Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aquarius,The 11th House of the Solar God Self!

Aquarius: January 20—February 18
Aquarians follow their own path, marching to the beat of their own drum. They are happy to have you along, but would never force their way on anyone. Their congenial attitude and habit of setting trends ensure they are seldom lacking for company. Logical and detached, they can seem aloof, but will work tirelessly to improve conditions for all humankind. New ideas pour freely from their fertile, far-reaching minds as they search for knowledge and truth. In Greek mythology, Aquarius was the Rain God who poured water onto a parched world
Aquarius the Fixed Air Sign Rules Uranus and Saturn and the Ankles Calves Shins Lungs Vital Airs in the Body as well as the Mind and thoughts.The Glyph for Aquarius is represented by two air waves in motion,symbolizing the waters of life being poured from the water bearers urn.The Aquarian water Bearer distributes to humanity the sustenance of the Higher Intuitive Mind0 ie, The Watery Universal Creative Higher Mind as oppose to the Limited Rational Conscious Mind.
Being a Faint Constellation Aquarius,although large is difficult to see.Its found near the Brightest star in the region of the sky,Formalhaut,one of the four royal stars.Sadalmelik is the constellations brightest star,forming the base of the water jar held by the water bearer.Aquarius harbours the Saturn and Helix Nebulas and the strong annual meteor shower of the Delta Aquaids each july.In both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres Aquarius is beset seen at mid night in the mid heaven when the sun is in Leo during August and September.
Theme and Quality of Aquarius:After Goat Capricorn reaches the Top of the Mountain,Aquarius takes on the task of Puring Life giving Energy from the Heavenly Plane back down to earth.Aquarius loosens the rigidity of structures built by Capricorn usually through brining Social Reform with Humanitarian Motives.Aquarius seeks independence and individuality while still being concerned with the Good of all.Aquarius seeks to so things in its own way and in breaking free of social expectations and creating its own rules is often seen as rebellious and unconventional.Aquarius is forever evolving moving toward the future with an ongoing commitment to freedom independence and collective goals.Aquarius would rather be productive in the Outer World then focus on the Intimacy of the Inner World.Aquarius tends to project a cool exterior and to be detached from feelings due to the archetypal memory of seperation.Aquarian Individuality contributes to group consciousness in the same way that cell makes an important contribution to the whole of an organism.Being Opposite to Leo Aquarius prefers to meld with a croud rather then stand out yet a Strong Leo identity is needed for Aquarian individuality to survive within a group.
Traits:Aquarian Energy can be Detached Free thinking Humanitarian Progressive Eccentric Ecclectic Inventive Independent Philanthropic and Future Focused.When used by the Negative Ego it can be Aloof Rebelious Unpredictable and seperate.

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