Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aries Mars Mountains and the Divine Will!

Todays Spiritual Ascension Psychological Consciousness and Physical Earthly attunement are to the 1st Ray (Will and Power) the 1st Sphere(Malkuth) the 1st House(Aries) and the 1st Kingdom(Mineral Kingdom) That being said we attune our selves spiritually by attuning to these Great Spheres,Aries Mineral Kingdom Planetary and Cosmic The First Ray Ashram of Master El Moyra.So feeling and experiencing your Spiritual Attunment to these Spheres we match this spiritual attunement with a Psychological Demonstration of Personal Power 100% Level Spiritual Warrior Archetype,Christed Leadership,We choose to demonstrate and externalize these Archetypes and ideals in our Consciousness.Then while doing this we take every action at brining forth and expressing this Highest First Ray Sphere Self through our Earth Life in developing our Leadership and Mastery over our Sleep Patterns Our Physical Training Practices Our Service Work Our Creative Endevours Our Eating Food Patterns and our Mediation Practice.In keeping regular in our demonstration of Leadership of these aspects of our self we move into greater levels of Self Mastery and hence develop our Integrated Ascended Master Quotient and move closer each day week month year towards the Ultimate life goal of achieving our 7 12 24 levels of Initiation and Light Body!So let this be your way today beloved Friends!

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