Thursday, November 24, 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse Antarctica

Partial Solar Eclipse antarctica
An eclipse is a physical event behind which there lies a significant spiritual reality. - Rudolph Steiner, 'Eclipses'
On Friday 25 November 2011, we will have a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse (PSE) at 1:10am EST (10:16pm PST on the 24th) in the early degrees of Sagittarius.
Eclipses always occur in pairs (sometimes they show up as triplets, which we experienced this past summer). The bookend eclipse for Friday's event will occur on 10 December 2011 - and it will be a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse. Total eclipses are more powerful than partial eclipses, and as this eclipse is not particularly potent, but each eclipse does have impact. A New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse is more than just a 'normal' New Moon.
This eclipse is a North Node eclipse, meaning that it has a more futuristic feel to it, visionary in its essence, an overtone of thinking about our collective destiny, of the possibilities, not of the past.
This eclipse belongs to the Saros 123 family and occurs primarily over the frozen land of Antarctica (barely visible in the extreme south of Africa and Tasmania). It's what we might call a Penguin Eclipse as it will most likely not be seen by human eye. Saros 123 began on 29 April 1074 and will end on 31 May 2318. This series began at the top of earth, over the North Pole, and is winding its way down toward the bottom of earth, Antarctica. All eclipses do this and so Saros 123 is in its last leg of the journey, but still miles to go before it sleeps. (I.e. Unlike the previous Partial Solar Eclipse of June 1, 2011 which was at the very end of its cycle. Interestingly, the Partial Solar Eclipse on July 1, 2011 was the very BEGINNING of a Saros family, the very first eclipse of that cycle. My previous newsletter has more info on these eclipses:
It's good to get a feel for what any eclipse *looks* like so that we can tune into it energetically. Click here for a view of the eclipse pathway:
For even greater perspective, watch what the eclipse will look like on Antarctica, and from several vantage points (including from the moon and from the sun) at this link:
To see the movement of this eclipse family from the top of earth to its current position at the bottom (Antarctica) click here:
For a reference point in time and space on this eclipse: the most recent eclipses that occurred at this astrological degree were on 25 May 1994, and 23 November 2003. Think back to those times for clues as to the possible themes of this eclipse in your life.
One more note on the Antarctica location of this eclipse (as well as of the June 1, 2011 eclipse earlier this year). Many have said that the lost continent of Atlantis is buried beneath Antarctica. If you think that Atlantis is nothing but a New Age fantasy, think again and please do read Barbara Hand Clow's new book, "Awakening the Planetary Mind" (a revised edition of her previous book, "Catastrophobia") She proves (yes I said PROVES) the existence of Atlantis using the archeological research of New Paradigm Scientists, who are amassing mounting evidence that indeed there was a pre-diluvian civilization. Hand-Clow makes the connection between the awakening currently struggling to emerge on our planet and the fact that the true story of our origins has been suppressed - disempowering us. She states that we need to fully remember the true story of our past in order to make the leap now. This is a very interesting book that will change the way you look at the world. As this Antarctica eclipse occurs, we might want to tune in to the energy that we sense there, the quiet deep secrets that may lie under the ice.
Sagittarius Dreaming
global brain storm
In your hypnotized state, you have as a society given your free will consent to the state your planet is in today. You saturate your minds with the unhealthy dishes served up for you on your televisions that you are addicted to; violence, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant bad news, fear and "terror". When was the last time you stopped to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is because of your collective thoughts about it. You are complicit in your inaction every time you look the other way when you see an injustice. Your thought, projected at the sub-conscious level of creation to the Creator, is your allowance of these things to occur. - Anonymous
Eclipses bring change to a certain part of everyone's life, some eclipses being more significant personally than others. But all of us can work with the energy of this eclipsed moon. To begin with: dream your dream of THE GOOD you want to create in your life. THINK BIG and THINK POSITIVE and don't worry about the *how* yet. The sky is the limit, aim your arrow high, and ask the question What If. Sandcastles in the air will surely have to be made practical and earthy (which is part of the downside of Sagittarius btw - the failure to make the dream real) but for now focus your thoughts on something ideal, beautiful and pure.
This eclipse has an extra dose of Sagittarian energy - not only are the Sun and Moon in Sag but Mercury and Venus are as well. All of this Sagittarian energy gives the eclipse a buoyancy and perhaps takes some of the sting out of typical eclips-ian effects. But the Sagittarian vibe is challenged by the need for detailed assertiveness to be used in the service of healing old wounds. What is dreamt of now could be supported by sudden changes for the better, possibly jolts into action. This is helped along by the North Node nature of this eclipse - pointing toward a vision of how things could be if we dream the Sagittarian dream.
This Sagittarius Eclipse can be best utilized on a global level by brainstorming solutions for the problems that face us. The Occupy Wall Street movement has raised important questions and concerns about how the global financial game is played and who benefits from it, in addition to other inequalities needing to be addressed. One of the flaws in the Occupy movement seems to be the lack of detailed 'demands' (Mars in Virgo) by the occupiers as to the changes they would like to see. Without specifics and without a unified statement, the movement can't make a true impact in the world.
This is where you come in. Under this Sagittarius Eclipse, get clear on what YOU think should be done, what YOU think should be changed, including ideas of what the new and more positive scenario might look like. It doesn't matter if you are an expert on the subjects at hand, or if you think your ideas seem too far-fetched; what matters is that we all contribute a storm to the genius of the Global Brain that can solve any problem if unified. Hopefully at some point, there will be a real repository for these ideas so that they can be factored into new pathways in a cohesive way. Capricorn and Aquarius will have to figure all of that out for us.
Futuristic ideas are encouraged under this moon/eclipse, as long as we keep in mind that it takes time to work out very advanced ideas in real time on earth. The Grand Earth Trine - discussed in the next section - helps with this. But right now we are seeding the dreams. Like Jack and the Beanstalk we can plant magic ideas that may one day grow into mighty cultural changes.
If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it; Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Elegiac Verse
Black Friday
banks became cathedrals
Keep awake! And the peace of a peppermint mocha and the grace of our Starbucks will be with you always, for the coffee shop will remain open all night to fuel the delirium of fevered consumerism. Keep awake! For you know both the day and the hour when the master of American consumerism will return. Keep awake! For Black Friday now begins on Thursday.
This eclipse happens to occur on that consumer high-holiday known as Black Friday. One might ask this question: what would you like to see eclipsed on this Black Friday 2011? Perhaps you are dreaming of a day when corporations honor the earth and are conscious of how their profit-based initiatives affect humanity. Perhaps you visualize a time when these corporations eclipse the corrupt ones that we see so often today. Perhaps you might want to take action toward this dream by shopping locally in order to support your community - speaking with your dollars to eclipse what no longer serves. There are many ways to change the world.
There is a large triangle in the chart for this eclipse, 3 planets in a harmonious relationship with each other. (Astrologers call this a Grand Trine.) This trine occurs in the 3 earth signs: Jupiter is in Taurus, Pluto is in Capricorn, Mars is in Virgo. The earthiness of this configuration is a nice addition to the chart, providing some groundedness to the free-wheeling Sagittarian energy as described above. But earth signs can also be stubborn and entrenched, unyielding, critical and materialistic - which is something we are seeing globally as people cry out for freedom and are in a tug-of-war with entrenched power systems.
In the New York City chart - a place where this tug-of-war is being played out dramatically - this large triangle is pointing downward and anchoring itself in a very, very strong Pluto in Capricorn which is EXACT on the bottom of the chart. The power of this eclipse lies deeply dormant out of view in the underbelly of things. Solar Eclipses are always New Moons and new moons don't have light, they are the seed points, the dark fertile time at the beginning of a cycle. The power moving underfoot here will emerge later in some form. We can look to the Total Lunar Eclipse (Dec 10) and the December Solstice (Dec 22) for clues as to how this power might manifest (which we will do in future newsletters). Suffice it to say, something potent is brewing here. All of that fiery Sagittarian energy is anchored by this Earth triangle - for better or worse.
In your own personal life, take note that what you dream of now will be planted deeply and will have powerful energy in its manifestation. And it's a good idea to get grounded as you walk through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and this New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse. Connection with earth while daydreaming is always a good thing. And also include your gratitude list in with your eclipse musings. Tis the season, and what you are grateful for can be a powerful springboard and magnet for what you want to create with the power roiling and boiling deep inside.
One final note re the Grand Earth Trine. Using the New York City chart: If you picture this triangle encircling the earth with the planets Mars and Jupiter above the northern hemisphere, and the planet(oid) Pluto beneath the southern hemisphere - we can see that the triangle points to..... Antarctica.... with Pluto hovering at that point at the bottom of the earth. Something lies deeply hidden, both in our psyches, in our culture and in Humanity.
"Only one warm-blooded animal remains on the Antarctic continent during the bitter winter - the emperor penguin. Emperor penguin females lay one egg in June and leave to spend the winter at sea. The male penguins stay on land all winter, surviving the most extreme conditions for nine weeks (including no food!), keeping their one egg warm by balancing it on their feet and covering it with a flap of abdominal skin." Like this heroic penguin we too are nourishing new potential at our feet and at the feet of the world. Happy Feet? :) the Mercury Retrograde
The Declaration of Independence was agreed to with Mercury retrograde. Formalizing an agreement while Mercury is retrograde is typically interpreted as implying that there are factors that have not been adequately thought through or may be somehow hidden. (This has had effect) on the development of political structures, national parties, law, and even the changing meaning of the seminal phrase "all men are created equal." - Matthew Carnicelli
Mercury goes retrograde (appearing to move backward in the sky from our vantage point on earth) three to four times per calendar year. Mercury will go retrograde in two days - on Thursday November 24th at 2:21am EDT (11:21pm EDT on the 23rd). It will go direct again on December 13th.
Many are aware of the effects of Mercury Retrograde - miscommunications, travel difficulties, things breaking down. And many know that it is a risk to sign contracts when Mercury is Retrograde. The reason for this is that important details and information that you wish you had known will most likely become apparent *after* Mercury goes direct a few weeks later. With Mercury Retrograde you can obviously do whatever you want (like create the Declaration of Independence for instance;) but you have to do your homework and make sure you are very aware of all important information before you proceed.
The deeper meaning of Mercury Retrograde is to take time to slow down and review, redo, revise, revisit, reorganize, restructure (and any other RE word you can think of). This is a time to pull back from full-steam-ahead activity and take some time to integrate all that you've been doing and thinking. It's a good time to pause and reflect. [Note: although I cannot find the source for this statement, I want to share it anyway. If you have info on this, please let me know: The Mercury Retrograde period is in the same ratio to the forward-moving-Mercury period as REM sleep is to the Non-REM sleep period.]
The standstill points (when Mercury appears to stand still in the sky as it reverses into the opposite direction) are of particular import because, astrologically, any planet standing still exerts more influence. This current Mercury standstill occurs on November 24 - i.e. on Thanksgiving in the U.S. Thanksgiving travel plans could be dicey due to weather and other snafus. All we can do is go with the flow, since we will be doing the dance anyway. Take a lot of patience with you when you go and be careful!. (For instance as I write this, the news is reporting that a form of TAR was spilled by a truck onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, covering car wheels and causing accidents as if the cars were driving on black ice. No serious accidents, thank goodness. But how bizarre is that?)
In addition, purchases you make this weekend - the biggest consumer spending weekend of the year - will need some extra scrutiny. Keep your receipts just in case. Or wait until after Mercury goes Direct on December 13 to make major purchases.
The most important aspect of the current Mercury standstill occurs within the aura of the New Moon Eclipse. Take note of how the Occupy Wall Street movement is having to re-group, re-view and re-consider its strategy - this is a Mercury Retrograde phenomenon. This will be taking place in your life as well. It's a time of reversals, which may later be reversed again. When dealing with Mercury Retrograde, the phrase "go with the flow" is always applicable.
My sense about this particular happenstance of Mercury Retrograde and a New Moon Eclipse is that we are looking over our shoulder at our former selves and the old ways, wondering how our choices brought us to this point and how we can change course. I believe that this 'looking back' is more global than most Mercury Retrograde periods because the evolutionary Mayan Calendar just ended on October 28th. More will be revealed concerning this review process when we experience a Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10, just days before Mercury goes direct.
Into the world of the Emperor Penguins,
who find their soul mates through song,
a penguin is born who cannot sing.
But he can tap dance something fierce!
- trailer for the movie 'Happy Feet'
Carol Ann Ciocco

"Happy Thanks-Giving!"

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!
You know, this is the perfect time of year to sit back and
ponder about life.
Because sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We're numb to the
routine of life. We feel that we need a CHANGE.
We need something to open our eyes to the wonder of life
Today, I'd like to share a few suggestions for brightening
up your life, and bringing a little child-like magic back
into your step. Consider it my Thanksgiving gift to you.
So, randomly pick something from this list – and get to it,
right away!
- Make a list of six things you could do this evening.
Then roll a dice and let fate decide!
- Find somebody else on the Internet with the same name as
you, get in touch and try to make a new friend
- Visit Wikipedia and click the "Random Article" link on
the left hand-side. Get lost in the site for an hour,
discovering worlds you never knew existed. If the article
talks about a place nearby, drive there
- Decide to say "Yes!" to everything for a month, a week,
or even just for a night. See what doors open for you!
- Open an atlas, close your eyes, and randomly stab your
finger anywhere on the page. Decide to go there for your
next vacation
- Join an Internet dating site, and remember what it feels
like to flirt a little!
- Lookup and hook up with a few old friends from school.
- Find them at Friends Reunited,, or on
- Buy an item of food from the supermarket you would never
usually purchase. Indulge!
- Send a random "Hello!" text message to the person with
the mobile/cell number one digit up and down from you
- Get to know your neighbors
- Decide to "play" today. Go to the seaside, enjoy a
little bowling, play a board-game with family!
- Be mischievous. Play a prank and don't worry about
getting caught!
- Enjoy a leisurely meal with your loved ones ... share
the preparation of the meal ... enjoy the time together
- Celebrate your loved ones by creating a family journal
of photos, notes and special memories
- Spend time walking in an inspiring natural location with
a friend you haven't seen for a while. Enjoy conversing
with your friend - listen to their insights and share some
of yours
- Go for a 20 minute power walk to clear your mind, boost
your circulation and improve your energy levels
- Buy 12 life-changing books and read one a month
- Try a completely new activity - something you haven't
done before and enjoy the adventure of learning something
- Sit under a tree for an hour or three and just do
nothing. Listen to the sound of nature's voice. Enjoy the
stillness of being in the moment
- Do something nice for someone you don't know. And do it
anonymously. Your feel-good factor will soar as a result of
your kindness
- Join a dance class. Go wild, have fun and enjoy the
freedom of moving to the music. Try a local Five Rhythms
class if you prefer spiritual over disco or salsa
- Spend a night star-gazing. You cannot fail to be awe-
inspired by the magical, vast universe that is out there
- Rekindle old friendships ... spend a day catching up and
enjoying the company of old friends
- Go out to the nearest city with the intention of making
one new friend. Strike up random conversations, visit
coffee shops and libraries, and see where the day takes you
- Be creative: take a pottery class; learn how to paint
with oils; try basket-weaving
- Do something spontaneous, and for no reason at all
- Go visit a nearby comedy club
If you liked these suggestions, check out more ideas for
being happy, with 'The 18 Rules of Happiness' at

I'm Thankful for all of You!

I'm Thankful for all of You!
With The Holidays upon us and so much changing in our worlds super fast, my deepest desire is that you have a phenomenal life, the life of your dreams! I understand the difficulties that we're all challenged with, no one is exempt. Be like a rock in the stream. Do not get swept away with the drama and trauma of this broken reality, by buying into it. Rather keep asking questions and allow it to all pass around you.
What's next for me?
What am I not getting here?
What other choices do I have here?
What else is possible?
Make a demand of the Universe if needed, She always responds quickly when I do that!
By Sheila Gale

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bob Proctor on Resistance

I have a piece of literature I love - It was written by the late William Penn Patrick in approximately 1970. Enjoy.
"No person, ideal or institution becomes great until Great Resistance has been encountered. Greatness cannot be achieved until this concept is understood.
Unfortunately, the average person is ignorant of this rule to achievement. Mr. and Miss Average, in their ignorance, are fearful and reluctant to encounter even slight resistance. They don't want to make waves or be criticized and they incorrectly feel that criticism will hold them back and prevent their happiness from being realized. In truth, the opposite is the case.
Take note: when we begin to change our jobs, we are first given resistance by our loved ones, for they fear change because change means facing the unknown! When we begin to make rapid achievement or commitment to rapid progress, we have road blocks thrown up by our friends and relations. They begin to resist by negative comments and actions which are devices to cause you to maintain the 'status quo'.
Now, if you are to achieve great progress, you must prevail against those closest to you; this is difficult and requires courage because you desire to please and not hurt those you love. The truth is that great harm befalls your loved ones when you fail to be yourself and do your thing. This is so, because you lose your enthusiasm for life, your growth process stops and your self-esteem diminishes.
Those negatives are revered when you stand your ground; and when you have prevailed, your loved ones gain a new and higher respect for you. History records countless events which prove the point. For an example, the greatest of all men overcame the most severe form of resistance and in so doing gave birth to Christianity. Had Jesus Christ run from His opposition, we would not know His name today, nor would we have available for our use those great and wonderful truths He brought forth for us so that humanity could find their individual greatness.
Furthermore, Christianity met "its" greatest resistance in Rome. Thousands of Christians were crucified in Rome. This resistance was met and in so doing, gave life to the force of Christianity, and Rome became the center of all Christianity - now, and for the past 1700 years, Rome has remained the very center of the Christian world.
Let these great lessons of the past stay in our mind as a beacon in our personal and corporate future. Let us understand and be grateful that our ideas have proven worthy of tremendous resistance. Today, all over the world, great forces have risen to resist our growth. These forces fear us for what we represent and they are attempting to destroy us and our dreams. Our understanding of this phenomenon and our strength of character and our commitment to our way of life is prevailing over these forces which have risen up. We are fortunate to have such great resistance. This resistance is evidence of our greatness and it provides us with the energy to prevail, to conquer and to dominate. These next few short years will record a brilliant history and establish a permanent place for our way of life - which is Freedom to be and to work out our dreams for a great world, for ourselves, for children and all humankind.
Understand our battle and be glorified that you are a part of the making of history. The work you do today in the defense of our way will provide new freedom and hope for millions yet to come. Stand tall in the face of our enemy...your resolution and commitment will seize his heart with fear and he will fade into oblivion. AND THAT IS THE LAW OF LIFE."
To your success,
Bob Proctor

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Procrastination: 7 Signs & How To Fight Them

Procrastination: 7 Signs & How To Fight Them
We all do it to some degree or another; put off for tomorrow what we know should be done today.
Postpone the inevitable pain for the current moment of pleasure.
But we know that even if we can manage to put it out of our minds for the present, it will eventually come around and bite us on the butt and disturb our external calm demeanor.
Below are some of the symptoms of a Procrastinator and several remedies to try:
1. Lack of Vision
Not having a clear vision for the future is one of the biggest reasons people procrastinate. If you can't see the benefits of completing certain tasks why would you bother starting them?
Remedy: Have a clear picture of all that needs to be achieved and the reasons why. You are much more likely to be motivated to get going and get things done.
2. Lack of Time
Lack of time is the most popular excuse bandied about for not getting things done. But fortunately there are very few people in this world that don't have the scope for becoming at least 10% more efficient.
Being busy doesn't equate to being efficient. Regularly when someone lacks time in their lives, it is due to poor organizational skills, poor prioritization or the inability to say no.
Remedy: Learn to become more efficient with your time. This can free up many hours a week to get the more important stuff done.
3. Lack of Organization
The infamous words of Peter Druker say it clearly: "Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail". If you are disorganized and don't keep a schedule you are likely to forget tasks and miss deadlines.
Remedy: Keeping a schedule will help you to track all the chores you have to do and ensure that vital tasks aren't forgotten.
4. Tiredness
Some will use the excuse of being too tired to get started. Many people delay and procrastinate on their home duties because they are too tired when they get home from work.
Remedy: Find out the reason for your tiredness. Are you eating right? Are you exercising? Not getting enough sleep? Find your reason and try to remedy it by changing your ways.
5. Fear
Fear of the outcome can be another delaying factor. Some people fear failure; they won't be able to do the task to a good enough standard so they delay in getting started. Others -- believe it or not -- fear success. They may think that by completing a certain task, the outcome may lead them places they are unsure they want to go.
Remedy: Become clear about the consequences of completing or not completing a task.
"Clarity brings Power." - Anthony Robins
6. Easily distracted
In the modern age we are bombarded with technology and external stimulation that makes it difficult to stay focused.
Remedy: Turn off email notifications and only check emails at allocated times during your day. Switch off your phone and allow messages to go to voicemail. Close your office door and let people know you are not to be disturbed. Remember to stay in control of your technology and not let it control you.
7. Feeling Overwhelmed
Some tasks at hand can make us feel overwhelmed, mostly because we don't know how to get started.
Remedy: Break tasks down into bite sized chunks. Then break them down even more. Plan each part of the task so that you are focusing on completing the sub-task rather than the overall task. This helps to feel in control and not overwhelmed. Zoom in and zoom out every now and again to make sure you are moving forward with the overall plan.
But the best and simplest advice is to make a start on any important task. No matter how small or how insignificant in the bigger picture, just get moving.
In keeping with the laws of physics -- "An object in motion tends to stay in motion" -- you can start to get rid of procrastination simply by moving forward.