Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Happy Thanks-Giving!"

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!
You know, this is the perfect time of year to sit back and
ponder about life.
Because sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We're numb to the
routine of life. We feel that we need a CHANGE.
We need something to open our eyes to the wonder of life
Today, I'd like to share a few suggestions for brightening
up your life, and bringing a little child-like magic back
into your step. Consider it my Thanksgiving gift to you.
So, randomly pick something from this list – and get to it,
right away!
- Make a list of six things you could do this evening.
Then roll a dice and let fate decide!
- Find somebody else on the Internet with the same name as
you, get in touch and try to make a new friend
- Visit Wikipedia and click the "Random Article" link on
the left hand-side. Get lost in the site for an hour,
discovering worlds you never knew existed. If the article
talks about a place nearby, drive there
- Decide to say "Yes!" to everything for a month, a week,
or even just for a night. See what doors open for you!
- Open an atlas, close your eyes, and randomly stab your
finger anywhere on the page. Decide to go there for your
next vacation
- Join an Internet dating site, and remember what it feels
like to flirt a little!
- Lookup and hook up with a few old friends from school.
- Find them at Friends Reunited,, or on
- Buy an item of food from the supermarket you would never
usually purchase. Indulge!
- Send a random "Hello!" text message to the person with
the mobile/cell number one digit up and down from you
- Get to know your neighbors
- Decide to "play" today. Go to the seaside, enjoy a
little bowling, play a board-game with family!
- Be mischievous. Play a prank and don't worry about
getting caught!
- Enjoy a leisurely meal with your loved ones ... share
the preparation of the meal ... enjoy the time together
- Celebrate your loved ones by creating a family journal
of photos, notes and special memories
- Spend time walking in an inspiring natural location with
a friend you haven't seen for a while. Enjoy conversing
with your friend - listen to their insights and share some
of yours
- Go for a 20 minute power walk to clear your mind, boost
your circulation and improve your energy levels
- Buy 12 life-changing books and read one a month
- Try a completely new activity - something you haven't
done before and enjoy the adventure of learning something
- Sit under a tree for an hour or three and just do
nothing. Listen to the sound of nature's voice. Enjoy the
stillness of being in the moment
- Do something nice for someone you don't know. And do it
anonymously. Your feel-good factor will soar as a result of
your kindness
- Join a dance class. Go wild, have fun and enjoy the
freedom of moving to the music. Try a local Five Rhythms
class if you prefer spiritual over disco or salsa
- Spend a night star-gazing. You cannot fail to be awe-
inspired by the magical, vast universe that is out there
- Rekindle old friendships ... spend a day catching up and
enjoying the company of old friends
- Go out to the nearest city with the intention of making
one new friend. Strike up random conversations, visit
coffee shops and libraries, and see where the day takes you
- Be creative: take a pottery class; learn how to paint
with oils; try basket-weaving
- Do something spontaneous, and for no reason at all
- Go visit a nearby comedy club
If you liked these suggestions, check out more ideas for
being happy, with 'The 18 Rules of Happiness' at

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