson of Love.At all times and in all situations to be loving to oneself and all others.To remain open to the reception of the Soul and Spirit to the Greater SPirit of Love and Wisdom which pervades all the Universe and all the Worlds.Once being filled up with this Divine Love and Wisdom we then share that Love with all other Beings Freely.Our Cup Runeth over and we share the Blessings with all people at all times.We focus on giving and sharing what we have so that more will be given!This is also a day to focus on learning and deepening in ones Education on all matters of Spirit.From Studying Ones Astrological Psychological Ray Make up,From studying different occult literature we can gain a greater understanding of the Cosmic Order and our Part in it!All of Dr Stones work as well as Material Channeled from Dwhal Khul is particularly Good in this Regard.We ask and request to be bi located and attuned to the 2nd Ray ashram of the Christ and aligned with the 2nd Ray Adepts of the Earth and all systems of Spiritual Education.We make all efforts to express the Loving Wisdom that is endlessly flowing from this fount eternal and we drink deeply of this Cup that we can then share that Cup and Drink of eternal Light and Life with our Brothers and Sisters on Earth!Let this be our Way today!Namaste dear Friends,Namaste!

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