Friday, May 6, 2011

The Festival of the Buddha -Wesak

It is said that Wesak is a time when Shambhala is closest to the Earth. Shambhala is commonly known as the etheric center from which the "will to good" emanates into our collective consciousness. Translations from Buddhist scriptures indicate it is the place of peace, tranquility and/or happiness.

Sirafana of the Merkabah of the Host relates to me that Shambhala has a number of facets to it. The one she wishes to emphasize for us to focus upon for the 2011 Wesak Full Moon is its role as a planetary vessel of compassion.

Shambhala was originally created by the Seven Kumaras from Venus for the purpose of holding a powerful Metatronic energy charge that would act somewhat like a battery. This Metatronic battery stores the charge of Compassion, Love and Goodwill focused into it by the Masters. It also accumulates and stores some of the same energies that are generated by humanity.

This spiritual battery then releases some of its charge into the collective planetary field when it is needed in order to maintain a specific level of Metatronic energy. This was its original purpose and it still serves this purpose today.

There have been some additional functions added into the Shambhala matrix over time. It became anchored as a physical place in Tibet which now resides in a slightly removed parallel reality known as the Valley of the Blue Star. It serves as a place where souls can visit in dream time and in meditative states to receive initiations into higher states of consciousness.

Sirfana related to me also that Shambhala is said to be closest to the Earth during the Taurus Full Moon because this is a time when the Christic energy on the planet in the northern hemisphere is rising up out of the planet heading towards its apex in the high ether during the Summer Solstice. As it expands up out of the planetary field it quite potently charges Shambhala with Christ Consciousness. This causes the etheric vessel of Shambhala to expand greatly and thus be more available and influential to humanity.

The Full Moon in Taurus interacts with these energy dynamics. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is an Earth sign. Love in the Earth is a fundamental theme here! In other words, the Taurus Full Moon amplifies the energy of Shambhala being powerfully charged by the rising planetary Christic energy and helps ground it into the Earth for humanity. This all occurs under the auspices of Venusian Goddess energies!

This upcoming Wesak is within the Ninth Universal Wave of Consciousness. It is occurring in the very end of its 4th Heaven-Pulse of Light which is a yin cycle - receptivity. Then three days later the cosmos activates the 5th Heaven-Pulse of Light which is yang energy that is about sprouting new universal consciousness.

Going forward into the Ninth Wave's 5th Heaven-Pulse of Light with the potent charge of Shambhala will offer us an amazing Metatronic "turbo-boost" for reaching new heights of compassion and good will.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have indicated that they will be using this unique combination of dynamics that is super-charging the Shambhala compassion battery to transfer a significant amount of this energy directly onto our planetary crystallex grid. They will additionally be phase-matching our current planetary compassion harmonics with those of the New Earth.

Sirafana is calling this coming Wesak Full Moon as the "Crystal Moon of Compassion." Our group energy will serve as one of the transmission circuits for this very powerful energy of compassion to be transferred directly onto our planetary grid in a way that does not usually happen during Wesak.

Quan Yin has been chosen by the Metatronic Councils of Light to be the primary Venusian Goddess energy presiding over the transference of compassion energy from Shambhala into the Earth's planetary collective this very special Ninth Wave Wesak Full Moon.

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