Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Neptune,The God of the Oceans!

Neptune,The Stormy God of the Ocean Rules Vaste Nebulous Sphere of Transcendence and Emmersion,He is the All Powerful Creator God that directs the Movements of all Waters at a Planetary Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Levels,(However at those higher Levels he might have higher names)He rules and governs the energies of Artists and 4th Ray Aspirants and most Artists express the Qualities of Emotional attunement to the watery realm of the Ocean of Consciousness and express the sense of self through that expansive Sphere.Neptune was known as a stormy powerful God with an Anger Quick to Rise.He is extremely powerful emotionally and we would do well to attune to that “e motion al” Power within our own life and use that to channel through our creative channel.Call on Neptune and his watery realm through all your creative endevours today!As a focus today we focus on getting exercise today fully by weights running yoga first,then we get dressed etherically spiritually and physically and take to our creative endevours and tasks.In doing this we can having expended any negativities from the Physical Emotional and Mental Bodies we can then work on expressing our Idealized Christed Creativity through our Chosen artistic medium.(Art Painting Music Poetry Pottery etc etc) we can and should take to this practice for at least 4-6 hours if we truely wish to attain mastery in this area!So on doing this we will attain mastery of the 4th Ray and move into the demonstration of our Highest Christed Ideal upon the 4th Ray which we are attempting to Master and integrate into our Full Spectrum Prism Planetary Synthisis Consciousness!We do this consistently on all 7 ray days on an ongoing weekly monthly yealy 10 yearly 15 yearly 25 yearly 50 yearly and we will be well on our way to becoming Integrated Ascended Masters on the Earth and Transforming the Planet into a Awakened Planet of integrated IAM Masters and a shinning Star of the Universe a Shinning Star of IAM Civilization and hence move forward to our Cosmic Evolution and all that entails!Let this be our way today beloved Friends!

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