Sunday, January 16, 2011

“Extended Use of Ones Personal Power at all times/All Situations”

"Extended Use of Ones Personal Power leads one to a Position of Leadership over Ones Soul Extensions as a Leader for Ones Monad as it were.Own your Personal Power at all times and in all situations always!Never give away your Personal Power to any aspect of Consciousness ever!"By Using all Ones Energies appropriately to gain and realize Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness,To Lead all ones Thoughts Feelings Desires Aspects of Consciousness Inner and Outer towards the Higher Aspect of the the 1st Ray,Leadership Politics and Personal Power,we come to a position of leadership with in our Soul Group and Soul Family.This Position is given by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Higher Order From Sirius,The Order of Melchedizek.It is given so that one can serve and lead and bring forth the Will of God,The Will of the Masters and the Will of Heaven.It is given so that one may bring forward selfless action,It is given so that one may do the will of the Masters to bring forth the Higher Aspect of Spiritual and Christed Leadership.It is given so that One might become a Leader of Oneself and Ones Energies in service of God.It is given so that one will find Right action in all 3 Worlds.It is given so that one will be able to share the will of God and Heaven with all Ones Family on earth and that one will demonstrate Christed Leadership as an example to Humanity and as a Righteous Example before the Throne of the living God which is always present and always ever present.

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