Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesod and the 2nd Sphere!

Yesod is the 2nd Sphere of Life on the Kabbalistic tree of life in a reverse order bottom to top and relates to the 2nd Chakra Sexuality the 2nd Day of the week Tuesday the 2nd Initiation and Mastery of the Emotional Waters.Yesod is the higher use of Sexual Alchemical Practices to attain spiritual illumination ie tanrta Taoism.Many teachings in this regard can be attained at www.taogardens.com from Mantak Chia’s School.In Yesod we focus our Consciousness on Spiritualizing our Emotional Body through correct thinking,we focus on tuning our emotional body to Love Oneness and Positivity.The Enjoyment of the Earth and the Higher Use of Desire in action in going after what i feeling good sensing good that which is pleasing and positive to the sense so that we will experience a positive sense of reality.Not that we are attached to sense objects as such however they are our preference which we go after with all our might and mind however they are not attachments and we are happy no matter what happens.On a Spiritual Sense the Educators of the Earth and Space the Nature Mother Herself teaches many lessons through the sphere of Yesod in the Blowing of the Trees in the great Oneness of all Creation that can be felt and directly experienced in nature,The Movement of all Bodies large and small and the greater harmony of all forces that always exists as the basis of all movement in the many Worlds.This foundation understanding an Consciousness we attain at Yesod.The Image for Yesod is a strong Man as well as an Erect Phallus.This relates Biblically in the Bible to Joseph and the Mythology of Osiris.

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