Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Binah,The 3rd Sphere of Life eternal!

Binah the 3rd Sphere of the Supernal Upper Trigram relates to the 3rd Ray 3rd Initiation 3rd Chakra and 3rd Day of the week.It relates to Business Finance and Mastery of the Mental Sphere.In relates to the Fire Element and bringing that holy Fire into all areas of Ones Life for total transformation of Life Systems.It relates to the 3rd Planetary Chakra which finds its externalization at Giza in Egypt where the Ascended Master Serapis Bey also has his Temple and Inner Plane Ashram.This ashram and its initiates direct the Minds of all 3rd Ray Bodies Minds Souls and Spirit informing the World of the higher Function of Wisdom Intelligence and the Proper use and direction of material energies in the Creation of the New World and New 5th Dimension Earth the Building of the New Jerusalem.So we do well to attune to these Aspects and energies now and work on brining forth those ideal into our own life!Develop for yourself today a Business Plan,Use the Internal Fires of the 3rd Chakra to elevate the Bodies to the Higher Sphere of Mind and use the Egyptian Ideals Philosophies and Sciences to Master yourself and your Earth Life in service of the Living God and all of creation today!Develop Wisdom Understanding and Wise Mental Discrimination in all you percieve today!

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