Friday, May 27, 2011

Virgo The Angelic Kingdom and Idealism!

Attunment to and alignment with the 6th House of Service,The Archetype of Virgo(Male and Female) as well as attunment to the Angelic and Archangelic Kingdom as well as Idealism and Devotion are todays 6th Day 6th Ray 6th Sphere Foundations.Mercury Rules Virgo as well as Chiron.So we request an ascension activation attunement to the higher Octave aspect of Both Chiron and Mercury!We ask that we bring forth the higher christed ideals and patterns of these 2 Great Archetypal Solar Deities in our own earthly life!We ask and request these 2 great beings to over light and guide our thoughts feelings actions and energies towards the realization and demonstration of Christ Consciousness and the Transcendance of the Negative Ego thought system!We also request to be attuned in our Emotional and Mental Bodies to the higher octave aspect of the Angelic Kingdom,(Though there is in truth no higher or lower octave aspect in the Angelic Kingdom for the ANgels where never seperated from God and Gods Kingdom and Consciousness,The fall happened in the Hu Man Mind!)So we request to be attuned to the Etheric MEntal and Emotional Body and the 7 Archangels and Minor Angels Cherabin and Seraphin.We ask them to merge their Full Consciousness with our so we can demonstrate full spectrum prism synthisis consciousness on the earth!We also ask and request to be bi located in our Etheric and Spiritual Bodies to Master Sanandas 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ today and tonight!We take then every action towards externalizing our Own Ideal and the Ideal of the Masters and take every action to that end today in all our Work!We bring forth our own Ideal and our own Devotion to the Higher Christed Emotion!Let this be our way today Brothers and Sisters!Namaste!

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