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Seven Kumaras, Elohim, Shambhala, the Ninth Wave of Consciousness by Simeon Chiro

As we approach the 2011 Wesak Full Moon on May 17th, the dimensional gateway into Shambhala has opened wider than it ever has in the entire history of the planet.

This is the ONLY Wesak event in the entire Ninth Universal Wave of consciousness evolution. It is also the very LAST Wesak on Earth within the entire 16.4 billion year harmonic progression of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar. That is truly profound, take a moment to truly contemplate it and tune into what it means!

As a result of these unique dynamics the matrix of Shambhala is openings its Divine Lotus of Universal Love and Compassion to us more fully than ever before. As I have been tuning into this matrix for my upcoming "Crystal Moon of Compassion" Wesak Full Moon webinar the cosmic multi-dimensional gateway has opened wide.

Awareness and information about vast realms of inter-connectedness spanning more than the planet's entire history have been downloading in massive holograms at a phenomenal rate. This article is but one small part of these holograms that I wish to share with you...

The Seven Kumaras from Venus are emanations of the seven Elohim of our current solar system. The Elohim each hold focus for one of the Seven Sacred Rays which together form the vibrational patterns and parameters under which our system operates. All systems and planetary worlds operate according to Divine Law. Yet they each have unique sub-laws, or modulations in the way that the Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness operate in that particular system.

The Elohim brought forth the seven Kumaras as aspects of their own beingness and which could interface more directly with the system which they were creating. The Kumaras were sent to the planet Earth, for we are the heart of our system.

They were sent from Venus which is the high-heart. It was the interaction of the Elohim crossing their great rays with the Love Ray of the Universal Goddess of Love and Compassion, often called Ishkea in higher dimensions, which gave birth to the Seven Kumaras for this purpose. This is the highest-dimensional expression of tantric energies possible in our solar system.

The Seven Kumaras together wove the sacred strands that formed the matrix of what we call Shambhala today. It was in Tibet that the energy of this matrix was first cognized by humanity and worked with directly. It was given many names and found its way into many legends and myths.

Each of these legends and myths represent the way in which human consciousness was relating to the matrix of Shambhala at the time. Conversely, each of these legends and myths then became intimately inter-woven into the consciousness matrix of Shambhala itself.

Yet, Shambhala is much more than any of the myths or legends which represent it in our collective human experience. These myths and legends are but only a very small slice of the Divine Reality it represents in our planetary field of evolution and related ascension dynamics.

It was the intention of the Elohim and Ishkea to imbue this planet with a guaranteed passage into the Heart of God, to true ascension into a related but entirely new world at the end of our evolutionary cycle. This is not given to all worlds as odd as that may seem. There are myriads of worlds in the universe that simply perish at the end of their evolutionary cycle.

The souls from those collectives of consciousness move on into other collectives of consciousness bringing the awareness, knowledge and wisdom attained in those worlds into the collectives they join next. This is actually part of what we call the Starseed evolution in our world.

Our planet Earth, however, was given this Divine Gift of ascension. It's the Elohim's way of desiring to create this particular system. They desired to experiment with Reality in a way that would glorify the Law of Divine Grace in a very unique and beautiful way. The entire law of our solar system is thus anchored to the 2nd Ray of Love as its primary ray.

This is why issues of love are SO prevalent in our system and on our planet. It is the whole purpose for which the Elohim created this system in the first place. Divine Grace operates freely within the universe.

Yet here in our system, it is the PRIMARY directive so to speak. It is meant to spawn new expressions that have never existed before at any time or place within the universe! All of the seeming "difficulties" we face here are offering us the opportunity to do exactly this!

Thus Shambhala was created to facilitate and assist this entire dynamic for the Earth which is the heart chakra of our entire solar system. What happens here on Earth affects all other worlds (many) within this solar system very profoundly. This is the same as what happens in the human body.

Our heart has a field of electromagnetic energy that has been scientifically measured to be 5,000 times more powerful than that of our head brain. It is vastly more powerful in the energy field it emanates than anything else in the human body. It therefore communicates to all parts of our body very, very powerfully. When we have a broken heart our whole body feels it and will eventually also "break."

Shambhala is a matrix by which the Elohim and their Divine Lover Ishkea hold a focus of compassionate loving intent for the Earth through the Seven Kumaras and all other beings who have since joined the Divine Ecstasy of focusing their love-compassion ray into Shambhala. This energy is then emanated from this system's heart center (Earth) to ALL worlds in this system as well as our human collective.

These higher-dimensional beings thus gather and focus in ecstatic compassionate embrace within Shambhala. You could think of this in a sense as how it is when you go to a gathering of people that all resonate well with each other. It is ecstatic in a way that is beyond the individual resonances between the people themselves.

When you also add the component of Universal Love resonances into this energy dynamic it goes totally quantum! Whenever two or more are gathered and focused upon the sacred name or vibration of love...

So while we often think of "service" here on Earth as something that is hard, difficult and challenging, it is not experienced that way in slightly higher dimensions of reality. It is totally ecstatic and it can be all of that here on Earth in our world too.

Therefore, these higher-dimensional beings join together to experience the Divine Ecstasy of Love and Compassion in group resonance dynamics by conjoining their heart-rays into a singular focus within the heart chakra anchor point of this system, Shambhala.

Right now, there are literally millions of these higher-beings doing this ecstatic dance of Divine Resonance in Great Celebration of the Earth's passage into Universal Consciousness within the Ninth Universal Wave. I have been there experiencing it and it is a very profound thing!

All of these beings are themselves also expanding their own beingness immensely as they do this FOR and WITH us. The energy of this dynamic is extremely powerful and it is available to everyone on Earth.

We only need to attune into it properly to experience it and become infused with its Divine Ecstasy born of love and compassion at truly UNIVERSAL and/or Platinum Ray frequencies.

Right now, for this Wesak Full Moon, Ishkea's gran daughter Quan Yin, is presiding over the Divinely Ecstatic celebration of Wesak. Traditionally Wesak demarks celebrating the birth of the Buddha figure. On a higher-level this represents the birth of universal consciousness on Earth back in that epoch through the Buddha.

Now, in the Ninth Universal Wave, this consciousness is collectively possible and manifesting. Its collective birthing is being celebrated with this profound outpouring from the heavens.

As part of this upcoming "Crystal Moon of Compassion" webinar Quan Yin is going to escort us up the "Lotus Stalk" into Shambhala and the head of the New Earth 1000 Petaled Lotus of Consciousness. There, we will don our "Metatronic Wings" and fly freely about gathering up the Divine Nectar or fluidium of Universal Compassion in the Platinum Ray frequency.

We will then bring this back into our Earth's grid and human collective in a very, very special way as we fly side by side with the Metatronic Councils of Light for this purpose in celebration of our passage into the universal neighborhood.

As I was given the format for this guided meditational process I was taken into merkabah by Quan Yin and experienced the whole thing. I am still in awe at what I experienced!

I also know it will be even more profound when we do it with the group energy that assembles for the Wesak Full Moon in Taurus (Earth) ruled by Venus (Love). This is truly a unique opportunity to experience these energies and to serve our world from a place of true ecstasy.

This webinar is open to all through honorary participation if need be. My registrations are setup now where you can self-register for both paid lover-offerings and honorary participation online. Just look for the links BELOW the sliding-scale love-offering forms!

Please do join me for this ecstatically beautiful experience, planetary service, and personal infusion of Divine Grace, Love and Compassion!

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