Monday, May 30, 2011

self love and self worth!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Ray Personal Power Ideals!

The Integrated Ascended Master has enormous personal power and do not give his/her to other people or situations! And most importantly he/she uses his personal power only with unconditional love and spiritual and psychological wisdom as well!
 Self discipline is the continuous use of your personal power, will and self-mastery
 “Discipline is the mark of an intelligent being!” – Sai Baba. “To conquer self is greater than taking many cities!” – Aristotle. Without discipline you won’t make any progress on your Spiritual path.
 Discipline is the mark of discipleship. We each are disciples of Spirit. So if you are truly serious about your Spiritual path and Self and God Realization, be sure to discipline your mind, feelings, words and actions. 
 Self discipline is the continuous use of your personal power, will and self-mastery in service of Spirit…
The Integrated Ascended Maste is taking charge of every aspect of his/her life, turning the slave within into a master!
 Ask yourself: Are you the master of your mind or are you slave to your subconscious mind which is running your life into the ground? Are you the master of your emotions, are your emotions still like the sea of glass, or is your emotional body having you go up and down the emotional roller coaster and is your Ego taking you half of your life into the Hades like it happens with 99% of the people in this world?
 Are you the master of your physical body appetites or is your life dictated by the desires of your body? Are you a slave to food, sugar, drugs, alcohol, fear, lower self-thinking, only to name a few, or are you their master?
 And dear one, when you are not in your personal power you cannot forgive and you cannot love unconditionally! Then you can love only under conditions!
 As Edgar Cayce so wonderfully gave, “There is no force in the universe more powerful than your will or power.” Ponder on this!
 Personal Power and Becoming a Creative Cause Affirmations
 I am the power, the master, and the cause of my attitudes, feelings, emotions, and behavior.
 I am 100% powerful, loving, and balanced at all times.
 I am powerful, whole, and complete within myself.  I have preferences but not attachments.
 I am 100% powerful and decisive in everything I do.
 I have perfect mastery and control over all my energies in service of a loving spiritual purpose.
 I am the master and director of my life, and my subconscious mind is my friend and servant.
 I am a center of pure self-consciousness and will, with the ability to direct my energies wherever I would have them go.
 So let it be written. So let it be done.
 © 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Virgo The Angelic Kingdom and Idealism!

Attunment to and alignment with the 6th House of Service,The Archetype of Virgo(Male and Female) as well as attunment to the Angelic and Archangelic Kingdom as well as Idealism and Devotion are todays 6th Day 6th Ray 6th Sphere Foundations.Mercury Rules Virgo as well as Chiron.So we request an ascension activation attunement to the higher Octave aspect of Both Chiron and Mercury!We ask that we bring forth the higher christed ideals and patterns of these 2 Great Archetypal Solar Deities in our own earthly life!We ask and request these 2 great beings to over light and guide our thoughts feelings actions and energies towards the realization and demonstration of Christ Consciousness and the Transcendance of the Negative Ego thought system!We also request to be attuned in our Emotional and Mental Bodies to the higher octave aspect of the Angelic Kingdom,(Though there is in truth no higher or lower octave aspect in the Angelic Kingdom for the ANgels where never seperated from God and Gods Kingdom and Consciousness,The fall happened in the Hu Man Mind!)So we request to be attuned to the Etheric MEntal and Emotional Body and the 7 Archangels and Minor Angels Cherabin and Seraphin.We ask them to merge their Full Consciousness with our so we can demonstrate full spectrum prism synthisis consciousness on the earth!We also ask and request to be bi located in our Etheric and Spiritual Bodies to Master Sanandas 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ today and tonight!We take then every action towards externalizing our Own Ideal and the Ideal of the Masters and take every action to that end today in all our Work!We bring forth our own Ideal and our own Devotion to the Higher Christed Emotion!Let this be our way today Brothers and Sisters!Namaste!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leo,The Ascended Kingdom Science/Service

The 5th Ray Day Friday Relates to the 5th House of Leo,The 5th Kingdom of God Godess The Ascended Master Kingdom and the Qualities of Science Knowledge and Service.By exacting service through the Sphere of Regal Royal Light of God by demonstrating the Open hearted Ideal of the Lion,By expressing and Mastering the Royal Science of Raja Yoga and awakening the Kundalini Force to the Heart and Throat Chakra,expressing our Truth and Speaking forth the Truth of our Spirit no matter the Restrictions and Challenges,we quite naturally express service through diseminating Gods Knowledge and Truth,this becomes our Service to our Highest Self to God the Masters who we represent and to our Brothers and Sisters through the demonstration of the Ideal example to set.THis way we also develop and integrate the 5th Sphere of Life which is about of course Truth Knowledge of God Science of Life Service and the Expression of the 5th Chakra.This is a key not focus for the Aryan Age as we are also collectively attuning to and expressing the 5th Chakra the Vishidhu Chakra located at the Throat.So by Brining this forth today we integrate the Higher Octave aspect of the 5th Ray of God at a planetary level!Intuit as to which way you will personally bring this forth my brothers and sisters and then bring that forth at full force today all day always!Namaste!

Cancer,The Human Kingdom Music Art and Purity!

The 4th Ray Day Thursday Relates to the 4th House of Cancer,The Sign of the Family Security Safety and Immersion in Love and Waters of Nurturing the Emotional Body.Ruled by the moon Cancer represents the way in which we find security safety and positive feeling in the family unity.Make a special effort to honour this house and aspect of Life then today and Integrate its energies into your Earth Life Psychology and spiritual attunement.Find and secure the positive warm position within self and within world and share that perfect familial love with all your Brothers and Sisters Fathers and Mothers,of all Kingdoms!The 4th Ray Day Thursday also relates to the 4th Ray of the Artists and Musicians as well as the Human Kingdom which is the Door Way to the Divine Kingdom of the Ascended Masters.Humans are becoming Divine and the name Human comes from the Ancient name for God(Hu) and Man.Therefor the Human Kingdom is the God Kingdom!Every human is literally an incarnation of God or Godess!Learn to see know and experience in your thoughts about all people at all times no matter what and realize everyone is part of you as we all share part of the Great Son Ship and Daughter ship!So attune to the Higher Octave work of the Human Kingdom to bring Love into the Earth through the Family Unit,through the Greater Planetary Family,through the micro Family and or families we are a part of.Bring that Highest Cancarian Joy and Love to your self and your families today!Also bring forth within this family your Highest Pure Creative Expression and express your God Purity and God Joy in what ever choosen creative endevour you may feel so called to express.This may be signing in the Shower talking Cute Baby talk to the Little Animals,Being a Fairy in the Garden and letting all the Elemental Spirits express through you,it may be through any number of ways,but let the God Purity be your way for that is the Higher octave aspect of the 4th Ray.God Purity Divine Beuty Harmony and Balance.Bring forth then these things in all ways you can imagine think feel and know every thursday to your Highest Potential at all times in all moments and under all testing and you will be well on your way to Integrating and demonstrating the Higher octave aspect of the 4th Ray 4th Kingdom and 4th House of God Godess!Namaste Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mastery of the Christ Mind!

Todays Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Externalization are of the Trinty of the 3rd Sphere,The Planet Mercury,The 3rd House Gemini and the 3rd Ray of God,Business and Mental Mastery.We focus on externalizing the Higher Octave Aspect of this Trinity and take every action on a Physical Psychological and Spiritual Level to bring forth this into our Life.We demonstrate mental mastery at all times and never give our Mental Power away to anyone for any reason.We claim the Full Personal Power of our Mind and use it to develop Mastery over the Financial Aspect of ourself and mastering the Material Face of God.We can do this by working out a Budget Doing our Taxes organizing Finances for the Short term and long term and make sure we are living with in our means as well as going the extra mile in putting out so much positive Love and Christed energy at all times so that it can be fully returned to us 10 fold.In focusing on giving service in all ways,in going the extra mile in everything you do,you will put the Cosmic Law on your side and accumulate merit and Good Energy by your giving selflessly and you will also be supported and guided/overlighted by God the Masters Angels Elhoim and Christed Ets should you request this,as they have great work to do through you!Remember this is a co creation and we are extension of God and the Masters and are hence serving God the Masters and all creation.All that exists is God and Gods perfect Creation.If we keep this in our Mind and Heart at all times and in all situations no matter what we will always attract and magnatize only that to ourselves!Having full and perfect faith we should realize and release our Prayer request give up all doubt and worry and know that it is done and we are bound to have success!Never give into doubt and the sub conscious Mind!Master the Conscious mind and use it to direct and give orders to the Sub Conscious Mind!Realize you are God and cannot loose against What?Illlusion?Maya?They dont even exist!The Only thing that can stop you from Manifesting anything you want is you!You must claim Gods Abundance and claim your Full Personal Power and Love and realizing we are god!To have all give all to all!Learn to receive and keep your abundance and start giving to the all and share everything you have with everyone and just focus on giving!This will allow us to receive for we are giving!The Next law is to focus on using positive thoughts at all times.Before doing any manifestation work be enthusiastic and use your emotional body to make the process work quicker!Realize there is one Unconscious Mind and that nothing can stop you for all minds are one!Realize that if you master your thinking Imaging and focus you cannot stop but manifest what you want!Be sure to forgive and love all others and self fully for guilt will stop the Process!Forgive everyone and yourself for everything and move forward in your Process with total joy and Love of the Process!Next Dont pray to much!Do affirm as much as you need but dont over pray!Take physical action towards these goals every day!Also use times of meditation to focus on your manifestation process!Morning upon waking and before going to bed!Rely alone on God your Minds alone for your Security!No matter what happens in life you can always manifest all you ever need!Be sure to use Huna Prayers Daily as they help a lot!All forms of pray work however these are particularly powerful!You could also just write a letter to God and your Higher Self.The Law if you have to ask!Ask and you shall receive!Knock and the Door shall be open unto you!You must also give the sub conscious Mind Programs and Intetions at all times or else you will manifest what ever is already in it or what other people might give you!Remember also that you will need to do physical work,however after Self Realization this will be around service as you know you are God and all that it so what else but to serve?It is also a key to have child like faith and enthusism.This gives you the ability to experience directly through the senses in a beutiful way.It should be employed daily in your manifestation process!Claim your Manifestation!IT is Done!Have faith and know that it just takes time for these things to manifest on the Earth Plane!Remember to affirm that you are God,and so use IAM before everything you say!Also the saying, “Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you!” Also “When you heart is Noble and Pure you will have the Strength of 10!” Also be very specific in your GOals Ideals and Manifestation process!Spirit God and the Masters cant help so much unless you are very clear and specific!Also we must take care of what we already have so more can be given!Realize and Manifest that you are Soul Spirit Source God the Christ the Atma the Buddha and your Wish and command and will must be done!realize that you lack nothing for your literally are and have everything!Follow your Inner Promptings and take action on every piece of Guidance!Act Act act!Do Do Do!Review Review Review!Everything you do will get you through!Prayers is the Means by which you communicate with the Creator!Blessings and Miracles are the Way the Creator Blesses you his beloved Son or Daughter!Remember to give and never stop giving to all creation!Realize that the only block is within self and the negative Ego Mind.Learn to Master the Negative Ego and the Dweller on the Threshold and you will be unstopable for you will be aligned with God and Gods will!Doing all these things will help to manifest everything you want!Beware of the Negative Ego however and the way it sabotages the Process!Stay Organized!Get Organized in life first!Get clear and clear your Space and you will create a clear manifestation process!Remember to pray and give your cross to God and the Masters as well!It is a team effort!Dont be attached to what you want!Instead make it a prayers preference and be happy no matter what happens!Always use your sub Conscious mind to master manifestation!Give your self suggestions at all times and it will amaze you with its abilities!Keep up your Visualization at all times and see feel and experience it as now and and it will be so!Never let it down and never let negative ego fear based thoughts in!Never let anything but God and Gods perfect creation into your Mind!Continually practices your Visualzation Affirmation and work at all times!My Minds Bodies God the Masters are an unbeatable team!Remember this and say this often!Use all 3 Minds!Use Prayers for the SPiritual Level!Use Conscious Mind visualaztion for the Conscious Mind and Directions for the Sub Conscious Mind!Never go on automatic Pilot and be conscious and aware at all time!Never loose your Joyus Spiritual Vigillence against the Negative Ego and all its faulty thinking!Doing all these things you will be sure to become a Master Magnetizer!You will be unstopable and everything you want and need will be given to you!Integrate your Emotions and dont be a boring person!Use your Emotional Body in the Process!Always be in integrity and never be dishonest!Keep going!Realize you are working for God and all creation!All that exists is God and we are just serving Gods manifestation!You cannot but be successful!Serve in everything you do and make your life and work service!Never go to work but go to service!Your only reason to be here is to serve!Remember you are God and al your Brothers and Sisters are God!Remember everyone is one with you and never create seperation from your self and a brother or sister!You are God and you are Serving God!You are everything and have everything already!Remember this always!You now have the Full SPectrum Prism Way to think clearly and like a master and you will no have all the understanding and tools you need to Serve yourself God and your Brothers and Sisters!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aries Mars Mountains and the Divine Will!

Todays Spiritual Ascension Psychological Consciousness and Physical Earthly attunement are to the 1st Ray (Will and Power) the 1st Sphere(Malkuth) the 1st House(Aries) and the 1st Kingdom(Mineral Kingdom) That being said we attune our selves spiritually by attuning to these Great Spheres,Aries Mineral Kingdom Planetary and Cosmic The First Ray Ashram of Master El Moyra.So feeling and experiencing your Spiritual Attunment to these Spheres we match this spiritual attunement with a Psychological Demonstration of Personal Power 100% Level Spiritual Warrior Archetype,Christed Leadership,We choose to demonstrate and externalize these Archetypes and ideals in our Consciousness.Then while doing this we take every action at brining forth and expressing this Highest First Ray Sphere Self through our Earth Life in developing our Leadership and Mastery over our Sleep Patterns Our Physical Training Practices Our Service Work Our Creative Endevours Our Eating Food Patterns and our Mediation Practice.In keeping regular in our demonstration of Leadership of these aspects of our self we move into greater levels of Self Mastery and hence develop our Integrated Ascended Master Quotient and move closer each day week month year towards the Ultimate life goal of achieving our 7 12 24 levels of Initiation and Light Body!So let this be your way today beloved Friends!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Neptune,The God of the Oceans!

Neptune,The Stormy God of the Ocean Rules Vaste Nebulous Sphere of Transcendence and Emmersion,He is the All Powerful Creator God that directs the Movements of all Waters at a Planetary Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Levels,(However at those higher Levels he might have higher names)He rules and governs the energies of Artists and 4th Ray Aspirants and most Artists express the Qualities of Emotional attunement to the watery realm of the Ocean of Consciousness and express the sense of self through that expansive Sphere.Neptune was known as a stormy powerful God with an Anger Quick to Rise.He is extremely powerful emotionally and we would do well to attune to that “e motion al” Power within our own life and use that to channel through our creative channel.Call on Neptune and his watery realm through all your creative endevours today!As a focus today we focus on getting exercise today fully by weights running yoga first,then we get dressed etherically spiritually and physically and take to our creative endevours and tasks.In doing this we can having expended any negativities from the Physical Emotional and Mental Bodies we can then work on expressing our Idealized Christed Creativity through our Chosen artistic medium.(Art Painting Music Poetry Pottery etc etc) we can and should take to this practice for at least 4-6 hours if we truely wish to attain mastery in this area!So on doing this we will attain mastery of the 4th Ray and move into the demonstration of our Highest Christed Ideal upon the 4th Ray which we are attempting to Master and integrate into our Full Spectrum Prism Planetary Synthisis Consciousness!We do this consistently on all 7 ray days on an ongoing weekly monthly yealy 10 yearly 15 yearly 25 yearly 50 yearly and we will be well on our way to becoming Integrated Ascended Masters on the Earth and Transforming the Planet into a Awakened Planet of integrated IAM Masters and a shinning Star of the Universe a Shinning Star of IAM Civilization and hence move forward to our Cosmic Evolution and all that entails!Let this be our way today beloved Friends!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Seven Kumaras, Elohim, Shambhala, the Ninth Wave of Consciousness by Simeon Chiro

As we approach the 2011 Wesak Full Moon on May 17th, the dimensional gateway into Shambhala has opened wider than it ever has in the entire history of the planet.

This is the ONLY Wesak event in the entire Ninth Universal Wave of consciousness evolution. It is also the very LAST Wesak on Earth within the entire 16.4 billion year harmonic progression of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar. That is truly profound, take a moment to truly contemplate it and tune into what it means!

As a result of these unique dynamics the matrix of Shambhala is openings its Divine Lotus of Universal Love and Compassion to us more fully than ever before. As I have been tuning into this matrix for my upcoming "Crystal Moon of Compassion" Wesak Full Moon webinar the cosmic multi-dimensional gateway has opened wide.

Awareness and information about vast realms of inter-connectedness spanning more than the planet's entire history have been downloading in massive holograms at a phenomenal rate. This article is but one small part of these holograms that I wish to share with you...

The Seven Kumaras from Venus are emanations of the seven Elohim of our current solar system. The Elohim each hold focus for one of the Seven Sacred Rays which together form the vibrational patterns and parameters under which our system operates. All systems and planetary worlds operate according to Divine Law. Yet they each have unique sub-laws, or modulations in the way that the Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness operate in that particular system.

The Elohim brought forth the seven Kumaras as aspects of their own beingness and which could interface more directly with the system which they were creating. The Kumaras were sent to the planet Earth, for we are the heart of our system.

They were sent from Venus which is the high-heart. It was the interaction of the Elohim crossing their great rays with the Love Ray of the Universal Goddess of Love and Compassion, often called Ishkea in higher dimensions, which gave birth to the Seven Kumaras for this purpose. This is the highest-dimensional expression of tantric energies possible in our solar system.

The Seven Kumaras together wove the sacred strands that formed the matrix of what we call Shambhala today. It was in Tibet that the energy of this matrix was first cognized by humanity and worked with directly. It was given many names and found its way into many legends and myths.

Each of these legends and myths represent the way in which human consciousness was relating to the matrix of Shambhala at the time. Conversely, each of these legends and myths then became intimately inter-woven into the consciousness matrix of Shambhala itself.

Yet, Shambhala is much more than any of the myths or legends which represent it in our collective human experience. These myths and legends are but only a very small slice of the Divine Reality it represents in our planetary field of evolution and related ascension dynamics.

It was the intention of the Elohim and Ishkea to imbue this planet with a guaranteed passage into the Heart of God, to true ascension into a related but entirely new world at the end of our evolutionary cycle. This is not given to all worlds as odd as that may seem. There are myriads of worlds in the universe that simply perish at the end of their evolutionary cycle.

The souls from those collectives of consciousness move on into other collectives of consciousness bringing the awareness, knowledge and wisdom attained in those worlds into the collectives they join next. This is actually part of what we call the Starseed evolution in our world.

Our planet Earth, however, was given this Divine Gift of ascension. It's the Elohim's way of desiring to create this particular system. They desired to experiment with Reality in a way that would glorify the Law of Divine Grace in a very unique and beautiful way. The entire law of our solar system is thus anchored to the 2nd Ray of Love as its primary ray.

This is why issues of love are SO prevalent in our system and on our planet. It is the whole purpose for which the Elohim created this system in the first place. Divine Grace operates freely within the universe.

Yet here in our system, it is the PRIMARY directive so to speak. It is meant to spawn new expressions that have never existed before at any time or place within the universe! All of the seeming "difficulties" we face here are offering us the opportunity to do exactly this!

Thus Shambhala was created to facilitate and assist this entire dynamic for the Earth which is the heart chakra of our entire solar system. What happens here on Earth affects all other worlds (many) within this solar system very profoundly. This is the same as what happens in the human body.

Our heart has a field of electromagnetic energy that has been scientifically measured to be 5,000 times more powerful than that of our head brain. It is vastly more powerful in the energy field it emanates than anything else in the human body. It therefore communicates to all parts of our body very, very powerfully. When we have a broken heart our whole body feels it and will eventually also "break."

Shambhala is a matrix by which the Elohim and their Divine Lover Ishkea hold a focus of compassionate loving intent for the Earth through the Seven Kumaras and all other beings who have since joined the Divine Ecstasy of focusing their love-compassion ray into Shambhala. This energy is then emanated from this system's heart center (Earth) to ALL worlds in this system as well as our human collective.

These higher-dimensional beings thus gather and focus in ecstatic compassionate embrace within Shambhala. You could think of this in a sense as how it is when you go to a gathering of people that all resonate well with each other. It is ecstatic in a way that is beyond the individual resonances between the people themselves.

When you also add the component of Universal Love resonances into this energy dynamic it goes totally quantum! Whenever two or more are gathered and focused upon the sacred name or vibration of love...

So while we often think of "service" here on Earth as something that is hard, difficult and challenging, it is not experienced that way in slightly higher dimensions of reality. It is totally ecstatic and it can be all of that here on Earth in our world too.

Therefore, these higher-dimensional beings join together to experience the Divine Ecstasy of Love and Compassion in group resonance dynamics by conjoining their heart-rays into a singular focus within the heart chakra anchor point of this system, Shambhala.

Right now, there are literally millions of these higher-beings doing this ecstatic dance of Divine Resonance in Great Celebration of the Earth's passage into Universal Consciousness within the Ninth Universal Wave. I have been there experiencing it and it is a very profound thing!

All of these beings are themselves also expanding their own beingness immensely as they do this FOR and WITH us. The energy of this dynamic is extremely powerful and it is available to everyone on Earth.

We only need to attune into it properly to experience it and become infused with its Divine Ecstasy born of love and compassion at truly UNIVERSAL and/or Platinum Ray frequencies.

Right now, for this Wesak Full Moon, Ishkea's gran daughter Quan Yin, is presiding over the Divinely Ecstatic celebration of Wesak. Traditionally Wesak demarks celebrating the birth of the Buddha figure. On a higher-level this represents the birth of universal consciousness on Earth back in that epoch through the Buddha.

Now, in the Ninth Universal Wave, this consciousness is collectively possible and manifesting. Its collective birthing is being celebrated with this profound outpouring from the heavens.

As part of this upcoming "Crystal Moon of Compassion" webinar Quan Yin is going to escort us up the "Lotus Stalk" into Shambhala and the head of the New Earth 1000 Petaled Lotus of Consciousness. There, we will don our "Metatronic Wings" and fly freely about gathering up the Divine Nectar or fluidium of Universal Compassion in the Platinum Ray frequency.

We will then bring this back into our Earth's grid and human collective in a very, very special way as we fly side by side with the Metatronic Councils of Light for this purpose in celebration of our passage into the universal neighborhood.

As I was given the format for this guided meditational process I was taken into merkabah by Quan Yin and experienced the whole thing. I am still in awe at what I experienced!

I also know it will be even more profound when we do it with the group energy that assembles for the Wesak Full Moon in Taurus (Earth) ruled by Venus (Love). This is truly a unique opportunity to experience these energies and to serve our world from a place of true ecstasy.

This webinar is open to all through honorary participation if need be. My registrations are setup now where you can self-register for both paid lover-offerings and honorary participation online. Just look for the links BELOW the sliding-scale love-offering forms!

Please do join me for this ecstatically beautiful experience, planetary service, and personal infusion of Divine Grace, Love and Compassion!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Binah,The 3rd Sphere of Life eternal!

Binah the 3rd Sphere of the Supernal Upper Trigram relates to the 3rd Ray 3rd Initiation 3rd Chakra and 3rd Day of the week.It relates to Business Finance and Mastery of the Mental Sphere.In relates to the Fire Element and bringing that holy Fire into all areas of Ones Life for total transformation of Life Systems.It relates to the 3rd Planetary Chakra which finds its externalization at Giza in Egypt where the Ascended Master Serapis Bey also has his Temple and Inner Plane Ashram.This ashram and its initiates direct the Minds of all 3rd Ray Bodies Minds Souls and Spirit informing the World of the higher Function of Wisdom Intelligence and the Proper use and direction of material energies in the Creation of the New World and New 5th Dimension Earth the Building of the New Jerusalem.So we do well to attune to these Aspects and energies now and work on brining forth those ideal into our own life!Develop for yourself today a Business Plan,Use the Internal Fires of the 3rd Chakra to elevate the Bodies to the Higher Sphere of Mind and use the Egyptian Ideals Philosophies and Sciences to Master yourself and your Earth Life in service of the Living God and all of creation today!Develop Wisdom Understanding and Wise Mental Discrimination in all you percieve today!

Yesod and the 2nd Sphere!

Yesod is the 2nd Sphere of Life on the Kabbalistic tree of life in a reverse order bottom to top and relates to the 2nd Chakra Sexuality the 2nd Day of the week Tuesday the 2nd Initiation and Mastery of the Emotional Waters.Yesod is the higher use of Sexual Alchemical Practices to attain spiritual illumination ie tanrta Taoism.Many teachings in this regard can be attained at from Mantak Chia’s School.In Yesod we focus our Consciousness on Spiritualizing our Emotional Body through correct thinking,we focus on tuning our emotional body to Love Oneness and Positivity.The Enjoyment of the Earth and the Higher Use of Desire in action in going after what i feeling good sensing good that which is pleasing and positive to the sense so that we will experience a positive sense of reality.Not that we are attached to sense objects as such however they are our preference which we go after with all our might and mind however they are not attachments and we are happy no matter what happens.On a Spiritual Sense the Educators of the Earth and Space the Nature Mother Herself teaches many lessons through the sphere of Yesod in the Blowing of the Trees in the great Oneness of all Creation that can be felt and directly experienced in nature,The Movement of all Bodies large and small and the greater harmony of all forces that always exists as the basis of all movement in the many Worlds.This foundation understanding an Consciousness we attain at Yesod.The Image for Yesod is a strong Man as well as an Erect Phallus.This relates Biblically in the Bible to Joseph and the Mythology of Osiris.

Sunday, May 8, 2011



Chaos pervaded all through India in the matter of religion and philosophy. Sect after sect, such as Charvakas, Lokayathikas, Kapalikas, Shaktas, Sankhyas, Buddhas and Madhyamikas sprang up. The number of religions rose as high as seventy-two. There was fight amongst sects. There was no peace anywhere. Chaos and confusion reigned supreme. There was superstition and bigotry. Darkness prevailed over the once happy land of Rishis, sages and Yogins. The once glorious land of the Aryans was in a miserable state. Such was the state of the country at the time which just preceded the Avatara (incarnation) of Sankaracharya.

The existence of Vedic Dharma in India today is due to Sankara. The forces opposed to Vedic religion were more numerous and powerful at the time of Sankara than they are today. Still, single-handed, within a very short time, Sankara overpowered them all and restored the Vedic Dharrna and Advaita Vedanta to its pristine purity in the land. The weapon he used was pure knowledge and spirituality. The previous Avataras, like Rama and Krishna, used physical forces because the obstacles to Dharma in those days arose from the physical obstructions and molestations of the Asuras (demons). The menace to Dharma in the Kali age (age of destruction) arose from obstacles that were more internal than external, more mental than physical. The seeds of Adharma (unrighteousness) were then working in the minds of almost everyone. Hence the evil had to be combated purely by the weapon of knowledge and self-purification. It was in order to forge this weapon and wield it with efficacy that Sankara took birth in the Brahmin Varna (caste) and entered the Sannyasa (renunciate) order early in life. The previous Avataras like Rama and Krishna took birth in the Kshatriya Varna (warrior caste), because in their days they had to wield military weapons in the restoration of Dharma.

All are no doubt aware of the very important position assigned to Sankaracharya in the history of Indian philosophy. It can be affirmed, without any fear of contradiction, that Bharata Varsha would have ceased to be Bharata Varsha several centuries ago and would never have survived the murderous sword, the devastating fire and the religious intolerance of the successive invaders, if Sankara had not lived the life he lived and taught the lessons he taught. And those lessons are still pulsating in every cell and in every protoplasm of the true aspirant and the true Hindu.


Sankara was born in a very poor family in the year 788 A.D. in a village named Kaladi, six miles to the east of Alwaye, Kerala. Kaladi is a railway station, on the Kochi-Shoranur rail link. Sankara was a Nambudiri Brahmin. Rajasekhara, a Zamindar (a rich landlord), built a Siva temple in Kaladi and formed an Agrahara for Brahmins who were in the service of the temple. Vidyadhiraja was doing Puja (worship) in the temple. He had only a son named Sivaguru. Sivaguru studied the Shastras and married at the proper age. He had no child. He and his wife Aryamba prayed to Lord Siva to bless them with a son. A son was born to them in the Vasanta Ritu or the spring season at noon, in the auspicious Abhijit Muhurta and under the constellation Ardhra. This son was Sankara.

Sivaguru died when Sankara was seven years old. Sankara had none to look after his education. His mother was an extraordinary woman. She took special care to educate her son in all the Shastras. Sankara's Upanayana or thread ceremony was performed in his seventh year, after the death of his father. Sankara exhibited extraordinary intelligence in his boyhood. When he was only sixteen, he became a master of all the philosophies and theologies. He began to write commentaries on the Gita, the Upanishads and the Brahma Sutras when he was only sixteen years old. What a great marvel!

Sankara's mother was consulting astrologers about horoscopes of suitable girls for her son's marriage. But Sankara had a firm resolve to renounce the world and become a Sannyasin. Sankara's mother was very much grieved that there would be no one to perform her funeral rites after her death. Sankara gave full assurance to his mother that he would always be ready to serve her at the death-bed and perform the usual funeral rites. Even then his mother was not satisfied.

One day, Sankara and his mother went to take bath in the river. Sankara plunged into the water and felt that a crocodile was dragging him by the foot. He shouted out to his mother at the top of his voice: "O dear mother! A crocodile is dragging me down. I am lost. Let me die peacefully as a Sannyasin. Let me have the satisfaction of dying as a Sannyasin. Give me your permission now. Let me take Apath-sannyasa”.

The mother immediately allowed him to take Sannyasa. Sankara took Apath-sannyasa (the adoption of Sannyasa when death is near) at once. The crocodile let him go unharmed. Sankara came out of the water as a nominal Sannyasin. He again repeated his promise to his mother. He left her under the care of his relatives and gave away his little property to them. He then proceeded to find out a Guru with a view to get himself formally initiated into the sacred order of Sannyasa.

In Search of a Guru

Sankara met Swami Govindapada Acharya in a hermitage in Badrikashram (Badrinath) in the Himalayas and he prostrated at the teacher's feet. Govinda asked Sankara who he was. Sankara replied: "O revered Guru! I am neither fire nor air nor earth nor water-none of these, but the Immortal Atma (Self) that is hidden in all names and forms". He also said in the end: "I am the son of Sivaguru, a Brahmin of Kerala. My father died in my childhood. I was brought up by my mother. I have studied the Vedas and the Shastras under a teacher. I took Apath-sannyasa when a crocodile caught my foot while I was taking bath in the river. Kindly initiate me formally into the holy order of Sannyasa".

Swami Govinda was very much pleased with the truthful narration given by Sankara. Having initiated him and invested him with the robe of a Sannyasin, Swami Govinda taught him the philosophy of Advaita which he himself had learnt from his Guru-Gaudapada Acharya. Sankara learnt all the philosophical tenets from his Guru Govindapada. Govinda asked Sankara to go to Kashi. Sankara proceeded to Kashi where he wrote all his famous commentaries on the Brahma Sutras, the Upanishads and the Gita and successfully met all the criticisms levelled against them. He then began to propagate his philosophy. Sankara had the greatest esteem for his Guru Govindapada and his Parama Guru or the teacher's teacher, Gaudapada.

Sankara's Digvijaya

Sankara's philosophical conquests are unique in the world. He had his triumphant tour all over India. He met the leaders of different schools of thought. He convinced them by arguments and established the supremacy and truth of the religion that he expounded in his commentaries. He went to all the celebrated seats of learning. He challenged the learned men to discussion, argued with them and converted them to his opinions and views. He defeated Bhatta Bhaskara and condemned his Bhashya (commentary) on the Vedanta Sutras. He then met Dandi and Mayura and taught them his philosophy. He then defeated in argument Harsha, author of Khandana Khanda Kadya, Abhinavagupta, Murari Misra, Udayanacharya, Dharmagupta, Kumarila and Prabhakara.

Sankara then proceeded to Mahishmati. Mandana Misra was the chief Pundit of the court of Mahishmati. Mandana was brought up in the Karma Mimamsa faith and so he had intense hatred for the Sannyasins. He was performing a Sraaddha ceremony when Sankara somehow dropped down there. Immediately Mandana Misra became very furious. An ugly conversation was started when the Brahmins, who were present there for dinner, interposed and pacified Mandana Misra. Then Sankara challenged Mandana to a religious controversy. Mandana agreed. Bharati who was the wife of Mandana Misra and who possessed scholarly erudition was appointed as the umpire. It was agreed beforehand that Sankara, if defeated, would become a householder and marry; and that Mandana, if defeated, would become a Sannyasin and receive the robe of a Sannyasin from the hands of his own wife. The controversy began in right earnest and continued for days without any interruption. Bharati did not sit and listen to their controversy. She threw two garlands, one each over the shoulders of each of the disputants, and said: "He whose garland begins to fade first should consider himself defeated". She left the place and began attending to her household duties. The controversy went on for seventeen days. The garland of Mandana Misra began to fade first. Mandana Misra accepted his defeat and offered to become a Sannyasin and follow Sankara.

Bharati was an Avatara of Sarasvati, the Goddess of Learning. Once the sage Durvasa chanted the Vedas before Brahma and his wife in a big assembly. Durvasa committed a small mistake. Sarasvati laughed at it. Durvasa became enraged and gave a curse that she would take birth in the world. Hence Sarasvati had to take birth as Bharati.

Bharati now interposed and said to Sankara: "I am the other half of Mandana. You have defeated only one half of Mandana. Let us have a controversy". Sankara objected to have controversy with a woman. Bharati quoted instances wherein there had been controversies with women. Sankara then agreed and this controversy also went on uninterruptedly for seventeen days. Bharati passed from one Shastra to another. At last she found out that she could not defeat Sankara. She decided to defeat him by means of the science of Kama Shastra.

Sankara asked Bharati to give him an interval of one month for his preparation to hold controversy with her in the science of Kama Shastra. She agreed. Sankara went to Kashi. He separated his astral body from his physical body by means of his Yogic powers and left his physical body in the hole of a big tree and asked his disciples to take care of that physical body. He then entered into the dead body of Raja Amaruka which was about to be cremated. The Raja rose up and all the people rejoiced at the astounding incident.

The ministers and queens soon found out that the revived Raja was a different person, with different qualities and thought. They realised that the soul of a great Mahatma had entered the body of their Raja. Therefore, messengers were sent out to search for a human body hidden somewhere in lonely forests and caves and to burn it when found. They thought that if they did so, the new Raja might remain with them for a long time.

Sankara was acquiring all the experience of love with his queens. Maya is very powerful. In the midst, of those queens, Sankara entirely forgot all about his promises to his disciples about his going back to them. The disciples began to search for him. They heard about the miraculous resurrection of Raja Amaruka. They immediately proceeded to the city and had an interview with the Raja. They sang a few philosophical songs which at once revived the memory of Sankara. The disciples immediately repaired to the place where the physical body of Sankara was kept hidden. By that time the messengers of the queen had found out the physical body and had just begun to set fire to it. The soul of Sankara just then entered his own body. Sankara prayed to Lord Hari to help him. There was a shower of rain immediately and that extinguished the flames.

Then Sankara returned to the residence of Mandana Misra. He resumed the old controversy and answered all the questions raised by Bharati satisfactorily. Mandana Misra gave all his property as a gift to Sri Sankara and Mandana was made to distribute it to the poor and the deserving. He then became a disciple of Sankara. Sankara initiated him into the holy order of Sannyasa and gave him the name of 'Sureswara Acharya'. Sureswara Acharya was the first Sannyasin who took charge of the Sringeri Mutt. Bharati also accompanied Sankara to Sringeri and there she is worshipped even today.

Sankara ascended the seat of omniscience after inviting Vedic scholars from all parts of India and answering their numerous questions. Sankara, by vanquishing all the religious opponents of his day-and they belonged to no less than seventy-two different schools-and establishing the superiority of the Vedic Dharma, had become the Jagadguru of all.

Sankara's success over the other religious sects was so complete that none of them have since been able to raise their head in the land. Most of them have disappeared altogether. After Sankara's time, although a few Acharyas have appeared, none of them have been able to vanquish those who differed from them as Sankara did and establish unquestioned supremacy.

Mother’s Funeral Rites

Sankara received news that his mother was seriously ailing. He left his disciples and proceeded to Kaladi alone. His mother was then bedridden. Sankara touched her feet in reverence. He praised Lord Hari. Hari’s messengers came. Sankara's mother gave up her physical body and went along with those messengers to the abode of Hari.

Sankara encountered serious difficulties in performing the funeral rites of his mother. Usually, Sannyasins do not perform any of the rites or ceremonies which are enjoined on the householders. The Nambudiri Brahmins were all against Sankara. Sankara's relatives also did not help him. They did not come forward to assist him even in carrying the dead body to the place of cremation and refused to give fire for igniting the funeral pyre. At last Sankara determined to perform the funeral rites all alone. As he could not carry the entire dead body, he cut it into pieces and removed the pieces one by one to the backyard of the house. He then made a pyre there of stems of plantain trees and set fire to it by his Yogic power. Sankara wanted to teach the Nambudiris a lesson. He then made the local chief issue an edict that a corner should be set apart in each Illam or house of the Nambudiri Brahmins to burn the dead of the family and that they should cut the dead body into parts and then burn the same. This practice continues even today amongst Nambudiri Brahmins.

Sankara then returned to Sringeri. From there he went out on a tour through the eastern coast with a large number of followers. He preached his Advaita philosphy wherever he went. He established the Govardhana Mutt at Puri. He went to Kancheepuram and attacked the Shaktas. He purified the temples. He won over to his side the rulers of the Chola and the Pandya kingdoms. He went to Ujjain and put down the atrocities of the Bhairavas who were shedding human blood. He then proceeded to Dwaraka and established a Mutt there. He then travelled along the course of the Ganges and held religious controversies with great personages.

Sankara's End

Sankara proceeded to Kamarup-the present Guwahati-in Assam and held a controversy with Abhinava Gupta, the Shakta commentator, and won victory over him. Abhinava felt his defeat very keenly. He made Sankara suffer from a severe form of piles through black magic. Padmapada removed the evil effects of the black magic. Sankara became quite alright. He went to the Himalayas, built a Mutt at Joshi and a temple at Badri. He then proceeded to Kedarnath higher up in the Himalayas. He became one with the Linga in 820 A.D. in his thirty-second year.

Sringeri Mutt

In the north-west of the State of Mysore, nestling in the beautiful foot-hills of the Western Ghats, surrounded by virgin forests, lies the village of Sringeri and here Sankara established his first Mutt. The river Tunga-a branch of the river Tungabhadra-runs through the valley closely touching the walls of the temple; and its pure and limpid waters are as famous for drinking purposes as the waters of the Ganges are for bath (Ganga Snanam, Tunga Panam). Sringeri is a place of great sanctity and its beauty has to be seen to be appreciated. The Mutt is 'still going strong' as the phrase goes. The homage paid to the Mutt by countless aspirants and devotees is as much due to the greatness of illustrious men like Vidyaranya who have been at its head ever since its foundation as to the renown of the founder himself.

It may not be out of place to mention here that it took thirty years for the well-known Sanskrit professor Max Muller to translate the commentary on the Rig Veda, written by Vidyaranya, also known as Sayana. The learned professor, in his preface, says that not a single day passed in the thirty years without his devoting at least ten minutes on the translation. There is also a little interesting incident that when the manuscript was found to be illegible in some places, he got an authorised transcription from the first original still preserved in the Sringeri Mutt, through the influence of the then Maharaja of Mysore.

The famous holy shrine of Sri Sarada is an equal source of attraction to the devotees. Many are the Mutts and monasteries in India where holy men or their successors sit, and where Hindus from all parts of India gather, but none so great or so famous as Sringeri, the original seat of Adi Sankaracharya. The Sringeri Peetha is one of the oldest monasteries of the world flourishing for over twelve centuries now. It is the first of the four seats of learning established by Sankaracharya, the other three being Puri, Dwaraka and Joshi Mutt, each one of them representing one of the four Vedas of the Hindus.

Sankara placed his four eminent disciples (Sureswara Acharya, Padmapada, Hastamalaka and Trotakacharya) in charge of the Sringeri Mutt, Jagannath Mutt, Dwaraka Mutt and Joshi Mutt respectively. The most famous Sannyasin in the succession of Gurus of the Sringeri Mutt was, of course, Vidyaranya, the great commentator on the Vedas and the father of the dynasty of Vijayanagar. He was the Dewan of Vijayanagaram. He became a Sannyasin about 1331 A.D. The eleven Sannyasins before Vidyaranya were Sankaracharya, Viswarupa, Nityabodhaghana, Jnanaghana, Jnanottama, Jnana Giri, Simha Girisvara, Isvara Tirtha, Narasimha Tirtha, Vidya Sankara Tirtha and Bharati Krishna Tirtha.

The historic and sacred pontifical throne of the Sringeri Mutt is known as Vyakhyana Simhasana or seat of learning. Tradition has it that this seat was given to the great Sankara by Sarasvati, the Goddess of Learning, in appreciation of the philosopher's vast scholarly erudition. Thirty-five Acharyas had sat on the pontifical throne before his present holiness in regular and uninterrupted succession.

Dasanami Sannyasins

Sankara organized ten definite orders of Sannyasins under the name 'Dasanamis' who add, at the end of their names, any one of the following ten suffixes: Sarasvati, Bharati, Puri (Sringeri Mutt); Tirtha, Asrama (Dwaraka Mutt); Giri, Parvata and Sagar (Joshi Mutt); Vana and Aranya (Govardhana Mutt).

The Paramahamsa represents the highest of these grades. It is possible to become a Paramahamsa by a long course of Vedantic study, meditation and Self- realisation. The Ativarnashramis are beyond caste and order of life. They dine with all classes of people. Sankara's Sannyasins are to be found all over India.

Some Anecdotes

Sankara was going along the street one day with his pupils to take bath in the Ganges when he met a Chandala who was also passing along the street with his dogs by his side. The disciples of Sankara shouted and asked the Chandala to clear off the road. The Chandala asked Sankara: "O, venerable Guru! You are a preacher of Advaita Vedanta and yet you make a great difference between man and man. How can this be consistent with your teaching of Advaitism? Is Advaita only a theory?". Sankara was very much struck by the intelligent query of the Chandala. He thought within himself, "Lord Siva has assumed this form just to teach me a lesson". He composed then and there five Slokas called the ‘Manisha Panchaka’. Every Sloka ends thus: “He who learnt to look on the phenomena in the light of Advaita is my true Guru, be he a Chandala or be he a Brahmin”.

In Kashi, a student was cramming the Sutras in Sanskrit grammar. He was repeating again and again "Dukrin karane, Dukrin karane....". Sankara heard it and was struck by the perseverance of the boy. He immediately sang a small poem, the famous Bhaja Govindam song, in order to teach the uselessness of such studies in the matter of the liberation of the soul. The meaning of the song is: "Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, worship Govinda, O fool! When you are about to die, the repetition of these Sanskrit Sutras will not save you".

Once some mischief-mongers offered meat and liquor to Sankara. Sankara touched those items with his right hand. The meat turned into apples and the liquor into milk.

A Kapalika came to Sankara and begged for his head as a gift. Sankara consented and asked the Kapalika to take his head when he was alone and absorbed in meditation. The Kapalika was just aiming with a big sword to sever the head of Sankara. Padmapada, the devoted disciple of Sankara came, caught hold of the arm of the Kapalika and killed him with his knife. Padmapada was a worshipper of Lord Narasimha. Lord Narasimha entered the body of Padmapada and killed the Kapalika.

Sankara's Philosophy

Sankara wrote Bhashyas or commentaries on the Brahma Sutras, the Upanishads and the Gita. The Bhashya on the Brahma Sutras is called Sareerik Bhasya. Sankara wrote commentaries on Sanat Sujatiya and Sahasranama Adhyaya. It is usually said, “For learning logic and metaphysics, go to Sankara's commentaries; for gaining practical knowledge, which unfolds and strengthens devotion, go to his works such as Viveka Chudamani, Atma Bodha, Aparoksha Anubhuti, Ananda Lahari, Atma-Anatma Viveka, Drik-Drishya Viveka and Upadesa Sahasri”. Sankara wrote innumerable original works in verses which are matchless in sweetness, melody and thought.

Sankara’s supreme Brahman is Nirguna (without the Gunas), Nirakara (formless), Nirvisesha (without attributes) and Akarta (non-agent). He is above all needs and desires. Sankara says, "This Atman is self-evident. This Atman or Self is not established by proofs of the existence of the Self. It is not possible to deny this Atman, for it is the very essence of he who denies it. The Atman is the basis of all kinds of knowledge. The Self is within, the Self is without, the Self is before and the Self is behind. The Self is on the right hand, the Self is on the left, the Self is above and the Self is below".

Satyam-Jnanam-Anantam-Anandam are not separate attributes. They form the very essence of Brahman. Brahman cannot be described, because description implies distinction. Brahman cannot be distinguished from any other than He.

The objective world-the world of names and forms-has no independent existence. The Atman alone has real existence. The world is only Vyavaharika or phenomenal.

Sankara was the exponent of the Kevala Advaita philosophy. His teachings can be summed up in the following words:

Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithya,
Jeevo Brahmaiva Na Aparah

Brahman alone is real, this world is unreal; the Jiva is identical with Brahman.

Sankara preached Vivarta Vada. Just as the snake is superimposed on the rope, this world and this body are superimposed on Brahman or the Supreme Self. If you get a knowledge of the rope, the illusion of the snake will vanish. Even so, if you get a knowledge of Brahman, the illusion of the body and the world will vanish.

Sankara is the foremost among the master-minds and the giant souls which Mother India has produced. He was the expounder of the Advaita philosophy. Sankara was a giant metaphysician, a practical philosopher, an infallible logician, a dynamic personality and a stupendous moral and spiritual force. His grasping and elucidating powers knew no bounds. He was a fully developed Yogi, Jnani and Bhakta. He was a Karma Yogin of no mean order. He was a powerful magnet.

There is not one branch of knowledge which Sankara has left unexplored and which has not received the touch, polish and finish of his superhuman intellect. For Sankara and his works, we have a very high reverence. The loftiness, calmness and firmness of his mind, the impartiality with which he deals with various questions, his clearness of expression-all these make us revere the philosopher more and more. His teachings will continue to live as long as the sun shines.

Sankara's scholarly erudition and his masterly way of exposition of intricate philosophical problems have won the admiration of all the philosophical schools of the world at the present moment. Sankara was an intellectual genius, a profound philosopher, an able propagandist, a matchless preacher, a gifted poet and a great religious reformer. Perhaps, never in the history of any literature, a stupendous writer like him has been found. Even the Western scholars of the present day pay their homage and respects to him. Of all the ancient systems, that of Sankaracharya will be found to be the most congenial and the most easy of acceptance to the modern mind.

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This biography is from the book "Lives of Saints".
By Sri Swami Sivinanda

Yesod and the First Sphere on the Tree of Life!

In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life Yesod is the First Sphere we enter as Initiates on the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis.It relates to the First Initiation and the 1st Day of the Week.It relates to the 1st Chakra and the Uluru on the Earth(Earth Chakra)On mondays we especially focus our attunement to this Kingdom.In the Body of the Great Man(The Collective Consciousness and being that springs forth from all Creation,Human Creator God Angelic Kingdoms)Yesod is the Perfect Male Phalus Sanctified through the Covenant of Circumcision.Biblically this relates to Joseph.Names of God we chant today are El Hah or Elhoim Hayyim(Living God,Eternal Life)El Shadhai(Almighty God)Adonai(God in Form)We focus our attention on the Point at the Bottom of the Tetragamatron the Double Terminated Pyramid which rotates around our body all day today and every day!We focus our attention and energy into our Root Chakra and the Root Chakra of the Earth in Uluru Australia.Other Images and Ideas we might Meditate on (During our regular 3 times Daily Mediation Practice)Fires of the Earth at the Center,Center of the Sun without and Within as one,Developing and Demonstrating Righteousness,Goodness and GoodWill,Red Rainbow,Covenant with God we have personally and collectively and our responsibility to that original covenant.The Might also meditate and attune to the Holy Mountain and our Intention to Ascend to the Summit of that Holy Mount of Zion.We may also focus on redemption and the development of that quality in our Consciousness that we can live at all times with the Living God in our Consciousness Earth Life and in our Spiritual Attunement.We re take our Oaths and Vowls to achieve total self mastery over all our Energies Actions thoughts and Deeds this day and every day here after!In this way we will be progressing on the Mastery Integration and Demonstration of the Higher Octave of the First Sphere of Yesod!

Yesod,Foundation and the First Sphere on the Tree of Life!

Yesod is the channel through which Tiferet strives to unite with the Shekhinah and pass on the creative and benevolent divine forces.
Human Imagery (Primordial Man)
This Sefirah is symbolized as the male phallus, sanctified through the covenant of circumcision.
Biblical Figures
Names of God
El Hay or Elohim Hayyim (The Living God), Eternal Life.
El Shaddai (God Almighty).
Adon (Master).
The point at the bottom tip of the Vav in the Tetragrammaton
Other Symbols and Images
The Tree of Life.
The Source of Living Waters.
The Righteous One.
Covenant, rainbow.
Statute (Hoq), commandment (mitzvah).
The Holy Mountain, the good mountain, Mount Zion.
Redeemer, Redemption
"This" (masc.).
Lower Hesed.

Taurus and the REquirement of Transcending Complacency, By Yehuda Berg

I wrote previously that this is a difficult time period—the seven weeks after Pesach. For the last three weeks, we've been challenged by judgment, disagreement and argument. It’s obvious we have work to do.
Last week began the month of Taurus. And now we'll start to feel an illusory sense of relief, one that couldn't be more poorly timed. For those of you who are born under the sign of Taurus (or are close with someone who is), you know how cool they can be. Dedicated friends, hard working employees, loyal partners, they're usually into beautiful things and peaceful to be around. But hiding inside of this nice package is one of the thickest curtains concealing the Light—not only from Taureans, but from all of us.
It is called complacency. Complacency is when we look back and appreciate how much we've changed. Of course it is important to look for results, to gauge whether or not what we're doing is working. The pitfall is that once we've climbed a steep hill, we tend to sit down to enjoy the view. While enjoying the view is nice, the longer we sit, the harder it is to build up our momentum to climb further.
Many people on a spiritual path eventually face the false perception that the work they are doing is enough. Enough to keep them protected, safe and enlightened. But each spiritual accomplishment is only there to project us to the next level. Growing spiritually is like walking up the down escalator; if we're not moving forward, we're sliding backwards.
This month, in particular, the Light feels like it is always on. Because of this illusion, most of us spend this time moving backward, and we only wake up to it around four weeks from now, when Gemini begins.
Shavuot, which occurs in the month of Gemini, is when the REAL Light turns on. And if we are not vigilant in our spiritual work, we run the risk of finding ourselves in a spiritual basement, surrounded by boxes of old habits and encased in cobwebs of negative patterns.
So, what is the antidote?
I look at the areas in my life where I feel complete. And there, under the guise of spiritual perfection, under the feeling of “everything is OK,” the ego is hiding.
When we can locate these traps of complacency—and convert them into proactive steps toward self-transformation -—the feats of growth we can achieve are tremendous.
Remember, these are the days of smallness, and one pound of effort during these seven weeks equals 100 pounds of growth during any other time of the year.
So this week, look for the darkness. When you see yourself putting your feet up on the desk and saying, “Yeah, I did that,” stop and look for where your garbage is hiding.
Talk to your teacher and ask him/her to show you where you need to change, where you can push yourself harder.
All the best,

Galactic Communication and the Arcturians

Clearly I am not alone within the process of remembering, communicating and sharing the communications that I have had with the higher dimensions. As more and more of us awaken, and as the frequency of Earth continues to raise, conscious communication with our Galactic Family will become increasingly common, even “normal.” Some of us have emigrated from another country and became so distracted by adapting to our new home that we forgot to stay in contact with the family of our homeland.
In the same manner, incarnating on physical Earth has been so overwhelming that many of us have forgotten to communicate with our Galactic Family. Fortunately, as we awaken, we begin to remember glimmers of Home and to hear whispers from our higher frequency reality and higher expression of our Multidimensional SELF. My first documented communication with the Arcturians was in 1994.

Beloved Suzille,
We speak to you from Arcturus. We want to tell you that we are coming. Remember when you said that you would volunteer help? We heard and we are taking up your offer NOW.
There are many different sources, which are receiving many different messages. Yet each of these messages contains a portion of the Truth. Each of your realities upon Earth holds a portion of the truth, which will assist you to complete your process of moving beyond this (third dimensional) vibration. There are many different portion of your society, which holds a different piece of the whole to assure the successful process of Earth's evolution. You do not need to hear every message of all the realities of you planet receives in order to fully move into your personal understanding of the wonderful moment that is now commencing.
Remember, there are many options here for you to consider. One is that you and yours may not choose that reality for your experience. Another choice is that you can move through time and space to a reality where that experience has been completed. Another option is that you will take upon yourself OUR vibration, your true vibration, which is the vibration of Arcturus. In this way you will rise above the actual experience of "death" much as you did in your Atlantis life. Do you remember when we came to you then? Do you remember how you channeled our name when you had not heard of us in your 1994 intellect? We are here again, dear one. You are awakened enough so that you can work with us more deeply.
Shortly after this message I heard about the Arcturian Corridor from the Elohim of the Seventh Ray, Arcturus.
I AM ARCTURUS. I AM the ELOHIM of the Seventh Ray. I AM fifth dimensional and beyond. I have never had a physical form. You have worked in my temples in many, many realities. I have to assist you, as well as all those who find these words, in preparation for the “Great Change” that is occurring on your planet.
I, Arcturus, am especially active in the process of change as I AM of the Violet Fire of Transmutation. Therefore, transformation has always been my service. It is important that you realize that I am not an individual such as you experience individuality on the physical plane. On the fifth dimension, there is no separation and therefore no individuality as you experience it. Individuality involves separation from the others in the dimension in which you inhabit. In Arcturus ALL of us are connected to All That Is.
I, however, am the vortex of a specific purpose, and all who share that purpose become a portion of my vortex. I have come to you today to inform you that you are being called upon to share in this process. You have called upon the Violet Fire many, many times. Hence, you have aligned yourself to my energies. Of course, you have made these calls because you have held the memory of your other realities. In order to be of purest assistance to our cause of transformation, you must first complete your personal transformation - at least to the next level. The process of transformation is, of course, infinite, but there are levels of vibratory rates and thresholds. Yourself and the entire third dimension are crossing the threshold into a new vibratory level.
For today, please remember that I AM THE VIOLET FIRE! Hold this mantra in the joint energy of your heart and mind. This mantra is the key to opening our Arcturian Corridor.
Since then I have been communicating with the Arcturians, as well as Beings from other higher dimensional realities. During the deep initiation that I am now completing, I received messages about the process of ascension and will share all that I have learned with those who are interested.
I share this information to assist others in their ascension, as well as to “normalize” the process of communicating with our Galactic Family. The Galactics will eventually, and likely soon, come into our Earthly reality. In the meantime, they are coming into the consciousness of ALL those who are ready to listen.
In March of 2010 I received an invitations from Jefferson Viscardi www.JeffersonViscardi.comto create a book about the Arcturian Teachings. He asked the questions, and I allowed the Arcturians to answer through me. Below is presented the beginning of our communications.
The rest of the Introduction and Chapters 1 through 3 where presented on the Blog. They are now available at: under the title of Arcturian Teachings. Below are Chapters 4 and 5, when Jefferson and I reconnected about nine months later.
Jefferson: Arcturians? Today Sue and myself, Jefferson, got together to speak to you and see what your thoughts are about the idea that I proposed for us to write a book together. Or, perhaps, a series of books in which we can give information to people who want to know the ideas that the Arcturians can share with us on Earth.
Arcturians: Our dear Jefferson?
Jefferson: Yes?
Arcturians: We are so happy to hear your voice!
Jefferson: Seriously? Me too!
Arcturians: We are so happy that you have connected with our Suzille. If you are not familiar, that is the name that we call the channel. We have called her Suzille, as it is her spirit name!
Jefferson: Oh, ok. Thank you for the clarification!
Arcturians: Yes! In response to your question.
Jefferson: Yes?
Arcturians: The answer is: of course!
Jefferson: (Laughter)
Arcturians: Of course we are greatly happy, honored and joyful to be able to communicate with two different countries at once! It is quite wonderful! We ask that each of you take a moment and see the huge triangle that has been developed energetically. One point of the triangle is in North America, in Los Angeles. The other point is around your dear beautiful Brazil (São Paulo), and the third point being beyond time, beyond space. Can you see the portal that you are opening by your communication?
Jefferson: Wow!
Arcturians: It is a beautiful portal. As we look down we see all the areas in between. We see the areas upon which the ancient beings of great repute lived. In fact, we see the land of which the Maya first initiated their Mayan calendar. Do you see how these areas are encompassed within your triangle portal? If you were to create a huge circle, which we encourage you both to do, it would move South from the Los Angeles point, then circle North from the Brazil point to find the base of your portal that extends into the third point of the triangle in the higher dimensions. Can you see our unconditional love fills this portal?
Jefferson: (Giggles). Wow!
Arcturians: We are ready for your questions! Do you mind if we address you via your spirit name?
Jefferson: By all means! Please!
Arcturians: Dear Jefferey. Jeffrees. Jeffreys of the universe! Jef-free’s who is free! Free of all. You have grounded! We address you Jeffrees. Welcome! We welcome you into our vortex!
Jefferson: Thank you!
Arcturians: Thank you!
Jefferson: This is fascinating! So, the other day I had an impression. It was an energetic, multidimensional impression of the Arcturians inviting me for this project (through thought). Could you comment on that? How it happened, did it happen, how it went?
Arcturians: Our call is open to all who hear. We have an ongoing beacon, which is like an SOS beacon that is sent out in your world. However, our SOS is not a disaster call, it is an open invitation to communicate with us, your Arcturian family.
Jefferson: Yes.
Arcturians: This beacon constantly repeats itself?
Jefferson: I understand.
Arcturians: We have a beacon does NOT stand for impending disaster. Instead, our beacon does stands for an urgency of attention. The message of this beacon is, Dear Ones, yes, you, the ones who are able to hear and to listen. We say to you,
“Wake-up, Wake-up. The ascension is NOW!
We, the Arcturians are here to assist each and every one of you.“
That is what our beacon says!
The rest of the Introduction and Chapters 1 through 3 where presented on the Blog. They are now available at: under the title of Arcturian Teachings. Below are Chapters 4 and 5, when Jefferson and I reconnected about nine months later.
March 2011
Arcturians: Hello, Jefrees. Do you have a question for us?
Jefferson: Hi there. It is been so long for me. I was already missing our chats!
Arcturians: Yes, we have missed you as well.
Jefferson: Coincidentally today, the 18th of March, is my birthday, and this is a gift in and of itself. Thank you!
Arcturians: Happy Birthday. This is a power day for you; for it is the day your Soul chose to come into your present body.
Jefferson: There is so much I want to ask you, but let’s go a question at a time. This is the first idea I wish to discuss with you today.
Arcturians: Please continue.
Jefferson: All right! Thank you! How come it is the soul that chooses the day to be born?
Arcturians: It is the soul that determines that it is the proper moment of the NOW to log into the 3D Games. Your soul wanted you to be an adult at this moment of great planetary transition.
Jefferson: I see. Interesting!
Arcturians: It is so for all those who are adults at this time. The adults are meant to take leadership and to protect the new ones, children and babies, because they are of New Earth and will assist you all.
Jefferson: You also mentioned this is a power day for me. How is that power connected to the day of birth? What makes this day different as far as "power" goes to the other days?
Arcturians: The date, time and place of your birth are the exact energy pattern that your soul wishes to experience within a given reality. Some souls come in for a very long time (in your years) and other only come in for a quick visit.
Jefferson: Take leadership and protect the new ones? Can you expand on that? Leadership towards what activity and protect children from who? Do you mean to lead people to become self-honest and protect them from the cultural programming that makes us become superstitious and “good consumers”?
Arcturians: Yes, protecting them from the cultural programming and superstitions is a big part, but you will also have to protect them from all the many challenges that Gaia is facing in your present moment.
Jefferson: Energy patterns of a soul then have to do with the alignment of the planets at the time and day of one’s birthday?
Arcturians: Soul energy patterns also have to do with the place of your birth. In your other incarnations, you have all have empowering experiences with different plots of Gaia's land, sea or even sky. There are areas in which you have had power lives and have protected Gaia in the past. Therefore, you wish to protect and assist in raising the energy in that area again in this life. This is why you went back to your homeland. You had a long history there. Many are going back to their homeland now, or finding a deep love for the place in which they are now living. In this manner you can use your unconditional love to cooperate with all the multidimensional beings of that area, such as the third, second, first and even fourth dimensional creatures. The fourth dimension is ascending along with the third, for it is the aura of Gaia!
Jefferson: Could you expand on what you mean by: This is why you went back to your homeland? What is a homeland?
Arcturians: A Homeland is the Home of your Soul. It is the place on the body of Gaia in which you can remember your highest frequency of expression.
Jefferson: Do you mean to say there are E.T.s that are incarnated on Earth and “Earthlings” that incarnate on other planets to assist and support the group mind there by adding their positive support?
Arcturians: Absolutely! Many Galactics (we prefer that term over the term of “ETs”) from the fifth dimension and beyond have made the sacrifice of taking an Earth vessel at this time. They knew that Gaia would need the grounded energy of those who had ascended before. Then, as they awakened, they could remember the FEEL of ascension and assist others in their ascension, as well.
Jefferson: I see.
Arcturians: However, in other realities on Earth, ascension means leaving your physical form behind. This time you will transmute your physical form, as well as the physical form of Earth, back into its true vibration of the fifth dimension. Human, cetaceans and Gaia are partners in this endeavor!
Jefferson: About the home "land" being like a home for a soul in particular. How to understand that when the soul is non-physical and the idea of land proposes some physicality to it? Do you mean just to say that the soul is more powerful in the place it can call home no matter where, in the cosmos, it finds itself?
Arcturians: We mean that in parallel realities of incarnation on Gaia, they came into their power. Therefore, just as one may have many wonderful memories when they return to a favorite place from their childhood, newly grounded ones can have memories of their past, power lives when they incarnate in that area again. And for your last question, yes! You all have many Homelands on many planets, galaxies, suns and dimensions. Each of these realities of your full Multidimensional SELF has a certain FEELING of energy that attracts you. For instance, Suzille is very fond of beautiful Nature, especially oceans, tall trees and bodies of water.
Jefferson: I see. Thank you! Now, talking about the challenges Gaia is facing, I would like you to expand on that if you will. In the beginning you spoke about the great triangle connecting physical locations and while doing that you mentioned the place where the Mayans existed, the Southeastern Mexico and parts of Central America. Could you share more ideas about the Maya and the impact of their teaching in our present days?
Arcturians: The great triangle of which we initially spoke surrounds a power spot in Earth. A power spot is an area where the elements are able to co-mingle and co-operate with each other to set up a frequency of unity consciousness. This unity consciousness will then seep into the hearts and minds of the humans of that area. Unity is first step to power, transmutation, love and ascension. When the elements are able to unify, it facilitates the unity of the humans. The impact of the Mayan Teachings is that they got the attention of the world and “coerced” the world to unite to find out what they meant! The mention of "End of Times," got the attention of many who were sleeping. Unfortunately it got their attention because they were afraid, but often fear can “force” one to rally their inner resources into action.
Jefferson: Awesome!
Arcturians: This is what the Mayan Calendar has done! It has rallied the world consciousness into a form of action. Because Gaia is still polarized, these actions started first with the light coming into the awakening ones. This light then revealed the darkness that had been hidden for so long. Once the darkness could no longer work in secret, they became afraid--bullies are ALWAYS afraid. Then, the dark ones became sloppy with their actions and began to be visible to the consciousness of the ones who had fallen into their subjugation. This realization that they were being lied to and even harmed has served to awaken many of the sleeping ones.
Jefferson: I see.
Arcturians: Now the darkness is desperate, but the Light is tenacious! The brave ones who have suffered from the deeds of the dark ones deeds are rising above fear and uniting in unconditional love for everyone.
Jefferson: How so?
Arcturians: They no longer see color, creed, gender or appearance. They see fellow humans who are in the same process for survival AND ascension.
Jefferson: Oh. I hear you.
Arcturians: They know that they must unite into ONE being in order to survive, and so they do! It is world Unity Consciousness that is paving the way for the Planetary Ascension. In other words, the dark ones got caught in their own trap!
Jefferson: Thanks!
Arcturians: Do you have another question now?
Jefferson: I sure do! Since you spoke of ascension and parallel realities before, I would like to know how these parallel realities are relevant to our own reality?
Arcturians: Every time an important decision is made in a certain way, a parallel reality spits off to represent the other decision. In this manner, the multidimensional souls who are logged in to the “3D Game” can experience both choices at the same moment of the NOW. This is why there are so many versions of any event, such as the fall of Atlantis!
Jefferson: Oh lovely! Thank you for clarifying that! Now. You also said and I quote: “This time you will transmute your physical form, as well as the physical form of Earth, back into it true vibration of the fifth dimension.” Could you please expand on that because I “know” everybody is dying to know how that takes places and if you can give an approximate timeframe?
Arcturians: The versions that are made in love move toward construction of New Earth, and the version created by fear work against it.
Jefferson: I see.
Arcturians: Time is a third dimensional concept. From the perspective of the fifth dimension and beyond there is only NOW. Therefore, once you move your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond the time of ascension is NOW! Hence, Planetary Ascension is a state of consciousness, a frequency of reality. Once your consciousness resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension, the Planetary Ascension is NOW.
Jefferson: All right! And when that happens, what changes will happen in our physical bodies?
Arcturians: We can tell you that your body will resonate to the same frequency as your consciousness. Hence, since the fifth dimension is the realm of light, your body will be comprised of light. However, the means by which the changes will occur in your physical body has many versions and perspectives. It is a subject that can, and has, filled many books. It is not an answer we can give in a few short sentences.
Jefferson: Oh.
Arcturians: Let it suffice to say that “Unity precedes Ascension.”
Jefferson: How so?
Arcturians: First you unite with your Multidimensional SELF. Then you will be able to unite with the fifth dimensional expression of that SELF with whom you have a pre-birth contract to assist you as you become fifth dimensional. Remember that you all have myriad versions of ALL your Multidimensional SELF, even your 3D self. Therefore, one who is newly returning one to the fifth dimension will need to have a Contact Person, a personal guide, who is actually one of their own fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.
Once they connect with that fifth dimensional expression, they create an energetic bridge between their grounded 3D self and planetary self with their light body 5D self in fifth dimensional earth. Once this connection is made, the two will return to ONE bringing all that they know with them. There are many, many light-workers who will do this. All of you are waiting for the GO sign. It is the united force of all of you all around the world returning to the fifth dimension at once that will give Gaia the assistance that She wishes. However, Earth/Gaia is becoming fifth dimensional whether or not all Her humans go with Her.
The energy of Unity Consciousness is growing more every day. We the Arcturians are so proud of our grounded ones. We observe that you are rising above the tentacles of fear and choosing to focus on Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love. Furthermore, we see our awakening ones observing the fear and darkness, not just in their outer world, but also within themselves. They are then able to unconditionally love their own inner self, which transmutes that darkness into the love that creates and navigates their Lightbody. Since all Beings on Gaia are ONE, as our great awakening ones release their own fear, they assist to release fear for the entire planet.
Glory to our grounded ones, for they have found their true SELF deep within the illusions of the earthen container.
We Salute YOU!!
The Arcturians
April 21, 2011
We are the Arcturians. We are here to speak with our dear friend Jefferson.
Jefferson: It is lovely to speak to you again!
Arcturians: We are with you now to continue our discussions about personal and planetary ascension.
Jefferson: Awesome! Let's revisit some details of what we discussed last time, so that we can dive more into those subjects.
Arcturians: That is perfect with us!
Jefferson: You mentioned before that we are having an influx of special children being born because they want to experience life on New Earth. Do you mean to say that the generation of incoming souls will express through their level of consciousness, the new human that will adjust by choice, the current state of our ascending planet?
Arcturians: Yes, we speak of the children who are born awake to their Multidimensional SELF. Their full DNA is activated and their Whole Brain Thinking is returned. They have no need for third dimensional thinking, and function fully via multidimensional thinking. Many of them are having difficulty with their schooling because they are much more advanced than their teachers. Therefore, they are labeled as "problem children." Instead, it is your outdated educational system that is the problem. However, there are many brave parents and teachers who are working to rectify that issue.
Jefferson: When you spoke about the idea of multidimensional SELF, you suggested an upcoming unification reaching to fifth dimensional expression of our SELF. You also mentioned a pre-birth agreement or “contract.” Would you be so kind as to expand on these three aspects of your answer: 1) multidimensional Self 2) Unification 3) Pre-birth agreement.
Arcturians: You are all Multidimensional Beings. Your Multidimensional SELF is the collective of your life-stream that is fully conscious of your many expressions of SELF. These expressions take on form or live as pure consciousness in the many planets, galaxies and dimensions.
Among your new children, as well as with more and more adults, there is an ever-growing unification with your Multidimensional SELF. Many of you are especially aware of your fifth dimensional SELF. This awakening was agreed upon in your pre-birth contracts. Pre-birth contracts are agreements that your Souls made with the ONE before deciding to take on the form that you now perceive as your body. In other words, before you incarnated, you agreed that you would either be born with, or awaken to, the fifth dimensional frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.
Your Multidimensional SELF is the frequency of your SELF that is free of the limitations of separation of the physical world. This YOU is awake and aware on many planets, galaxies and dimensions, and is able to experience and communicate with all these parallel realities within the NOW of the ONE. However, “communication” is a third dimensional term. It implies that two or more separate people speak separate sounds that blend into words and sentences for the "other" people to read or hear.
In the fifth dimension and beyond, we are all ONE, and there are no separate words, sentences or people. Therefore, instead of communicating, we unite our consciousness within the UNITY of the ONE. In this manner, rather than asking a question, we simply align our consciousness with the ONE and instantly KNOW the answer.
Jefferson: I see. Another question. when you say their “Whole Brain thinking returns,” do you mean to say that the two parts of the brain are uniting to support holistic thinking?
Arcturians: Yes, that is indeed what we mean. When the two hemispheres (the masculine—logical, sequential left hemisphere and the feminine—holistic, creative right hemisphere) unite, they function as a united brain in a manner that far exceeds the capacity of third dimensional thinking. Whole Brain Thinking comes on line when you awaken to your multidimensional consciousness. This expanded consciousness also, activates more and more of the 97 percent of your DNA, which has been labeled as “junk DNA”, and allows your brain to operate at an expanded capacity.
With your expanded consciousness, third dimensional, sequential thinking is gradually replaced with multidimensional thinking. Your multidimensional thinking serves to activate your expanded perceptions (also called psychic abilities). These expanded perceptions allow you to perceive higher and higher frequencies of reality. With your expanded perceptions online, you will gradually begin to download your new Multidimensional Operation System. This is far superior to your Third Dimensional Operating System.
Comparing this new system of thought to third dimensional thought is like comparing the difference between DOS, and the quantum computers that are being created, but not shared with the masses. With the Multidimensional Operating System, you do not think in a straight line. Instead, your thinking and consciousness moves in circles.
Jefferson: When you speak of activation you imply that the operating system already exists in today's humans, but it is just not activated. Does that mean you don't have to be a newborn as much as you have to find a way to "activate" that new operating system to have different perceptions of life?
Arcturians: You are again correct. However, when you have functioned under the old operating system, you must learn to release the habit of thinking in a straight line with separate concepts. Children that are born that way do not need to release any habits. In fact, they maintain the "habit" of being multidimensional.
Jefferson: Do you have any quick formula to release the habit of linear thinking?
Arcturians: A good way to get started is to fill your life with creative endeavors. Creative endeavors require that you use whole brain thinking and are great fun. When you are having fun, you can more easily release old habits of limitation and drudgery. Then, you can easily segue into multidimensional thinking.
Jefferson: I am not sure what drudgery or segue into multidimensional thinking means, but I think I understand your point. However, I find it difficult to fathom that my soul can have a multidimensional experience and be in different places at the same time. Would you help me clarify these ideas?
Arcturians: The process of ascension is largely based on finding the freedom from separation thinking. When you think of each of your expressions of your Multidimensional SELF as separate, it is very difficult to imagine that you can experience more than one of them at a time.
Jefferson: I see.
Arcturians: When you release the habit of thinking in time and space and allow your thinking to move into the format of NOW and HERE, it is natural to imagine that each of your "selves" are much like the organs in your body. They appear to be separate, but none of your organs can live unless they are within your earth vessel. Just as your physical body monitors and communes with all of your organs, your Multidimensional SELF guides and unites your myriad expressions of SELF.
Jefferson: So these multidimensional selves are expressions of me incarnated and non-incarnated in physical worlds like Earth, or is this the end of the line in the sense that all my other selves are on higher dimensions?
Arcturians: Yes, your multidimensional selves are incarnated on many realities. We will now address your "end of the line" statement.
Jefferson: Please.
Arcturians: There is no concept of an ending or a beginning in the ONE as there is no time and space. There are only frequencies of experience. Many life forms, including Gaia Herself, now feel complete with the experience of holding form in the polarized, low frequencies of the third/fourth dimensions. Therefore, many souls will not return to this frequency of expression, as they would rather have the experience of a higher frequency expression of SELF.
Jefferson: Oh. Ok.
Arcturians: This experience of a higher frequency of expression of your Multidimensional SELF is what you are now calling ascension.
Jefferson: So ascension is an expression of unity through expanded awareness of my full self?
Arcturians: Yes. Personal ascension is an expression of unity with a higher frequency expression of your SELF. On the other hand, planetary ascension is an expression of unity with all life on Earth. In order to experience planetary ascension, you all need to realize that your SELF is not just your physical body, but includes ALL of the greater body of planet Earth.
As humans unite, as animals, cetaceans and plants have already united, they will remember that every ONE is an expression of Gaia's Earth. Our grounded ones are actually Multidimensional Beings who have entered into the great experiment of: "Can one maintain the Unity of their true SELF when they experience themselves as separate from the ONE?" The answer to this question is often, “NO.”
Jefferson: Oh.
Arcturians: However, what you are all finding out now is that when you finally return to your Unity Consciousness, you CAN remember the individuality that you gained during your third dimensional realities. At the time of ascension, this individuality is contributed to the ONE, thus allowing the Unity Consciousness to become much richer and more expanded.
Jefferson: I see now.
Arcturians: In other words, you have had to lose the memory of your Multidimensional SELF to find your individual self. Then, when you return to the ONE, you contribute your experiences of individuality to expand and enrich the Unity Consciousness of the ONE.
Jefferson: What you just said is beautiful! Thanks!
Arcturians: You are very welcome.
Jefferson: spoke of a personal guide, another expression of me that exists in the fifth dimension. You said that this guide would assist and support me in the ascension process. Can you expand on that? Who is my guide, and what are the main ways that it assists me with the delicate task of ascension?
Arcturians: We will answer the first question and then the second, as they are quite different. We would not say that there is "another" version of your self, for those are third dimensional words based on separation. What we would say is that the only part of your Multidimensional SELF that you can perceive is your earth vessel, which is only the lowest frequency expression of your SELF.
All frequencies of expressions of your Multidimensional SELF are infinitely there (as there is no beginning or ending within the NOW), but you cannot perceive them—yet. Since you cannot perceive them, you have forgotten that they exist and think of yourself as only being third dimensional. Fortunately, as you regain your Whole-Brain, Multidimensional Thinking, you will expand your consciousness. Once your consciousness expands, your perceptions will also expand to embrace the frequency of the fifth dimension, making it possible to perceive your fifth dimensional SELF and beyond.
Now to answer the question of who is your guide, and what are the main ways in which he will engage with you?
Jefferson: Please.
Arcturians: Your question is filled with third dimensional thinking, which complicates a full response. Therefore, we will take each third dimensional concept and expand it before we answer.
Jefferson: Oh lovely. I am sure that will help a lot. Thanks.
Arcturians: Who is your Guide? When our grounded ones cannot believe that they are great multidimensional beings, they look to guides that are "separate" and "above" them. That is fine for it begins a communication with the higher dimensions. However, as this communication proceeds, the grounded one begins to realize that, no matter who that guide is, it is themselves, for that Guide resonates to a reality that is of the ONE. The ONE resonates beyond the separation of time and space. Hence, there is no concept of separation. Because of this, the only real delicate part of the process is for your Higher Expression to bring you along slowly so that you don't get too frightened by your true power and shut down your process of awakening.
You would be surprised how often that occurs. In the third dimension, you have been brainwashed to believe that you are a lowly being, and that it is conceited or arrogant to think of your own self as being at ONE with Spirit. This concept is an old hangover from the Piscean Age, which your consciousness has surpassed.
Jefferson: Oh, I see. So that is the idea that the extraterrestrials I speak with share. They say many people cannot handle the truth.
Arcturians: Unfortunately, there are still many who are afraid to see reality in a different manner. It is fine though, as each one has the right to return to their true SELF when they choose to do so.
Jefferson: Oh. Sure. I see now.
Arcturians: It is through unconditionally loving these ones that our grounded ones can best serve them. To enter into a debate with them would only force them to hold more firmly onto the old concepts that have given them a sense of security throughout their life. There is a great deal of inner seeking, releasing of fear, self-introspection and personal sacrifice that is involved in ascension. It is not for everyone. Ascension is for those who have completed their third dimensional lessons and are ready to graduate into a higher frequency of reality.
Jefferson: Like letting the flowers bloom and giving them time to shape their body and colors. Yeah?
Arcturians: Yes, different flowers will bloom at different times. In fact, some flowers cannot bloom at all. Often this is because they do not have enough Light. Light is important for flowers to bloom and important for people to bloom, as well.
Jefferson: Sure. Light can also be interpreted as information and darkness lack of information. Right?
Arcturians: Yes that is correct. Also, Light creates love and darkness creates fear. However, remember that it is only in the third/fourth dimension that light and dark are separate. In reality, light is a spectrum from 100 percent light to zero percent light, which you may call dark.
Jefferson: When you said, “There are many "light workers who will ascend,” you implied that not all will. Just now you said that some flowers couldn’t bloom at all. Why is that?
Arcturians: You are thinking again from third dimensional, analytical, and even fearful thinking. We apologize if you did not understand what we were saying. We were trying to communicate that ALL the ones who wish to ascend will ascend. There is no failure in returning HOME to your SELF. There is only a failure in one’s ability to remember that they have a higher frequency Home and a higher frequency SELF. Once you remember who you are, how could you lose? Your hand is attached to your arm and you are attached to your higher frequency of SELF. If you could not believe that you had a hand, then you would not feel attached to it. You would not feel UNITED with it.
Jefferson: Oh I understand.
Arcturians: We said that some flowers would not bloom because they did not have enough light. But humans are not rooted into the ground, and they can move themselves to find the light and allow it into their consciousness. However, if their mind is stuck in the concept that they cannot get light, don't deserve light or, perhaps, don't want light, they will not move towards the light. Then they will remain in the darkness.
Jefferson: So within this context the lessons you speak about in which we have to learn before ascending, are based simply on the idea of remembering who we truly are.
Arcturians: You are great multidimensional beings who know all. You do not need to learn, you only need to remember who you truly are. You can stand outside the Library of Knowledge and say, “I can't find the truth.” On the other hand, you can turn around, go inside and KNOW that YOU are the Library of Knowledge. The truth is right there inside your SELF. You just have to remember to look!
Jefferson: Is it correct then to say that what we are thinking and feeling while we observe the world around us, is but an individual, limited interpretation of THAT bigger reality that we can’t yet fully understand with our 3D thinking and cultural programming?
Arcturians: It is correct to say that thinking and feeling creates the reality that you are observing. When you can raise the frequency of your thinking and feeling, which is done by determining to perceive reality through the lens of love, you will change your reality. Your thoughts and feelings are filters that influence your perceptions. If there were two people standing side-by-side, one filled with fear, anger and self-doubt, the other filled with love, hope and joy, they would both look upon the same reality and see it as very different.
Jefferson: I see. Dear Arcturians, thank you so very much for your presence and wisdom this day! I am truly grateful and inspired now. I can't wait to see what comes when third dimensional time allows our next visit. Much love!
Arcturians: Thank you dear Jefrees, and we send our unconditional love to you, as well. We also wish to tell everyone that you can call upon us, and we can assist you to choose love. By choosing to see reality through the lens of love, you will perceive the reality that you would LOVE to live.
We welcome your consciousness into our multidimensional realities.