Sunday, May 1, 2011

How "Focus" Is Not Fully Understood In The Manifestation Process

- How "Focus" Is Not Fully Understood In The Manifestation Process

When we are told to FOCUS, we think we understand what it means and when someone tells us that we are not focusing on our goals, we may get defensive and say, I AM being focused!

Well, the laws of the Universe states that when one is focused on something that thing will manifest. And if it is not manifested it just means there is not enough focus. Or one may be focused on the wrong thing thereby manifesting the opposite results.

Most people think they fully understand how to focus but the reality is we are often distracted by a million things on a daily basis and to maintain focus is a very challenging mental exercise.

If someone tells you staying focus is easy, they are either not doing it right, or they are not speaking the truth!

Staying focused is one of the most challenging things a human being must do in order to achieve results. Professional athletes who do well are paid such large sums of money for a reason. What they do require a lot of mental resilience and strength. One who is able to stay focused often achieve greater results than one who can't. Focus separates the expert from the mediocre.

The art of focusing is about using all of one's energies mentally, emotionally, physically towards that goal and vision. Every waking hour is dedicated to that one vision. Every free available time is focused on that vision through journaling, reading, listening to resources that help to build and manifest that vision. One's interaction with others and the types of interaction is important too.

Any thoughts, feelings/emotions that contribute to the loss of focus are immediately released. And the attention directed back to the vision.

I had often viewed myself as a very focused person. But time and time again, when I hit a brickwall, I realise that my idea of focus is merely kindergarten level compared to the experts. And so I would up-level my focus despite the challenges I have to confront inside of me. Because this is a battle that I have to fight within myself. It is a mind game and one that only I can fight.

Any energies, thoughts and activities that take me away from my focus will be eliminated immediately. So for example, if I want to manifest more clients in a particular month, my focus is all on the vision of acquiring the number of clients and experiencing gratitude and joy that these new clients are on the way. I stay focus on the vision no matter what I see in front of me, no matter what the economic climate is, no matter what other people may say. I have learned not to partake in discussions with people who think that my target clients have no money to engage my expertise. I believe in my expertise, and I believe and trust they see the value in what I offer and they believe they deserve the value and will do whatever it takes to acquire it.

With the help of my mentors this focus has helped me time and time again. It is almost fail proof. But the dedication and the mental resilience on my part must be exercised.

© 2011 Shamala Tan

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