Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yesod and the First Sphere on the Tree of Life!

In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life Yesod is the First Sphere we enter as Initiates on the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis.It relates to the First Initiation and the 1st Day of the Week.It relates to the 1st Chakra and the Uluru on the Earth(Earth Chakra)On mondays we especially focus our attunement to this Kingdom.In the Body of the Great Man(The Collective Consciousness and being that springs forth from all Creation,Human Creator God Angelic Kingdoms)Yesod is the Perfect Male Phalus Sanctified through the Covenant of Circumcision.Biblically this relates to Joseph.Names of God we chant today are El Hah or Elhoim Hayyim(Living God,Eternal Life)El Shadhai(Almighty God)Adonai(God in Form)We focus our attention on the Point at the Bottom of the Tetragamatron the Double Terminated Pyramid which rotates around our body all day today and every day!We focus our attention and energy into our Root Chakra and the Root Chakra of the Earth in Uluru Australia.Other Images and Ideas we might Meditate on (During our regular 3 times Daily Mediation Practice)Fires of the Earth at the Center,Center of the Sun without and Within as one,Developing and Demonstrating Righteousness,Goodness and GoodWill,Red Rainbow,Covenant with God we have personally and collectively and our responsibility to that original covenant.The Might also meditate and attune to the Holy Mountain and our Intention to Ascend to the Summit of that Holy Mount of Zion.We may also focus on redemption and the development of that quality in our Consciousness that we can live at all times with the Living God in our Consciousness Earth Life and in our Spiritual Attunement.We re take our Oaths and Vowls to achieve total self mastery over all our Energies Actions thoughts and Deeds this day and every day here after!In this way we will be progressing on the Mastery Integration and Demonstration of the Higher Octave of the First Sphere of Yesod!

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