Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leo,The Ascended Kingdom Science/Service

The 5th Ray Day Friday Relates to the 5th House of Leo,The 5th Kingdom of God Godess The Ascended Master Kingdom and the Qualities of Science Knowledge and Service.By exacting service through the Sphere of Regal Royal Light of God by demonstrating the Open hearted Ideal of the Lion,By expressing and Mastering the Royal Science of Raja Yoga and awakening the Kundalini Force to the Heart and Throat Chakra,expressing our Truth and Speaking forth the Truth of our Spirit no matter the Restrictions and Challenges,we quite naturally express service through diseminating Gods Knowledge and Truth,this becomes our Service to our Highest Self to God the Masters who we represent and to our Brothers and Sisters through the demonstration of the Ideal example to set.THis way we also develop and integrate the 5th Sphere of Life which is about of course Truth Knowledge of God Science of Life Service and the Expression of the 5th Chakra.This is a key not focus for the Aryan Age as we are also collectively attuning to and expressing the 5th Chakra the Vishidhu Chakra located at the Throat.So by Brining this forth today we integrate the Higher Octave aspect of the 5th Ray of God at a planetary level!Intuit as to which way you will personally bring this forth my brothers and sisters and then bring that forth at full force today all day always!Namaste!

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