Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Capricorn,The 10th House of the Solar God Self

Capricorn: December 22—January 19
Capricorn’s form of half goat, half fish derives from ancient Babylonian mythology, in which Ea, the Sea-Goat and Lord of Wisdom, emerges from his home in the sea to bring civilization and knowledge to mankind. In the zodiac, the placement of the constellation represents high achievement. Steady, purposeful, and long-sighted, Capricorns have a plan for the future and set their sights high. They seek security and certainty, and insist that rules be followed. But don’t let that fool you into thinking Capricorns are all work and no play: they have a lively wit, a dry sense of humor, and that rare combination, creativity coupled with organization!
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Capricorn The Cardinal Earth Sign,Which is Feminine in Quality,Is Ruled by Saturn,the Great World Teacher,It governs Structure Foundation Government,Bones Knees and so forth.Ideally Capricorn allows us to bend and develop a humble Stance,Kneeling Perhaps Before the Lord of the Worlds Sanat Kumura and the Christ,Ready to take our Vowls for Service to the World.Capricorn allows us to develop this Stance and the Structure to Conceive with Humility the Great Divine Plan for the Earth and our Service to it,understood through Virgo and Taurus the Other Earth Signs.
The Glyph for Capricorn is the Sea Goat with the V Shape Symbol symbolizing its horn and the S Shape Representing the Fish’s Tail.This Symbol illustrates the Human Cultural Achievement rising from the Depths of the Cosmic Glyph also represents the Cornucopia,a symbol for food and abundance from ancient Times.The Cornucopia is said to have the power to give what ever is desired to whomever pssesses it.We must claim then our Inner Cornucopia then to be Heroic Authors of our Own Dreams and Aspirations!God has given us everything,the question is what will we give to ourselves?If we can claim this Cornucopia by our Effort and will we can have anything we want in this world and the Next!
Capricorn is not a terribly Bright Constellation,It does resemble however a Tiangle between the Larger Constellations of Aquarius and Sagittarius.The Brightest Star in Capricorn are Al Giedi Prima and Secundi,Which operates as a Double Star,Each star being a True Binary Star.In both Northern and Southern Hemispheres,Capricorn is best seen at Midnight in the Midheaven when the Sun is in Cancer during June and July.
Theme and Quality of Capricorn,The 10th house of the Solar God Self:
Capricorn Grounds the Ideals and Visions of Sagittarius and puts them on Display.Capricorn starts at the time of the Winter Solstice,(In the Northern Hemisphere),The Longest and Darkest Night and is so therefor associated with Rebirth of the Sun and the Solar Hero after the Solstice and his Victory over Darkness.
Capricorn represents the Father Fugure,Establishment administration and Bureaucracy and the experience of being consistent with the Current Values and actions of the Collective.Capricorn is about mastering the Gifts aquired from Taurus and the Skill developed in Virgo and then offering this gifts to the World and enjoying the Recognition of work well done.More aptly said that is the experience of Capricorn.It is given by the Creator and Creation by Ones Effort.
The Image of the Cornucopia the Horn of Abundance associated with Capricorn represents reaping the rewards of hard work and gaining Prosperity.
Capricorn is Opposite Cancer which represents the Establishment of the Self in the Outer World where as Cancer is the Establishment of the Self in the Inner Familial World.
Capricorn is Conservative Responsible Prudent Masterful Accomplished Surefooted ambitious Serious Disciplined Reliable.We would do well then to work on demonstrating these Ideals today in our Earth Life in our Psychology and in our Spiritual Ascension attunement.

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