Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pisces,the 12th House of the Solar God Self!

Pisces: February 19—March 20
Neptune, God of the Sea and master of illusion and mystery, rules Pisces. Those born under this sign have an affinity for the performing arts, music, writing…anything that allows them to dream and create a more beautiful world. This same tendency toward illusion can also be expressed in self-delusion, as Pisces would rather ignore anything that isn’t in keeping with their lovely vision of the world. Pisceans possess a high level of emotional intelligence, easily perceiving the feelings of those around them, which makes them wonderful teachers and guides of the soul.
Pisces the Mutable Water sign is Feminine in Quality,It rules The Solar God Neptune, and Previously Jupiter.In the Body it governs the Feet Immune System Blood and Water in the Body.The Feet are the Foundation for the Body and connect the Earth to the Heaven Above.Healthy Feet is then most important then in connecting to the Heavenly ideal that Neptune Represents.
THe Glyph for Pisces is 2 Cresent Moons Joined in the Middle representing two fish swimming in different directions,but bound in the Middle representing two fish swimming in different directions but bound in the middle.Pisces Astronomically is a faint but large constellation depicting two fish swimming in opposite directions with their tails tied together.THe Brightest star,Al Rischa,forms the knot where the fish are bound.In both the northern and southern hemispheres,Pisces is best seen at midnight in the Midheaven when the Sun is in Virgo during August and September.
Theme and Quality:As the Last of the 12 Zodiac Signs from the Heavenly Plane and perspective of Aquarius,Pisces represents the return to the Oceanic Womb.Pisces represents endings but also the seeds of the New Beginnings.Pisces is all about collective feelings especially the depths of the past in which all experiences are contained and available to be drawn from.As an archetypal energy Pisces is identified with Saviours Martyrs Saints,It was the Sign of the Last age and had its greatest incarnation in the Life of Jeshua the Christ form Israel.Pisces has an instinctive urge to swim back to divine source and needs the imaginative and creative freedom to follow his bliss.Pisces is easily overwhelmed affected swamped or dismembered by outside influences,this is why it is most important to be a master at all times and in all situations and not allow any energy in that is not of the Christ Light and hence become effected.Because Pisces is sensitive and has an in ate ability to merge with the energy around it,it must be cautious to not allow negative energy of the world other people or your own sub conscious mind to effect of change your perfected state.The Pisces energy is very changeable and Chameleon life and can take on many different Roles Archetypes Patterns and Programs.Pisces can intuit the invisible,understand the unfathomable and empathize with all experiences.Pisces can in a higher sense incarnate the qualities of Compassion Imagination Sensitivity Deep Spiritual Perception Mysterious and Mystical Occult Perception and ExperienceSpiritual Idealism Intuitive Understanding Emotional Deep Feeling Deep sensing Deep Knowing Revelation Self Sacrificing.In a Lower Sense in can manifest when used by the Ego as Victim Consciousness Unrealistic Illusionary Fear Based Dualistic Deceptive Energy.

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