Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cancer,The Human Kingdom Music Art and Purity!

The 4th Ray Day Thursday Relates to the 4th House of Cancer,The Sign of the Family Security Safety and Immersion in Love and Waters of Nurturing the Emotional Body.Ruled by the moon Cancer represents the way in which we find security safety and positive feeling in the family unity.Make a special effort to honour this house and aspect of Life then today and Integrate its energies into your Earth Life Psychology and spiritual attunement.Find and secure the positive warm position within self and within world and share that perfect familial love with all your Brothers and Sisters Fathers and Mothers,of all Kingdoms!The 4th Ray Day Thursday also relates to the 4th Ray of the Artists and Musicians as well as the Human Kingdom which is the Door Way to the Divine Kingdom of the Ascended Masters.Humans are becoming Divine and the name Human comes from the Ancient name for God(Hu) and Man.Therefor the Human Kingdom is the God Kingdom!Every human is literally an incarnation of God or Godess!Learn to see know and experience in your thoughts about all people at all times no matter what and realize everyone is part of you as we all share part of the Great Son Ship and Daughter ship!So attune to the Higher Octave work of the Human Kingdom to bring Love into the Earth through the Family Unit,through the Greater Planetary Family,through the micro Family and or families we are a part of.Bring that Highest Cancarian Joy and Love to your self and your families today!Also bring forth within this family your Highest Pure Creative Expression and express your God Purity and God Joy in what ever choosen creative endevour you may feel so called to express.This may be signing in the Shower talking Cute Baby talk to the Little Animals,Being a Fairy in the Garden and letting all the Elemental Spirits express through you,it may be through any number of ways,but let the God Purity be your way for that is the Higher octave aspect of the 4th Ray.God Purity Divine Beuty Harmony and Balance.Bring forth then these things in all ways you can imagine think feel and know every thursday to your Highest Potential at all times in all moments and under all testing and you will be well on your way to Integrating and demonstrating the Higher octave aspect of the 4th Ray 4th Kingdom and 4th House of God Godess!Namaste Dear Brothers and Sisters!

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