Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mastery of the Christ Mind!

Todays Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Externalization are of the Trinty of the 3rd Sphere,The Planet Mercury,The 3rd House Gemini and the 3rd Ray of God,Business and Mental Mastery.We focus on externalizing the Higher Octave Aspect of this Trinity and take every action on a Physical Psychological and Spiritual Level to bring forth this into our Life.We demonstrate mental mastery at all times and never give our Mental Power away to anyone for any reason.We claim the Full Personal Power of our Mind and use it to develop Mastery over the Financial Aspect of ourself and mastering the Material Face of God.We can do this by working out a Budget Doing our Taxes organizing Finances for the Short term and long term and make sure we are living with in our means as well as going the extra mile in putting out so much positive Love and Christed energy at all times so that it can be fully returned to us 10 fold.In focusing on giving service in all ways,in going the extra mile in everything you do,you will put the Cosmic Law on your side and accumulate merit and Good Energy by your giving selflessly and you will also be supported and guided/overlighted by God the Masters Angels Elhoim and Christed Ets should you request this,as they have great work to do through you!Remember this is a co creation and we are extension of God and the Masters and are hence serving God the Masters and all creation.All that exists is God and Gods perfect Creation.If we keep this in our Mind and Heart at all times and in all situations no matter what we will always attract and magnatize only that to ourselves!Having full and perfect faith we should realize and release our Prayer request give up all doubt and worry and know that it is done and we are bound to have success!Never give into doubt and the sub conscious Mind!Master the Conscious mind and use it to direct and give orders to the Sub Conscious Mind!Realize you are God and cannot loose against What?Illlusion?Maya?They dont even exist!The Only thing that can stop you from Manifesting anything you want is you!You must claim Gods Abundance and claim your Full Personal Power and Love and realizing we are god!To have all give all to all!Learn to receive and keep your abundance and start giving to the all and share everything you have with everyone and just focus on giving!This will allow us to receive for we are giving!The Next law is to focus on using positive thoughts at all times.Before doing any manifestation work be enthusiastic and use your emotional body to make the process work quicker!Realize there is one Unconscious Mind and that nothing can stop you for all minds are one!Realize that if you master your thinking Imaging and focus you cannot stop but manifest what you want!Be sure to forgive and love all others and self fully for guilt will stop the Process!Forgive everyone and yourself for everything and move forward in your Process with total joy and Love of the Process!Next Dont pray to much!Do affirm as much as you need but dont over pray!Take physical action towards these goals every day!Also use times of meditation to focus on your manifestation process!Morning upon waking and before going to bed!Rely alone on God your Minds alone for your Security!No matter what happens in life you can always manifest all you ever need!Be sure to use Huna Prayers Daily as they help a lot!All forms of pray work however these are particularly powerful!You could also just write a letter to God and your Higher Self.The Law if you have to ask!Ask and you shall receive!Knock and the Door shall be open unto you!You must also give the sub conscious Mind Programs and Intetions at all times or else you will manifest what ever is already in it or what other people might give you!Remember also that you will need to do physical work,however after Self Realization this will be around service as you know you are God and all that it so what else but to serve?It is also a key to have child like faith and enthusism.This gives you the ability to experience directly through the senses in a beutiful way.It should be employed daily in your manifestation process!Claim your Manifestation!IT is Done!Have faith and know that it just takes time for these things to manifest on the Earth Plane!Remember to affirm that you are God,and so use IAM before everything you say!Also the saying, “Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you!” Also “When you heart is Noble and Pure you will have the Strength of 10!” Also be very specific in your GOals Ideals and Manifestation process!Spirit God and the Masters cant help so much unless you are very clear and specific!Also we must take care of what we already have so more can be given!Realize and Manifest that you are Soul Spirit Source God the Christ the Atma the Buddha and your Wish and command and will must be done!realize that you lack nothing for your literally are and have everything!Follow your Inner Promptings and take action on every piece of Guidance!Act Act act!Do Do Do!Review Review Review!Everything you do will get you through!Prayers is the Means by which you communicate with the Creator!Blessings and Miracles are the Way the Creator Blesses you his beloved Son or Daughter!Remember to give and never stop giving to all creation!Realize that the only block is within self and the negative Ego Mind.Learn to Master the Negative Ego and the Dweller on the Threshold and you will be unstopable for you will be aligned with God and Gods will!Doing all these things will help to manifest everything you want!Beware of the Negative Ego however and the way it sabotages the Process!Stay Organized!Get Organized in life first!Get clear and clear your Space and you will create a clear manifestation process!Remember to pray and give your cross to God and the Masters as well!It is a team effort!Dont be attached to what you want!Instead make it a prayers preference and be happy no matter what happens!Always use your sub Conscious mind to master manifestation!Give your self suggestions at all times and it will amaze you with its abilities!Keep up your Visualization at all times and see feel and experience it as now and and it will be so!Never let it down and never let negative ego fear based thoughts in!Never let anything but God and Gods perfect creation into your Mind!Continually practices your Visualzation Affirmation and work at all times!My Minds Bodies God the Masters are an unbeatable team!Remember this and say this often!Use all 3 Minds!Use Prayers for the SPiritual Level!Use Conscious Mind visualaztion for the Conscious Mind and Directions for the Sub Conscious Mind!Never go on automatic Pilot and be conscious and aware at all time!Never loose your Joyus Spiritual Vigillence against the Negative Ego and all its faulty thinking!Doing all these things you will be sure to become a Master Magnetizer!You will be unstopable and everything you want and need will be given to you!Integrate your Emotions and dont be a boring person!Use your Emotional Body in the Process!Always be in integrity and never be dishonest!Keep going!Realize you are working for God and all creation!All that exists is God and we are just serving Gods manifestation!You cannot but be successful!Serve in everything you do and make your life and work service!Never go to work but go to service!Your only reason to be here is to serve!Remember you are God and al your Brothers and Sisters are God!Remember everyone is one with you and never create seperation from your self and a brother or sister!You are God and you are Serving God!You are everything and have everything already!Remember this always!You now have the Full SPectrum Prism Way to think clearly and like a master and you will no have all the understanding and tools you need to Serve yourself God and your Brothers and Sisters!

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